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this is a Rin X Nerine X Ai Story

Chapter 1 : A new start with Nerine and Ai

It has been three months since I was sent back twenty years to the demon world. I, Nerine, Itsuki and Mayumi got stuck in the middle of Maou-Oji-san's love triangle between his fiancé called Ai and his maid called Sage.

Sage was his maid who has dark short hair, quite loud mouthed and has a body which can only be described as a pedo's dream even thought she was in her twenties. Her house keeping and cooking skills is superior then anyone I know.

Ai was Oji-san's fiancée which was decided by their families at birth. Ai is a long beautiful blue-haired, graceful and charming demon woman who body measurements would make any man drool. She looks so much like an older version of Nerine I actually thought she was Nerine's mother and I was wrong it turns out that Sage, which was just shocking. In my time she is the queen of the demon world.

To make matters worse we had to make sure Oji-san chose Sage so that Nerine would exist, on the first day we got there we accidentally changed Oji-san's love interest back to Ai which changed Nerine to a "different" Nerine. The "different" Nerine had exactly the same body and face however her hair was light pink and her personality was so much forceful that she dragged me to the baths and done ecchi things to me.

So Ria who is Nerine's Aunt and Shia's mother thought of a plan to get Oji-san and Sage together by making Ai-san full in love with me so they can get together, at first I was against this stupid idea but if it meant that Nerine would be alright I will do anything.

Ria's plan was success, Ai fell in love with me and the prince of the demon world and the house maid got together, although there was one small thing that went wrong I fell in love with Ai. I know it's wrong but I couldn't resist her anymore, so I cheated on Nerine, but I still love Nerine.

Three days after we got sent back to the present, Ai-san greeted me and Nerine when we returned from school. Our affair had been found out, the first to find out was Nerine's parents but they were not mad they actually supported it I think they think this is some way to clear their "debt". Nerine was fine with it which surprised me she probably thinks it was my way to make sure she exists by 100 percent, She even gave me the privilege to make Shia my third girlfriend. I turned it down and I said that I will only love Nerine and Ai, now that promise I will keep and also the other reason I turned down Shia was I am sure that I only like demon women I guess every man has their sexual preferences.

About a month later I decided to move out of Kaede's house against her wishes, it was just getting too creepy for a man staying at another woman's house when his first girlfriend lived next door and his second girlfriend lived in the demon world which is about five hours away and Kaede was starting to act all weird and no-one told her about Ai, I think she fall into coma if she found out about that. The first person I told was Ai because I heard she had an unused house in the human world, she agreed to let me use it and moved in herself. Lastly I asked Nerine to move with us of course her answer was yes, but Oji- san over heard this and talked to me in private, the talk went like this.

"I sorry Rin-Chan but I can't let Nerine-Chan move in with you until you do something very important."

He said this with a very serious tone

"What is it ?"

" You have to ....... call me Otou-sama or Papa and jump into my chest"

He opened his arms and waited for my response

I know it was going to be something like this I can call him Otou-sama Papa is far too embarrassing. The hug is a bit strange I am not gay or that perverted maybe I am just thinking too much about it. I will just get it done and over with.


I said it and just hugged him quickly and moved back my original position


Oji-san...No, Otou-sama made a strange noise which was probably a sign of shock

After that Otou-sama couldn't stop smiling and sent us on our way, Sage found out about our "talk" and forced me to call her Okaa-sama which I did. It turns out that the house was an hour away which was not too bad because me and Nerine can take Ai's private limo to school.

Well, I guess this is it

I finish my overdue journal entry, now my only problem is where I should sleep my own bed, Ai's bed or Nerine's bed.

If I sleep with Ai then in the morning Nerine would have one of her jealous tantrums and say I have an older woman complex which would make AI act all big sisterly and ask me to call her "Onee-sama". If I sleep with Nerine then in the morning Ai would worry about her age and think she is too old for me and Nerine would try and make it worse for her and say something like younger is always better. If I sleep alone then in the morning Ai and Nerine would worry about how emotionally distance I am becoming and try to hit on me all day.

I know I will sleep alone and then go down to breakfast in my boxers that should distract them for a while. As I rose from the chair of the still unpacked study I trip over something...

...Then I saw a green flash of light.