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Naruto: Story.



"Zabuza Momochi." Kakashi whispered with no small amount of apprehension.


"Naruto shut the hell up!" Sasuke yelled from his position at the blonde Arrancar. Said blonde mearly grinned at the duck haired avenger. Back with Kakashi and Zabuza the two remained in an overly dramatic stand off. You could hear the ominous theme music floating through the air. Wait, no thats Naruto holding a stereo. Suddenly Kakashi pulled up his headband revealing the sharingan eye underneath. He smirked hearing Naruto's sharp intake of breath and waited for his awe struck student to say how cool he was-

"Oh. Your. GOD! Kakashi-sensei has pink eye! RUN FOR YOUR PUNY INSIGNIFICANT LIVES!" Naruto's run for safty was halted by Hallible as she punched her fellow Arrancar on the head stopping him in his tracks. The two Uchiha's faces met their palms while Yugito and Tayuya mearly giggled at their comrades antics. Zabuza couldn't take anymore as he saw the look on Kakashi's face and fell off of his sword laughing. Unfortunatly this brought him Naruto's attention.

"Oh yeah we were supposed to be fighting someone." His ferel grin once again on his face, Naruto unsheathed his demonic zampaktou and charged his fellow sword weilder. Zabuza bearly had time to register the attack before he had to jump out of the way to avoid being beheaded. Looking back at his new opponent his eyes grew large as he looked at the massive crater the blonde had caused with his swing. Narrowing his eyes he brought his sword up just in time to stop Naruto's next attack from taking his arms off. Before Zabuza could react the blonde vanished in a burst of speed to reappear right behind Zabuza, his sword swinging towards his head. Zabuza was just able to duck a bit before springing away from the attack to skid toa stop on the top of the lake next to them.

Thinking he was safe he called over to the blonde.

"Well I certainly wasn't expecting that. For a midget your pretty tough." Zabuza complimented. Unfourtunatly this had the opposite effect as Naruto's eyes narrowed in anger as a tick mark appeared on his head.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A MIDGET YOU EYEBROWLESS FREAK OF NATURE! GAAAAH! THATS IT! NOW I'M PISSED! I was going to go easy on you before to get a good fight but no I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU!" Naruto held his sword out in front of him, his rietsu and chakra swirling around him making a visible light show of both black and blue energy.

"Get ready Zabuza, cause I'm about to rip you a new one! Drink his blood and devour his soul! DIABLO!" Suddenly a massive amount of dust shot into the air, swirling around the spot where Naruto stood. Kakashi and Sasuke as well as the Cloud team were nearly blown away in the resulting winds as Zabuza had to fight to stay above the water. Slowly the dust began to die down and the shadowed form of a creature could be seen. As the winds completely died down Naruto's new form was revealed.

(I was really tempted to end it there just to be a major asshole but I decided not to)

His face had been completely covered in a mask that resembled a human skull with sharpened teeth. Two curved horns grew from the sides of his head toward the front before curling back to a foot behind his head. His hair had grown longer, now reaching the middle of his back. His shirt and jacket were gone, revealing his hollow hole and the tribal marking on his chest which remained as tanned human skin. his arms up to the elbow where covered in what appeared to be white clawed gauntles while large pauldrens in the shape of human skulls adourned his shoulders. His pants had also vanished revealing that from the waist down he was covered in more of the white armor. His legs had inverted to a more animalistic shape while his feet had been replaced with massive dragonlike talons. a long tail grew from behind him ending in a arrowhead spike.

He slowly turned his head toward Zabuza and opened his eyes. The whites had become pitch plack and the iris had turned red with a black pentegram surrounding the slit pupil. He opened his mouth and roared, pitch black rietsu exploding from his form. His long hair weaved to the side showing a large gothic style five on his back. As more and more of the black energy poured off of his form the five slowly shifted into a four. Hallible's eyes grew large in surprise at this. Before Zabuza could react Naruto was suddenly behind him, back slapping him into the air to smash through three hundred yards of trees.

Naruto roared again as he sped off to appear in front of the broken Zabuza. He grabed the missing nin by the neck and lifted him into the air the blonde's new form easily topping seven feet tall. Zabuza could only gurgle in pain as his flight had caused him to break ten of his ribs, both arms, and one of his legs. However before Naruto could land the final blow, his hand prepared to spear Zabuza through the chest, two needles entered the Demon of the Mist's neck and and the feared ninja slumped over, his heartbeat slowing almost to a stop.

Naruto dropped Zabuza and turned toward the apparent hunter nin. He growled at the boy for taking his kill and prepared to attack, his clawed fingers prepared to rip into his new opponent, when Kakashi appeared in front of him.

"Thats enough Naruto. He is not a threat." The boy visibly relaxed and released his resurrecion. The hunter nin nodded before picking up Zabuza's body and vanished. Naruto scowled at the end of his fight before walking back to the rest of the team. Kakashi stood still for a minute before following.