Power Rangers: Morphin' Sentai

By: PhinalPhantasy

Episode 1 Part 1: Bandora's Box

(A/N: Fair warning, this is a pretty long author's note. Okay this time I've decided on a somewhat ambitious fanfic project: A retelling of the first season of MMPR with a twist. I'm going to mix in more elements of Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger, the series MMPR's first season was partially based on, as well as throwing a few of my own original twists in it to make the combination of MMPR and ZyuRanger elements make a little more sense. To start off, the first major change I should say before you read is that I changed Rita's name back to her Japanese version's name of Bandora because of two reasons. One, the name of her palace on the moon, and two, Bandora's voice sounds more ghostly than cackled like Rita's and I like that a little better. However I kept the English names of the other villains, also for two reasons. One, to avoid confusing my readers as to who's who, and two, the Japanese names for Squatt, Baboo, and Finster are very very long and I don't feel like typing them out all the time [lol]. Anyways, I hope that this fic will do well, I'm looking forward to writing this.)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers or Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger, but I enjoy having fun with them.)

It was a bright sunny day in the city of Angel Grove. Its high school had just been dismissed for the day and a group of five friends: Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and Kimberly Hart; headed to their favorite hang out, Ernie's Juice Bar, which also doubled as an area where students can practice various indoor sports, such as marital arts, gymnastics, and boxing, and it also had various exercise equipment set out for those who just wanted a quick workout. It looked pretty busy, but the martial arts section was reserved for them for the afternoon by Jason, who, along with Zack, Trini, and Kimberly, stood in front of their other friend Billy.

"Okay then, Billy. Are you ready to check out what style you want to study?" Jason asked, "Don't worry. After you start working with one of us, I'm sure those punks will start to leave you alone."

"I hope so," Billy replied. Recently, the school bullies, Bulk and Skull had been severely harassing him, more so than usual, so his friends suggested that he study some form of martial arts with them in order to build up his confidence and to gain the ability to stand up for himself if needed.

"All right, let me start off by showing you a little karate," Jason smiled. The others backed off a bit to give Jason the whole mat and he began by bowing to an imaginary opponent, then let loose with a series of rapid punches in the air along with some roundhouse kicks, followed by some karate chops in various positions, then ended with another bow, "Of course it will take some time and training before you can pull some of those moves off, but the basics won't take too long to teach."

"Most impressive athletic display my friend," Billy nodded.

"You want an impressive athletic display," Zack slapped a hand on the young genius's shoulder, "You haven't seen anything yet. Let me show you how to fight with style," he grinned and took Jason's place at the center of the mat, "Hey Angela!" he called out to a cute African-American girl he'd been admiring for a while, "You should check this out too!" then he turned to Kim, handing her a CD, "Could you turn on the stereo for me please? I'd like some music to go along with this. Track 10."

"Sure thing, Zack," Kim smiled and put in the CD in the stereo that was bolted to the ground and against the wall of the martial arts area and chose the appropriate song. A fast paced hip hop beat began to fill the area, though it was without lyrics.

"Okay, time to check out some Capoiera!" Zack announced to his gathered friends. A few other people from around the juice bar began to notice the music and went to watch what was going on. As the music began to play, the African-American began to dance in place as a warm up, but then began to sweep out his legs very quickly and very high in the air, then dropped to the ground and placed his hands on the mat and swung the lower half of his body around in a circle, lifting an arm whenever a leg would get in its way to make a perfect sweeping circle with his legs, then he did a hand stand and his legs were spread at a perfect 180º angle and he spun in a series of circles and he sprung back up once again and began to do a series of flips as the music ended to the applause of his friends and the spectators, "Thank you! Thank you!" Then he turned his attention to Angela who simply shook her head.

"Show off," she said and walked away to a dejected Zack.

"Well everyone else seemed to think it was phenomenal," Billy said, trying to cheer up his friend.

"All right, it's my turn," Trini announced, taking the center of the mat. The spectators however, remained to watch the Asian beauty demonstrate her own skills. She smiled warmly at Billy, "I practice the Mantis-style of Kung-fu. It's quite effective and graceful." She started with a slow warm up of moving her arms around her body, then immediately proceeded with a rapid movement of her arms and quickly crouched down and continued to sweep her arms by moving the upper half of her body, then got back up and did a series of rapid punches and high kicks, and finished in a crouching defensive stance before standing up again and smiling at her friend, "What do you think?" she asked Billy once the applause of the people watching died down.

