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Chapter One: Again And Again

"Love, So Love, True Love, One Love."

"Ryoma Echizen."

Almost immediately, I turned to glare at him, the new student that just entered the Seishun High School, classroom A-2, which Gods forbid, happens to be my homeroom.

He was good-looking, stuck-up, and he was already a regular on the tennis team. Oh yeah, he's from America and he's filthy rich, another reason why an average person should be jealous and dislike him on the spot.

To top off the sundae, I was in a horrible mood, blame the horrible cramming and those tests, argh! And in my current mood, everyone looked like they had horns and a devil's tail, but this guy was beyond getting on my nerves. Stupid rich people and their aura of pride… One look, one glance, and you could tell how pampered and spoiled the kid was.

"You can have a seat next to Miharu Misora-chan," The usually grumpy, red haired, homeroom teacher, Akira-sensei told him ever so sweetly.

What did this guy do? Use his rich-people magical powers and somehow get the strictest teacher alive on his side? How in all the living was the humanely possible?

The new kid calmly shoved his hands in his school uniform pockets and examined us, the student body, looking for whoever Miharu was.

It took me a nanosecond to remember my name; Miharu.

The usually bipolar Akira-sensei glared at me intensely as she barked," Be polite and raise your hand, Miharu. Ryoma-kun doesn't know where or who you are."

I paused; and slowly raised my hand with my usual dumb look gaping on my face. So she calls me dumb…

Using the fake sweetness in her voice, she laughed. "I apologize, Ryoma-kun, Haru-chan lacks proper etiquette."

I inwardly rolled my eyes at her pointless insult. Really, she's done better before. At least don't say 'Ryoma-kun' in such a creepy, ga-ga voice.

Akira-sensei smiled at the transfer student again. "Please, have a sit."

The transfer student looked over at my direction, or actually, my raised hand in particular. An unreadable, perfect masked expression slathered over his charming facial features.

Damn, he was cute too.

He walked through the rows of perfectly lined students and sat in the unoccupied desk next to me without changing his bored facial expression and listened to the rest of Akira-sensei's directions.

Impressive; I've never met someone who wasn't the slightest bit nervous on his first day.

I tried my best to ignore the transfer student, it was normal after all, getting transfer students during the middle of the year.

Right, nothing special. It was completely normal.

"Echizen-kun? What's your next class?" Akira-sensei asked tenderly as she put a motherly smile on her demon-disguised face.

Without looking up from whatever worksheet he was working on, he replied, "Calculus with Himawari-sensei."

I inwardly groaned. Lovely, that's my next class too… Just because he's cute didn't mean I want him around me! Why wasn't the dear lord ever on my side?

Then Akira-sensei smiled at me. Me. A sweet, clever, sly smile that would give any normal person a million years of nightmares.

"Miharu-chan? Why don't you be a dear and take Ryoma-kun to his next class? You have Calculus, too right?" she asked politely, even though I knew it was fake.

I raised an eyebrow very delicately. "Excuse me?"

The red haired sensei frowned innocently. "Is there a problem?"

I suppressed a groan, I would get detention if I rejected, and God forbid that. "No, sensei."

She smirked and left me to whatever work I was previously working on.

He was just a new student… Why was everyone acting like it was the end of the world if someone mistreated him?

I sighed very quietly, and turned back to my worksheet. It was something about paradoxes and some Romeo and Juliet excerpt. It was a shame I didn't pay attention to the so called tragic love story earlier… Before the transfer student came.

The entire female population in my class all shot glares at me. Surprise, one day they're my friends, the second, they hate me more than hell itself. Thought I couldn't exactly blame them…

I inwardly shrugged; there was no point in chasing someone as great as Echizen. Sure, I didn't know him at all, but just hearing the rumors about him make chills go down your spine… He was just about the closest thing anyone could get to perfection.

I pressed my elbow on the desktop and leaned on my palm to take a small peek at him through my bangs.

To my surprise, he was sitting at his desk with his arms crossed staring back at me.

Oh, stupid, stupid, unreadable expressions…

"What was your name again?" he asked, quietly, the same unreadable expression on his face, need I say.

I brushed my bangs away, no use in hiding my gaze anymore. "Miharu Sasuki."

He made a slightly nodding motion and continued filling his worksheets.

Then, there was silence. Our pitiful excuse of a conversation ended.

God dearest, this moment could probably not get any more awkward.

It would probably be a rather stupid idea to ask the transferred student his name, especially since I already knew what it was and he had just introduced himself earlier… But, what else was there to talk about with this guy? Maybe, not talking at all would be better.

