Time line 2001-?

We Were the bad guys of the World Wrestling than the old DX. More Extreme and Fearless than the original Extreme Wrestling Championship .More Psycho than Mickie James. More determined for the titles.I held Women's. Big brother held World Heavyweight. Big brother number 2 HELD WWE. Dad held two trophy's in his case back in North Carolina.I'm the baddest bitch you ever meet .Matty is the toughest S.O.B you ever fight. Jeffy is the Risktaker you ever saw. We are Team Xtreme:2. Nobody never messes with us. We are the Godfathers of the WWE. We make sure everyone will never forget the name: HARDY. There is something you should know about are....well we are.....incest. No-one knows our dirty little SECRET. Jeff is the bondage one. Matt is the raper.I...well I'm...the SUCKER. We started being a threesome couple only a year, time we used condoms. After that we didn't use it no more. Jeff has a girlfriend that he cheats on with me and Matt. Matt cheats on Amy with me and Jeff.I cheat on my Jay Reso(Christian) with my brothers. Well it's kinda complicated.

Let's talk about Big brother 1 ...in his case....Raper 1st:Matthew Moore Hardy.

Matt is the more psychotic one .He takes me to clubs and he fucks me in the bathrooms. He tries to rub me on the dance floor while we are lost in music. When Jeff is here with us he makes me give him and Jeff a strip show. I love it when he makes me so innocent and he is so domminant. They both make me wear these tight thongs to the ring. He makes me wear his big shirts with nothing under it when were at home. He is my sex crazed freak.I'm his little sucker. He rapes me in lockerrooms when he thinks I don't want it when I actually do want it. He loves it when I watch him fuck Jeff . He has a girlfriend Amy Dumas,I've never liked her from the start. He would've picked Stacy. But Amy "stole" his love. Stole is the keyword. Amy,she's a cover up right is stupid she doesn't even know Matt's cheating on her ,little skank. Now you know what Matt makes me do to him.

Now Let's talk about Big Brother 2....Bondage Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Really loves to play with his toys. Sometimes he leaves me changed up and begging for him while he looks at me. He never ever tried Matt. Matt knows Jeff to much for him to fall for his little tricks, like me,Matt has never been tied up,teased,loved,fucked or anything like me. He is crazy when it comes to sex. One time he made bathe in a skittle bath to just look at my nudeness. He may look innoent and happy on the show but he is so psycho that he has broke the psycho meter. Jeff can be like Matt in a way. He loves one thing when It Comes to sex. Twister. He twists my words alot. He loves to play mine and his game. A Twister For Pixie STickz. He loves those things more then me and Matt. So now you know how Jeff can be.

Let's Talk About Me:The Little Sister.....The Sucker Ryan Hardy.

Well I'm the one that dresses up and wears tight thongs. I'm the one who plays 'Ms. Little Innocent Almost Future-Reso Hardy'.That's All I Got To Say About Me.I'm Not Going in to deep about me like I did to my brothers. My past is better left unkowned.

After Match T&A And Trish Vs. Team Extreme 2 Friday Around After the Show Endend

Nobody's POV.

Ryan was winicing in pain after she left the trainer's. Trish did a number on my ribs. Her match ended very well. Team Xtreme:2 winning of course. Ryan landed a perfect Twist of Fate. Jeff made a perfect Swanton Bomb on Albert and Matt did a nice leg drop on Test. Once they got backstage Ryan gave Matt her title and told him to put it up while she went to go get her ribs checked. During that she called Jay acting all lovey-dovey to him saying like "Baby I Miss You So Much" or "When you coming back?" or "I Love you so much".Too bad he did'nt even know how cruel and pain she was doing to him for the year and a half. Ryan walked slowy from the office. She was walking when she ran into the person she did'nt want to see. Amy Dumas. Or as Ryan liked to call her "Matt's Bitch".

"Hay bitch."Ryan said as Amy glared.

"Hay slut."Amy replied while Ryan returned a glare.

"What are you doing on Smackdown?Aren't you suppose to be RAW?"Ryan asked.

"Just came to say hi to my Matt."She said."Did'nt come to see you."

"I'm glad because I would'nt come to see you'r funeral after I mess you up badly after the Royal Rumble."

"Are you sure it would'nt be you?"She asked getting in Ryan's face.

