"That little turd is in our maze again Clyde!" Blinky shouted.

Clyde frowned and thought for a while.

"Clyde! He's eating our fruit!" Blinky whined.

Clyde looked at him "Get him,"

Blinky nodded and floated urgently through the house and into the maze after Pac Man.

"Shit!" Pac-Man shouted and manoeuvred away through the maze.

Clyde swore and looked at Pinky "Help Blinky out,"

Pinky nodded and went on the search.

Pac-Man looked behind him and saw the two ghosts trying to flank him.

"Is that how you want to play it?" Pac-Man muttered.

He made his way towards the top corner of the maze.

"Shit," Clyde said "He's going for the special killer fruit. Inky quick! Try and get him before he gets the fruit,"

Inky quickly floated out the house and towards Pac-Man but it was too late. Inky's eyes widened and he started to float away in haste. Blinky started to run but Pac-Man quickly ate him. Pinky screamed in fear but she was quickly eaten as well.

Both Pinky and Blinky arrived back in the house.

"Damn I can't get out!" Clyde screamed "Quick Blinky! Out now!"

Blinky went back outside. The killer fruit had ran out and Pac-Man was running again.

Inky and Blinky kept Pac-Man under their control for a while and he couldn't get to another killer fruit because for some reason he ate one while one was already activated.

Pinky came out fast and made it harder for Pac-Man to escape.

"Oh shit," Pac-Man said as he narrowly avoided Blinky's attack.

"Right its go time," Clyde smiled to himself.

He rushed out of the house and towards Pac-Man.

"TIME TO DIE!!!" Clyde laughed maniacally.

Pac-Man was trapped. Clyde collided with Pac-Man. Pac-Man split in half and then disappeared.

"Way to go Clyde!" Blinky laughed.

Clyde frowned "Don't celebrate yet Blinky,"

Blinky blinked "What do you mean?"

Clyde looked to the ground and frowned "He'll be backā€¦ he has two more lives,"