"Wow Trini, that was beautiful," Billy smiled, "And it really does mimic the motions of the Tenodera sinensis. Very impressive." He turned away as to make sure she didn't notice the slight blush to his face.

"Well we saved the best for last," Kimberly smiled, "I've actually developed my own fighting style. If you were to learn from me, you'd be the first student of my modified 'defense gymnastics.'" She smiled brightly and took to the center of the mat, stretching her arms high above her head, linking her hands together, and then flipped her body so that she was now in a handstand position. Billy noted that if there was someone near her, they would've felt the full force of the impact. Kim then did a series of flips that helped her travel across the mat, but at the same time would have discouraged an attacker from getting close, then she did a leg split quickly to get to the ground and punched out to either side of herself before getting back up again and then doing a powerful cartwheel to finish off her demonstration to the applause of the admiring crowd.

"Well, do you like?" Kimberly asked sweetly. Before Billy could answer, someone interrupted.

"If he didn't like it, I really did!" said a voice followed by an annoying high pitched laugh.

"Oh it's you Skull," Kim said shaking her head.

"And where would that idiot be without me," another voice said.

"Probably better off," Jason replied to Bulk.

"Says you, muscle head," Bulk replied.

"So Kimmy," Skull said, while chewing a piece of gum with his mouth open, "Can you show us some of those last moves again?"

"I'd be happy to," Kim smiled sweetly, "Bulk, you and Skull come here."

"Ooh, this should be good," Bulk grinned.

"Are you sure about this, Kim?" Trini asked.

"It'll be okay. Trust me," she winked at her friend, and then she turned to the pair of bullies, "I need you to stand on either side of me and try to grab me," she requested.

"Ooh this'll be even more fun that I thought," Bulk said.

"If I win, do we get a few kisses?" Skull asked.

"Sure," Kim said, "Now come at me!" the pair of bullies ran at her with open arms and puckered lips but the young athlete dropped down to her split leg stance and quickly jabbed out with both fists to either side of her as before, hitting both bullies…right in the crotch, dropping them both to the mat, clutching themselves and moaning in pain, "That's for giving Billy the swirley treatment the other day!" Kim said getting up, "I'd put ice on those if I were you. Now scram!" she yelled. They got up as quickly as they could, but were still bent over in pain and saying "Ouch!" every step they took.

"So Billy," Jason said once it was clear that the punks wouldn't be starting trouble again for a while, "Have you decided what style of martial arts you'd like to study?"

"Hmm…you've all given impressive demonstrations. I'll have to think about it," the young scientist replied.

"Hey Billy!" Ernie called from behind the juice bar, "That broadcast you wanted to watch is about to start!" he pointed at the big screen TV hanging on the back wall above the shelves. There was another one above the exercise equipment area and one in an area with a trio of couches, they all had the same news report on, "Mission to Nemesis About to Arrive!" was scrolling at the bottom of the screen as the reporter began. Billy and his friends went to the juice bar where Ernie gave them their usual drinks and all attention was on the big screens.

"What's this?" Zack asked.

"Shh…let the reporter explain," Kim replied. They all turned to see a young 20-something reporter begin the broadcast:

"After 6 days in space, the crew of the space shuttle Explorer will finally arrive at its destination in the next few minutes, the newly discovered minor planet, Nemesis," the reporter continued, "I'm turning this broadcast to the head of NASA."

"A new planet?" Jason whistled.

"Incredible," Trini said, looking over at Billy who was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. The head of NASA now was on a split screen from the reporter and began his explanation:

"Nemesis has been observed for the past 3 months and from what we know, it's about the same size as Earth's moon, but has a surface and atmosphere similar to that of Mars. The strangest thing about this world is that its orbital plane is almost perfectly perpendicular to the orbits of the other planets in the Solar System, which is why no one has seen it up until recently. Its odd orbit is also how we determined the appropriate name for it. Nemesis's orbit also takes it farther out than any known body in our Solar System; it will only be in Earth's neighborhood for a few days and won't return towards us for about 10,000 years, which is why we're taking this very rare opportunity to send astronauts to this mysterious world. The last time it was around, humanity was just discovering fire and making stone tools."