"Leave."Ryan said and watched Amy walked out to the parking lot and turned to her lockeroom. There she noticed her big brother waiting for her on the couch,she closed the door and her brother looked up. She grinned and went over and straddled him."Hay baby what took you so long?"he asked as both of his hands found her ass and he slap it."Owie!That hurt."Ryan hissed."I Asked you a question and you did'nt answer"."Your bitch talked to me."She said and he replied with a laugh "She should'nt have come here."He picked her up and "Fuck!" Ryan hissed again in pain, feeling her small back hit the locker behind her with a harsh thud. Her eyes opened wearily, revealing gorgeous hazel hues.

Chocolate brown eyes stared down at her. A smirk curved full lips. "What's the matter, sis?" he purred, his hands gripping her hips roughly. He made a point to bury his nails into her skin, watching as she bit her lip in pain.

Ryan hid a smirk. Yeah, as if she would tell him that she loved it when he "raped" her. The truth was, she absolutely loved the way her brother fucked her. It was a hell of a lot better than that "love-making" that she and Jay did. She liked Jay, but he was way too gentle. Matt, on the other hand, was one brutal sex machine.

"Nothing is the matter," she whispered, her eyes lowering the ground. Yup. Just put up the act of the innocent victim. Like he would know the difference. She squeaked in surprise when his large hands grabbed her fishnet top, ripping it open from the neck down.

Matt's eyes flashed. He chuckled silently, "What? You're not scared are you?"

Her eyes flashed, "N-no…" God it was hard as hell to stay in character with him being so hot like that. His raven black hair was left loose after that match, curling around his face. He looked so fucking hot.

"Good. You're my baby sis…and you shouldn't be afraid of big brother," Matt murmured. He moved his hands down to her black cargo pants, pulling them down and off. He toyed with the straps of her underwear before tugging them down harshly.

Ryan licked her lips and whimpered lowly. Shit, this was going to be good. She smirked wryly. 'Bet Amy never got it this good…' She arched her back, her tri-colored highlighted black hair swinging back with her.

She could feel Matt's pants falling before the tip of a very hard, very thick cock pushed at her pussy. It stroked her pussy, roughly moving up and down before sliding in carefully.

The door to the locker room opened.

The middle sibling raised a brow. "Six or ten minutes after the match and you're already raping her. Nice, Matt." Jeff tugged the ties out of his hair, brushing back the green-tipped bangs. He looked nothing like his siblings. His hair was naturally blonde, where as Ryan and Matt's hair was black. He liked to dye it weird colors though and he had emerald green eyes.

Matt smirked, "Jealous?" he pulled out harshly, causing Ryan to yelp.

Jeff snorted; "Of you or her?" he tugged off his sweaty tank top, toying with it a bit. His eyes suddenly sparkled, a wicked grin tugged at his lips. "Can I tie her?"

Ryan felt her clit become wetter. Oh, fuck. The bondage would just make this fucking even better…and maybe Jeff would join and both their huge cocks could shove into her clit.

Matt chuckled, shrugging his shoulders, "It's up to you, Jeffro. You wanna join? I know how much you love double teaming this pretty slut."

Jeff grinned, stepping over to his siblings. "You know it," he murmured before grabbing Ryan's hands. He tied both her wrists together with one end of his tank top before he tied the other end of the top to the stem of the locker, encasing her hands high.

Ryan whined, feeling Jeff's fingers slide down her back and to her pussy. She arched up, feeling two of his fingers enter her roughly.

"Fuck, she's wet , too fucking believable," Jeff murmured, "What the hell were you doing to her to get her this wet?"

Matt laughed, "All I did was shove my cock inside her…I didn't even eat her out and she was already that wet. C'mon, it makes for easier entry." He moved one of Ryan's legs to his shoulder, leaving her other leg dangling in the air.

Matt roughly pushed the whole length of his dick into Ryan's clit, growling when she screamed, her voice carrying itself over the walls, "Damn, Bitch. Quiet down! It wouldn't be very fun to have someone walk in and see us like this."

Jeff snickered, "She's probably get off on it…hell, I would." He unzipped his zipper and pulled down his pants before stroking his own dick. "Alright, coming at ya, sis," he cooed playfully before shoving his own member into her already well-stuffed big and thick.

"Oh, Shit! Fuck!" Ryan groaned, her poor clit throbbing in pain. She bit her bottom lip, fisting her hands above her. God, it was an uncomfortable angle, but who was she to complain? Especially with those huge cocks in her.

"Damn, she's loud," Jeff murmured. He pushed his hips up, groaning quietly. "And she's still so tight…how the hell does she stay so tight?" he moved his lips to Ryan's neck, kissing and sucking roughly.

Matt smirked, "Same way you do, bro." He snickered at the annoyed look Jeff shot him.

