Queen of My World

A collection of three Sora and Kairi short stories.

Heart's King

Kairi was always pleased to see Sora. She always remembered all the things he did for her. He'd do so many dumb things, like once she had wondered if there were sharks in the water.

What had he done? He had stupidly taken a raw steak and dropped it in the water. A shark had come all right.

Riku had yelled at him for being really stupid, and though it was, Kairi had thought it was kinda sweet.

Not that she got picked on often, but whenever anyone so much as lifted a finger against her Sora basically kicked their butts, physically, verbally, or both.

She couldn't help but wonder to herself…

When had they gone from friends, to best friends, then to boyfriend and girlfriend?

Currently Sora and Riku were playing a video game, tapping the buttons on the controller frantically, arguing amongst themselves on who was winning. Kairi leaned against Sora's shoulder, watching the screen, content.

Sora grumbled then grinned as Riku beat him. Then Kairi asked, "Can I go next?"

Riku tilted his head to the side. "Sure, if you want."

Kairi took the controller than started tapping the buttons. Riku stared in disbelief as Kairi beat him, and Sora broke into fits of laughter that made tears roll down his face.

Riku huffed. "I went easy on her." He said defensively to Sora.

"Sure you did." Kairi grinned, ruffling Riku's thick grey hair. He smiled in return.

When they had to leave Riku's house Sora walked her home. His hands were behind his head, easy going nature still intact. That's what she liked about him, he didn't rush into anything, and he patiently waited for her to act first.

Sometimes he reminded her of a dog; he had that anxious look on his face like he was waiting for her approval on everything he did in her presence. He hung on to every word she said.

And it was obvious that Sora ruled her heart.


If she was his queen than he was the king.

She knew that he owned her heart.