"Another historical first is that two of the shuttle's crew are also the youngest astronauts in history, only 10 years old. Some critics of NASA question the wisdom of sending children up into space. How do you respond?"

"The children are graduates of Space Camp, in which many children have gone to for several years and endured the same kinds of training that adult astronauts had to go through. This is just the first time said children would be allowed to use that training. Plus children being allowed in space regularly may happen sometime in our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our own children, so this would be a good way to assess how that would work. We have taken every precaution possible, including not allowing the children to leave the shuttle and explore the surface as the two adult astronauts are planning on doing."

"Thank you for your honesty. Now I believe is the time we're turning the broadcast completely over to the Space Shuttle Explorer. Remember that due to the distance between Earth and Nemesis, the broadcast is lagged by a few seconds…"


Meanwhile, in the rocky, uninhabited outskirts of Angel Grove, a building of unknown construction and design sat in one of the higher areas, but was perfectly camouflaged due to its rocky color scheme and shape. There appeared to be no entrances or exits, but within, there was a large pitch back chamber. It was lit only by a series of holographic lights on its domed ceiling that was configured exactly like the night sky, and a hologram of the Sun, Moon, and Nemesis being obviously much larger than the other lights; the computer consoles arranged in a circular formation; four cylindrical towers with circular neon lights running up and down alternating between blue and green placed as corners of a square formation outside the circular formation of the computer consoles; a large white orb on one side of the room just after two of the lit up towers; and large glass-like tube on the exact opposite side of the room from the orb even further from the other two lit up towers which stretched from floor to an indefinable ceiling. A 4 foot tall red robot with a gold saucer-shaped head was panicking and pressing buttons on the computer, "Aye eye eye aye eye! Zordon! It's the humans! It's been 10,000 years! They rediscovered Nemesis! It's the end of the world all over again!" the robot said, red lights running across where its "eyes" would be as he talked. As he said this, a large blue-white head appeared in the large glass tube, the face looked like one that contained all the secrets of the universe, but the eyes had a very haunted look to them. He looked down at the panicky robot.

"Calm yourself Alpha 5," Zordon ordered in an echoing voice, "Show me what is going on in the viewing globe."

"Right Zordon," Alpha replied, pressing a series of buttons. The large white orb displayed the same broadcast that the young people in the juice bar were watching, that the whole world was watching. Every channel on Earth was broadcasting this at once.

"There is no need to panic yet," Zordon said as the reporter said that the Explorer had landed and the two astronauts were starting to walk the surface of the alien world, "Just because Nemesis has been rediscovered, it doesn't mean that Bandora will be released. It is a large world. There is a high probability that they won't even find her prison, but just in case, we have been preparing for this day."

"I just hope we don't have to use that contingency plan…" Alpha replied in a worried tone.


Billy and the others were at the edge of their seat as the two astronauts, already in their space suits, left the shuttle and began to walk the surface of Nemesis, the space shuttle broadcasting everything that was going on.

"This will be a day long remembered," the first astronaut said, "the first time in decades that man has set foot on another world, and our only chance to do so on this world for millennia to come," he looked to his comrade and they began to make observations.

"This is very beautiful. Comparing this world to Mars was right, look at this lovely red desert and pink sky," the second astronaut said, then he turned his camera towards the sky, "Even now, in Nemesis's day time, both the Earth and Moon are clearly visible. What an incredible view."

"Hey…check that out over there," the first astronaut said, pointing a few hundred yards away. There appeared to be an object shining in the desert, "It looks…metallic…I mean artificially so, not like the natural rusted iron that makes up the sand here."

"This is definitely worth checking out," the second astronaut said. Both hopped along in Nemesis's low gravity and as they got closer, they saw the object definitely had to be artificial. It was a short cylinder with a lid, about waist tall but wider than either astronaut even with their suits on, "what is this?" he asked, looking at a lid with a ruby in the center and strange writing around the circumference of the lid.


"What the heck?" Jason asked as everyone saw the same thing the astronauts did. All across the world, people were on the edge of their seats completely silent and awestruck.

"An artificial object on another world that we've only recently discovered," Billy said amazed, smiling with tears in his eyes, "This is definite proof of extraterrestrial intelligence! Do you know what this means to the people of our world?"

"It means that we're not alone…" Trini whispered, her hand just barely covering her mouth.