Ryan felt herself get hotter. Oh, shit. Not good. She shouldn't be thinking of Matt fucking Jeff, it made her even hornier. Ryan rocked her hips, "Come on, dammit! Get on with it!"

Matt raised a brow, "Oh, so the little slut is being impatient. Let's tend to her needs then, Jeffro."

Jeff giggled, "Ok, Matty!"

Ryan's eyes widened before she screamed, feeling both of their cocks tear out of her pussy and then piston back in. They shoved in and out, groaning in pleasure as her tight clit held them in.

The sounds her clit made while her brother's cocks were being forced in and out of her clit were incredible. It sounded as it water were splashing around. And it kinda fit too. Her pussy was hella wet, so it did kinda sound like they were fucking in a pool.

Matt grunted, moving the pads of his thumbs to Ryan's fuckable lips, holding them open, watching his cock slid in and out of her clit. From this angle, he could even see his baby brother's cock pushing into their sister. Fuck, it was hot.

Jeff bit at Ryan's shoulder, rocking his hips up roughly but slowly. He was the one who could hit deeply and Matt was the rougher one, hitting hard and fast. Combined, it was an amazing fuck.

"Shit, so good," She moaned, moving her hips as best she could. She tightened her muscles, smirking as her brothers groaned at the tight heat.

"Matty…can't, hold it" Jeff whispered, "Gotta cum…"

Matt bit his lips, "Not inside of her, baby," he murmured, still thrusting. "Pull out first."

Jeff nodded and thrusted a bit harder, causing Ryan's back to arch higher.

Ryan screamed loudly, her eyes closing. She came hard, her warm clit drenching both of her brother's cocks. She panted, her eyes opening wearily.

Her tightness brought Jeff to his end, "Fuck, so tight!" he pulled out, stroking his cock swiftly before emptying his load onto Ryan's back. He groaned, slowly easing down to the ground.

Matt came only seconds after. He pulled his own dick out, jerking it, watching his white sperm land on Ryan's stomach.

They all gasped for breath, their hearts beating in their chests.

After a while, Ryan grunted. "Will you untie me already!?!".

"Why?You look so hot Ry-Ry."Jeff asked he put on his clothes saying that he'll shower back at the hotel.

"I'm sticky with you and Matt's cum and I wanna shower."Ryan replied still tugging on her wrists.

"Shower?Why?So me and Jeff can fuck you again?"Matt said.

"No you bastards!I just wanna shower and go to the hotel and rest."Ryan repied.

"You think Matt?I Don't she looks mercyful."Jeff said in one of his psychotic voices.

"I Think so plus I want have my way with her once we get to the hotel."

"I want it to."Jeff protested.

"No Jeff go fuck Trish Ryan Is mine for this night. Next city is yours."Matt said and connected his lips with Jeff before Jeff could even protest. Jeff moaned as Matt slid his tounge in Jeff's mouth. After playin toung tounsle for a while Matt broke the heated make out session. He looked at Ryan (still tied up of course) her pussy was already getting wet. "Ooooh Baby what happen?" Matt dropped to his knees and slowly crawled over to her and got on his knees. His brought his hand up and his hand went touching Ryan and teasing her. "...Ooohh...Matt..Please" Ryan moaned. Jeff (who had been watching). Did the same process.


"Jeff baby come out we need to leave."

Jeff cursed and yelled back "Baby meet you in the parking lot!".


It was that bitch of a girlfreind Trish.(As Jeff would call her)"God baby I don't want to leave."Jeff said in a sad voice."Jeffy go and I'll make it up in the city ok."Ryan said and Jeff looked at her knowing she will get it good when they go to the next city."Ok take care of it Matt."Jeff replied."Take your tank top please Jeff?" Ryan asked it's not that she hated being tied up it's just that she just wanted to get her hands on Matt and give a goodbye kiss to Jeff.

"Okay but kiss me first."Jeff raised a brow and went over to her when she nodded. He untied her and Ryan immediately wrapped her arms around Jeff's neck and her hands got a handful of his hair and she gave him one hell of a sexy kiss. They both moaned as Matt cupped Jeff's dick through his cargos with his hand and as he rubbed Ryan. Ryan broked the kiss and said 'Goodbye' to Jeff and he got his bag and waved at them . Ryan turned to find Matt standing up with arms over his chest,and a pare of handcuffs dangling in his hand."Let's play baby."

"Ok but Matt but I got to tell you something?"Ryan said.

"What baby?"He asked.

"Jay proposed to me!"She blurted out loud.