So, I continued with Romeo and Juliet and apparently, the transfer student did too.

But every once in a while, I'd peek through my bangs to see that unreadable (cute, hot, captivating, beautiful…) face.

My day just couldn't get better, could it?

I take that back… My day did, in fact, get much worse.

To my pleasant surprise, the bell rang to dismiss Homeroom class much earlier than I expected.

I got none of my Romeo and Juliet done.

Cursing silently for not paying attention when the class read the play, I stuffed the worksheets into my schoolbag, not bothering whether or not they were ripped in the process. I didn't know how to do them anyways.

I was just about to walk out of the classroom and head towards the Mathematics hallway when my new responsibility bombarded me.

"Miharu-chan, I think you're forgetting someone." I knew that teacher's whiney voice anywhere.

I slowly turned back to see Akira-sensei standing closer to the transfer student than need be.

He had his arms crossed, waiting patiently for me to answer the teacher. Must I even mention his bored expression?

"Ah, yes, right this way, transfer student." I muttered, spinning on my heel back out the classroom.

Apparently, Akira-sensei still wasn't satisfied. "Miharu-chan!"

I stopped at the door. "Yes, sensei?"

"You will accompany him to his third, fourth, and fifth period class too. And the rest of the day, if he allows you to do so."

My eyes widened in surprise, my mouth gaped open in horror. Of all luck!

The transfer student shrugged. "Better her than no one at all."

Damn you and your pretty face!

I paused, more amused at his reply than shocked. "But, sensei, I-"

Akira-sensei shot me a glare. "No 'buts', Miharu."

I bit back my retort when I saw she was at patience's end. She was going to call my parents for behavior problems if this continued…

But I have Music class! With Rikka-sensei!

The transfer student nodded at me, expecting me to lead him somewhere.

He was lucky he was cute... And unreadable.

I suppressed my voice from groaning. "Follow me, Echizen-kun."

Now, now. It wasn't like I didn't want to have an extremely hot, new, foreign transfer student following me around school…

It was just, really, really, really, bad for my sanity.

Within second to fourth period of leading him around school, I managed to walk into the wrong class about twice and arrived late for my favorite class.

And when it was finally time for lunch, I was released by the almighty transfer student since he had to head to the front offices for further transfer instructions.

I must have looked like a total grouch when I walked to the cafeteria to buy my daily bread, 'cause my best friend was right beside me the moment I walked in with a slightly concerned expression.

"Hey, Shiori." I greeted, strolling through the lunch line, grabbing some form of bread and a can of whatever juice it was.

She strolled beside me, matching my pace in an instant. "How was your day with the transfer student?"

I paused to think. "Interesting, and I almost died."

She smiled, her features enhancing ten times more than usual with a mere smile. "That sounds like fun, Haru-chan!"

I playfully rolled my eyes at her. "I had to miss my Music class because of him, Shiori!"

We giggled and chit-chat some more before heading toward the back of the school to eat, we always ate at the same place, where it was more quiet. Near the back of the school, there was a giant cherry blossom tree, or what was left of it, but around it were benches were some other students sat as well.

As we walked closer, I saw the silhouettes of the usual students who occupied the benches there as well.

I smiled as I walked closer towards my own clique, my friends.

This is how it's supposed to be. No transfer students, no bipolar teachers…

"Hey, Miharu! I hear you and the transfer student are getting it going, eh?"

I paused in front my usual lunch table and whipped my head around.

Eew, it was Keiko. So much for 'walking towards my own clique.'

She sat, two tables away from Shiori and I. She sat there… Her and her stupid pretty hair…

"I was his guide for the day, if that's what you mean." I answered, remaining calm, because this wasn't a big deal. It better not be.

Keiko smirked, much to my amusement. "Miharu, I wouldn't expect much from him if I were you…" She paused to stare at her 'girls,' so she calls them. "You'd have much competition."

I frowned. "What?"

Some girl next to her (that I didn't recognize) rolled her eyes at me. "Miharu-chan. He's absolutely gorgeous." She said, matter-of-factly, like it was the most obvious detail in the world.

Well, it kinda was. Kind of.

I raised an eyebrow. Of course, I thought he established that fact the moment his face appeared in front of me.

"But he's unreadable." I blurted, not really thinking about a logical answer. "And he has the same expression on his face the entire time."

