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Lisbon shut the door softly behind her and stood there for a few moments, her back towards Jane who was stood behind her. She could feel his eyes on her back and she placed her forehead on the door, whilst sighing. Red John was dead. Good thing or bad? That answer would come soon but she knew that deep down, she was too frightened to hear it. She was scared that the death of Red John would cause the man she cared for dearly to walk out of her life just as quickly as he came. His task was completed, his mission ended and now, all CBI had to offer him was memories of the past, ones he probably wanted to forget.

Slowly, she turned to face him and their eyes met. Neither of them had turned on the light and so they were both stood in darkness with only a small amount of light from the window.

Lisbon managed to see the pain and frustration in the consultant's eyes from the events of the evening and wanted to wipe all of the hurt away. Instead, she stood still, never taking her eyes from his and Jane mirrored her actions. Teresa wondered whether he was angry at her for killing Red John. After all, she knew that he had longed for the moment to be his ever since the death of his family but when she had ran into the room, she found Patrick on the floor, a gun pointed to his beautiful face and she acted without thought.

The silence between them was becoming unbearable for Teresa.

"I'm sorry." She whispered into the gap between them. She did not look away from his blue gaze and saw his eyebrows frown in confusion.

"What are you sorry for? You saved my life. Again." Patrick let himself smile slightly at the last part and Lisbon felt her own lips curve slightly but then it was gone.

"I killed him. Neither of us got what we wanted. He died but not at your hand and I don't get to lock him away on death row so he can think about his fate every last second of his miserable existence." Lisbon felt a wave of anger rush through her as she spoke the last sentence. Patrick took a step forward and she finally lowered her gaze. "I'm just… I'm sorry."

Teresa felt him softly tilt her chin upwards so she was caught in his eyes once more.

"I couldn't do it." Patrick whispered to her. This time, Lisbon's eyebrows frowned in confusion.


"I couldn't kill him. I had the chance though. I had the gun in my hand pointed right at his head." Jane moved his hand upward to make it seem like his was holding an invisible gun. "But I couldn't pull the trigger." Lisbon saw a sad intensity in his eyes and they were glistening in the dim light from the window. Then he lowered his hand. "And that's when he turned the tables, in my moment of weakness. Or my moment cowardice." Patrick then lowered his head to face the floor and Lisbon took her own step forward.

"You're not a coward. You're a good man. You couldn't do it because you are not a killer." She emphasised each point with her voice to make him listen and he lifted his head again.

"I feel like I've let them down." Jane's words were so quiet they were almost inaudible but Lisbon had heard and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"You didn't. They wouldn't have wanted you to become a killer Jane." Patrick frowned again for a moment and then slowly shook his head.

"You're right. I was blinded by my own revenge and so convinced myself that they would have wanted me to get my revenge but I never actually stopped to think about what they would have wanted." He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes before opening them again and locking Teresa in another intense gaze. "Thank you."

"For what?"


And just like that, Teresa's world was turned upside down. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as he stepped towards her again, closing the gap between them. She felt his hand rest on the back of her neck and the other arm wrap around her waist. His lips met hers and her head was spinning. For a split second, she stood frozen, not sure what to do. Everything seemed to have failed her, words, actions. But then she realised. She was kissing Patrick Jane. She stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the kiss with a passion Teresa didn't think she had in her. His lips moved softly against hers and a shiver ran down her spine.

Then after what felt like long blissful hours, they broke apart, breathing heavily. They stared into each others eyes for what could have been the hundredth time that night and Teresa felt her lips curve into a smile. She saw him respond with his own dazzling smile and he lifted her up. Teresa gasped and buried her head in the crook of his neck as he span her round. Their laughter filled the gloom of the apartment and made them forget the sadness that had been issued before.

He slowly let her feet touch the ground as they came to a stop and the smiles had not left their faces. They both knew that this time would come. They both knew that their relationship had been changing but neither knew what it would feel like when it finally happened. Patrick pulled her into a soft embrace so that she wouldn't see the tear that rolled down his cheek. Another tear of joy. He smiled and wiped it away then looked back at her. He needed to say it, to tell her what had been wanting to burst from his mouth ever since the night she had cried to him.

"I love you Teresa. I never thought I would say those words again but you have changed my thoughts on just about everything. You have made me, excuse the cheesy line, whole again and I will always be thankful for that. I love you." Teresa felt the tears form in her eyes and saw his own eyes doing the same. She thought that the smile on her face now could never go away and to say she was overjoyed was the biggest understatement ever thought of.

"I love you too Patrick. Even though you drive me crazy, I couldn't be without you. Without your smile or you're cheery 'hello' every morning, I don't think I could get through the day. That was my turn for a cheesy line." He let out a laugh and she could see that he was fighting his tears. She lifted her hand to his face and traced her thumb along his cheek whilst remembering the words he had spoken to her once before. "You can cry you know. No-one is going to think any less of you." He smiled at her comment and she smiled back softly at him. She saw one tear escape from his eye and she pulled him back towards her and wrapped her arms around him as he finally opened up to her.

Teresa felt her own tears escape and as they stood in the dark living room in each other's arms, they both realized that their lives had now taken a turn for the better. Teresa felt Patrick pull back and then press his lips against hers once more. She returned the kiss, wrapping locks of his blonde hair in her fingers and Teresa Lisbon was happy, she was happy that now, she had someone to come home to, someone to cry to and someone to love. She had Patrick Jane and he had her.

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