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Naruto: story.



It was a dark night in Konoha. Most of the populace lay asleep in there beds. All except for a large group of villagers who were currently beating the dead body of an innocent child. Why were they beating him, it was all due to the demon that was sealed inside the boy six years ago.

Unkown to the mob a large hole in the air behind them opened up, showing the shadowy form of a man. Suddenly feeling a massive amount of preasure, the mob turned to look upon the person behind them as he stepped down onto the pavement. There the villagers got a good look at the man.

His hair was spiked strait up and was a light blue. He wore white samerai style pants and an open white jacket that showed off his muscles. He also had a katana strapped to his left side. But the most defining features he had where the white bone-like jaw attached to the right side of his face and the large hole that went all the way through his stomach. Opening his mouth the Hollow spoke.

"Well well. What do we have here. A bunch of fuckers have killed a little boy and are beating his dead body. Thats got to be the lamest thing I have ever seen. Not that I care much in the first place, but I am hungry so I might as well kill off all of ya." With that the mans face spread into a feral grin before he vanished from sight only to reapear behind the humans. Just as they were about to turn to attack him their body's fell to peices and the souls appeared where they were originaly standing. Wasting no time the Vasto Lorde quickly sucked in air, drawing the deseased toward him and into him open mouth. After they had all been consumed, the Hollow turned to leave when he heard a noice coming from his right.

Turning he found the spirit of the boy that the villagers had killed, cowering in a corner and staring at him with fearful eyes, the chain of destiny dangling from the center of his chest. The older spirit contemplated eating this spirit as well before he had another idea. He spoke out to the kid.

"Hey, brat." Seeing he had his attention the Arrancar continued. "Whats your name?" Stammering the boy answered.

"M-my n-name is na- Naruto Uzumaki. Who a-are y-you?" The now identified Jinchuuriki asked.

"The names Grimmjow Jaggerjack. Hey why did those guys kill you?" Grimmjow was confused and wanted answers. Naruto looked down at the ground sadly. He had found out the truth when one of the villagers shouted at him that he was the Kyuubi.

"I had the demon fox Kyuubi sealed inside of me six years ago." This surprised Grimmjow as almost every creature, living or otherwise, had heard of the power of the demon fox and to hear it was sealed was astonishing indead. Grimmjow walked toward the Plus. Bending down he looked into the eyes of the blonde.

"Hey, where are your parents?" Naruto answered solomly.

"I don't know they were never around. I'm an orphan." Grimmjow nodded in understanding. The kid had no family, Grimmjow knew what that was like from personal experience. (Don't know if thats true and I don't give a damn) Grimmjow contemplated on what he could do. Coming to a decision he grinned at Naruto, not the grin from before but a friendly grin.

"Well then in that case what do ya say to me lookin after ya?" Naruto looked up at Grimmjow with wide eyes.


"Sure. Things are bound to get interesting around ya and I want to be there for that." Grimmjow was surprised again when Naruto launched himself at him and engulfed the Hollow in a bone crushing hug while reapeating the same words over and over again.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" After a few seconds Grimmjow awkwardly returned the hug. Pulling away the Arrancar looked down at Naruto.

"Well first things first. I'm gonna turn you into a Hollow like myself. A word of warning thou, its gonna hurt like a bitch. But with the Kyuubi inside you you'll likely go all the way to Vasto Lorde." Naruto had no idea what a Hollow or a Vasto Lorde was, but he nodded his head in acceptence all the same. Grimmjow grinned his feral grin before drawing his sword and then slamming the tip into Naruto's gut. Naruto's eyes widened in pain before a bright red flash filled the street they were standing in.

At that exact moment the Hokage and a squad of ANBU arrived on the sceen and could only watch as a strange blue haired man stabbed randomly into the air before that light flashed. As the light died down a figure could be seen in the resulting smoke. Grimmjow stood there looking pleased with himself. Taking a closer look at the other figure, the Hokage descovered it was a young boy, but something was different about him. Then he saw it.

Going all the way through the center of the child's chest was a fist sized hole, and on the top left cornor of his face was a white mask that stared at his forehead then wrapped around his left eye and ended at the top of his mouth in a line of jagged teeth.

Standing up, the boy looked over to the old figure of the Third Hokage.

"Hey gramps!" Naruto said in joy.


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