Chapter 3: This….Again

I am very puzzled to the state of being scared how can that be the date it's a year difference, don't say I have gone back in time again.

My attention is gripped as the door is opened and the sound of footsteps getting closer then the sound of fire crackers

"Ahhhhaaahaaa! The school in the world of Humans seems to be an interesting place!" said a muscular man

"You're right. I feel like I'm going to become younger, being surrounded by those young beautiful ladies." Said a over feminine man

I clearly know who they are, they are Otou-Sama and Shinou-Sama, but the men in the class was highly disappointed

"I am not supposed to be talking to you Ma-Bou, after going behind my back and giving you daughter a head start" said a now angry Shinou-Sama

"It's a misunderstanding, I would never do th…" apologetic Maou-Sama was cut off by Shinou-Sama's booming voice

"Enough, So which little boy is it?

I start to think back and this sounds a lot like what happened on the real June 16th however it is slightly different, so maybe this is not the past but an alternative reality WAIT THAT'S WORSE

I think I just gave myself a headache

Otou-Sama points at me

"Let me see…. Oh, that boy, huh? He has a pretty good look" said Shinou-Sama cheerfully however occasionally glancing evil eyes at Maou-Sama

They start to walk closer towards me

"What was that about this morning? Rin –Chan"

"Don't answer him Rin-Dono he is just trying to cover his tracks"

"Anyway, please be good to my Nerine-Chan"

He forcefully grabs me and shakes my hand. His hand is full of strength.

I say

"Otou-Sama, What's going on?

"ACKK" they both made a weird noise

"That sounds great, Rin-Chan" Maou-Sama seems to be on cloud 9

"Oi, don't steal anymore parts away from me"

If this is really the past then Shinou-Sama should say "You have a good body, you should be able to Protect my Shia" and whack me on the back and then Shia and Nerine would come in.

"You have a good body, you should be able to Protect my Shia" said Shinou-Sama while hitting me on the back just how I predicted

Then after that Shia and Nerine came in all which I also predicted

So this is 100% the past NO wait a second this could to be a dream

Stop denying it, it's true I have been send to the past again

The two princesses start arguing with their fathers, but I can't focus on them how the hell do I get back? I guess magic is the only way, I must leave as soon as possible. When I start to remember June's events I start to think that I don't have to go back so soon I could mess with them for a bit as revenge for all the times they storm in with their parties and embarrassing questions.

Who should I take my revenge on first?

I got it, Shinou-Sama he was always was too loud and a big pain. I think I just treat Nerine the same as I do in the present but more lovey-dovey and treat Maou-Sama like he is my real father.

I start to listen to them again

"Let me explain this to you" said Maou-Sama

"You were chosen to be the candidate for Nerine-Chan or Shia-Chan's future husband"

"WHAT" I try to sound as surprised as the first time this happened

"In other words, you're the next king of either the gods or the demons. Which do you want?"

On the real day I said nothing and they started to talk about indecisive I was, that coming from a king who has three wives and the other who refused to marry his arranged fiancée and married his maid after a year of thinking and they say I'm indecisive.

"I choose Nerine"

I quickly move over and embrace Nerine tightly

"…..Kyaa" Nerine makes a little scream

"I am really happy you have chosen my Nerine, you will be happy together"

"Ahh… and you will have all the rights in the demon world" then Maou-Sama done some sort of a victory dance which he never done when I actually got in a relationship with Nerine.

The longer I hug Nerine the more her muscles relax, I really think that if I let go of her she would fall to the ground like a rag doll

I was stopped by a suddenly faint feeling. Is this aftershock due to time travel or the shock of me not having Nerine and Ai as partners. The feeling gets stronger and stronger, I don't want to faint in front of everybody especially Nerine.

I quickly release Nerine and grab some paper and pen

"I' am sorry… I have to go somewhere, here's my number phone me later"

I try to give Nerine the piece of paper, but she does respond come to think of it she hasn't blinked since I hugged her, I just put the paper in her hand and leave

She does not move, still staring at where I was standing

"Tsuchie, where do you think you are going?"

I don't reply and leave the classroom

Quickly I should go to the infirmary, and then I remember she's not in

Fresh air will do me good , I make my way to the roof

Oh god, these stairs

I forcefully open the door and run in the middle of the roof while this happened the door swung and hit some old cleaning equipment which knocked them over slamming the door back and blocking quite badly.

I don't have to worry about that now

I start to breathe in and out heavily

Then I slip into the abyss of the darkness

The darkness seems to be timeless

I start to hear voices

"The door will not open"

"Sensei must have locked the roof, but there was no sign next to the stairs"

"It can't be helped Aki, we just have find somewhere else to eat and will put a sign down there telling other students about the locked roof"


The voices fade

I don't understand

What are they saying?

Meanwhile back in the future present

It's been two days since Rin went missing. Nerine and Ai went to Maou's house for help on finding me.

"So Rin-Chan has been missing two days"

"Yeah…" said Nerine and Ai at same time while wiping the tears around their eyes

"So you think that he has left you two then" said Maou-Sama which just made the matter worse.

"No, but that makes sense" said a now crying Nerine

"He probably thinks I am too old and Nerine is too distant" said an evenly crying Ai

"I'm not distant" said Nerine with a mixture of sadness and anger

"Yes you are. You scream when he hugs you and you never say you love him"

"Aahhhhah" Nerine cried loudly which shows that she agreed to what Ai said

"Papa, you made it worse"

"Nerine-Chan and Ai-Sama calm down I am sure he wouldn't leave you two"

Sage actually calmed them down


"Yes he will never leave you two….. He probably got kidnapped"

That accidentally slipped out of Sage's mouth which made Nerine and Ai worse than before

"He is going to be tortured"

"I am too young to be a widow"

"It's all our thought for being royalty"

They were crying the amount of a lake between them

"Well you were a lot better."

No-one would think he would be send back in time again but that was the truth.

I wander how he is going to come back?