Keiko shrugged. "So? Nice face, nice money, nice body… He's a foreign exchange student from the U.S. and he's already a regular's on our tennis team." She stopped and crossed her arms, then proceeded to grin at me. "It won't be long until there's a Ryoma Fan Club around here."

I crossed my arms too. "Why would I care?"

Keiko burst into spontaneous laughter. "You are so going to be replaced by his new girl, whoever she is."

A frown. "Isn't that a good thing?"

To my surprise, Shiori joined in. "Haru-chan, no sane girl on campus would not not like him."

Now I really wanted to run up a tree and scream.

Echizen, you aren't even here and you've ruined my already crappy social life.

"But I've really got nothing to do with him!" I complained, groaning as more people joined in the conversation. "Akira-sensei just decided to appoint me as the guide for the day!"

"Liar! Ryoma-sama was staring at you the entire day!" some artificially blonde haired girl yelled, glaring daggers at me.

I rubbed my temples. Really? Ryoma-sama? This has got to be a joke.

Staring at me all day? Ha, say it a bit more sarcastically and it might actually sound true. Well actually, of course he was staring at me all day, I was partically forced to guide him around campus!

"Haru-chan, let's go inside, ne?" Shiori suggested. "It's more quiet inside, I think."

I smiled gratefully at the black haired girl who just saved my sanity. "Sure, Shiori."

I picked up all the things that I had earlier thrown carelessly on the table and followed Shiori back into the cafeteria.

And I couldn't help noticing Keiko's pretty little grin on my way in.

"Haru-chan, don't worry about them, okay?" Shiori said with a sweet smile. "They're just jealous cause out of all the girls that wanted to be near the new transfer student, you were the lucky pick. It's the talk of the day."

Was it just me or the more I don't want attention, the more it comes at me?

"The talk… of Seishun?" I asked, nearly sighing.

"Yeah! Everyone is so excited to have Ryoma-kun at Seishun!"

I started at her.


Oh, not you too, Shiori.

"Uhm, I see…" I said back, not nearly as enthusiastic.

We entered the cafeteria, Shiori all smiles, and me… With the usual expression.

And as we entered, I really hoped I wouldn't do something stupid in front of him again. (Since I always seem to anyways.)

'Cause… There he was. Basked in the shiny faces of all the girls surrounding him while he was attempting to eat his lunch.


I see Echizen too much for my heart to have a normal heart rate.

"He looks like he's getting murdered." I commented, nudging Shiori's elbow.

She nodded in agreement. "You should go help him."

I recoiled and jumped back from her. "What! Why? He's got nothing to do with me!"

I could almost hear Shiori roll her eyes. "Go save your boyfriend, Haru-chan."

A pause. Then my mouth gaped. "How does taking him around campus make him my boyfriend?"

Shiori giggled before I could mutter something stupid again. "Haru-chan, here he comes!"

I could open my mouth, preparing to say something, but nothing came out as Shiori made her sweet escape.

That's when I hear his voice. His damn husky voice.


I turned to face him. His bored expression.

He must be really bored to have the same facial expression on all day.


He stared at me. Standing in front of him closer than I was before, it was obvious he was quite tall as well, compared to me.

Oh, damn, damn, body.

I raised my head slightly to meet his gaze.

Oh hell, pretty eyes too.

Too bad I already assumed he was such the stiff, cold, and utterly bored person.

"Where's my next class?"

A pause.

"Uhm." I thought for a nanosecond. "You have… Tennis?"

He crossed his arms, and stared at me patiently. "Yes."

"You need to go to the tennis courts then…?"

He stared at me with his bored (cute) expression a bit more. "I'm asking you because I don't know where that is, Sasuki."

"Oh. Ohm. Right. Follow me."

He obeyed and followed behind me closely. I couldn't help but notice they female population in the cafeteria had stars in their eyes as they watched him.

Did he not see what effect he had on us, women?

Damn you, Echizen. Wear a mask!


I very nearly, almost, flinched at the sound of his voice saying my name. "Hm?"

"We're at the parking lot."

A pause.

I took in my surroundings.

Let's see… Car, car, car, car…


Parking lot indeed…

"Right. Sorry, tennis courts are the other way."

I turned the opposite direction from where I was walking and attempted to concentrate. Echizen followed.

To my surprise, he seemed to have a rather amused look on his face.

"What?" I asked, staring back at him, curious.

He shrugged and smirked. "Nothing."

A pause. I felt myself dying to know what he was thinking behind that pretty face.

Oh, dear God.

Being around Echizen really was scarring my sanity.

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