"This could be really good…or really bad," Zach said.

"I think those guys should get out of there…" Kim looked worried.


"AYE EYE EYE AYE EYE! They found it!" Alpha panicked, "Don't open it! Don't open it!" he screamed at the viewing globe as if the astronauts could hear him. Zordon just continued to stare at in intently, silently praying for the same thing.


"Mission control, this is the Explorer crew. Please advise. What do we do with this object," the first astronaut called into his radio.

"This is mission control. See if you can get it to move. If so, take it back in Explorer's cargo hold."

"Roger that, mission control," the first astronaut said.

"Wow…I know we're supposed to be prepared for anything, but this…" the second astronaut said.

"We've been given our orders. Let's see if we can budge this thing," the first one said, "take the other side I'll take this one," when his partner nodded that he was ready, both astronauts lifted at once, but instead of moving the whole cylinder, the ruby glowed and then the alien writing did as well. The lid popped off and both astronauts stumbled back, landing with their butts to the ground. Then they heard what sounded like laughter coming from the inside, then a bright blue hand grasped the rim from the outside and then the creature pulled himself out. He was bright blue, with a large head and a single horn at the top of it, wearing strange clothing and a knapsack. Then more creatures came out, the second one was even stranger, a thin humanoid covered in black fur, wearing a monocle, with claws at the ends of his fingers and what looked like an extra pair of thin arms from out of his back. A third creature then emerged; this one was pure white, with large pointed ears and a small horn at the end of his nose. He had a goat-like beard and was wearing glasses and of all things, an apron. Then came one of the most threatening creatures either astronaut could imagine. He was wearing golden armor and had black raven-like wings coming out of his back and had glowing red eyes and a face like a gorilla, except that his nose and mouth were extended in a snout and he wielded a large sword. All the astronauts could do was look on in fear and amazement as the bright blue one approached the cylinder again.

"Bandora! Oh Bandora! Come on out Witch Bandora! It's fine!" he said, then he stood back and a final creature emerged. In a way she was the scariest one out of all of them for one reason…she looked the most human out of them. She had what had to be either a pair of very large horns or a very weird hairstyle at the top of her head; it was hard to tell which. She had a very wide metallic collar with small blue triangular cloths at the end of them and she wore what looked like a metallic bra on the outside of her clothes and it was very elongated and pointy. She wore a reddish brown dress and had a long staff with a crescent shape at one end, a thin circle within the crescent, and a large ruby on the inside of the circle and crescent. The woman that creature called Bandora stretched and yawned.

"Ahhh….I've had a good nap," she said in a hauntingly echoed voice, "How long have we been in there?" she asked the others.

"I say it's been millions of years!" the blue creature said in a squeaky voice.

"No way it's been that long, Squatt!" the black creature replied hitting the blue one on the top of his horned head, "It's only been a few hundred."

"You didn't have to hit me Baboo!" Squatt replied.

"Honestly, all you two do is argue," the white creature said in disapproval, he seemed to be the oldest one and if it wasn't for his bizarre appearance, he could be mistaken for a kindly grandfather figure, "It's been exactly 10,000 years," he said to Bandora, bowing respectfully.

"Well I can always count on your figures, Finster," Bandora replied to him, "but to make sure it doesn't happen again…" she pointed her wand at the seal and a red beam of light shot forth, blasting a hole right through it, leaving only a thin ring where a thick lid once stood. Both astronauts were just sitting there, while in the Explorer, the two younger astronauts screamed in fear at the sight.

"What…what are you?" the first astronaut said to Bandora, trying and failing horribly to disguise his fear.

"Ahh…so you two must be the ones who released me…I must thank you properly," Bandora replied, smiling evilly at them. She blew a kiss, but the wind from the breath was stronger than any hurricane and it sent both astronauts flying so high, they left Nemesis and drifted helplessly in space. Bandora laughed again at the plight of the helpless people she doomed so easily and glanced at the earth along with her minions, "Ah, the beautiful Earth.," she said hauntingly, "You shall pay dearly for my millennia of imprisonment. You shall know a terror like no other!" she swore to the sky, thoughts of vengeance filling her soul as she gazed at the blue planet.

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(A/N 2: The elements I added from ZyuRanger in this chapter are the addition of the children astronauts, finding out the fate of the astronauts that released the villains, the change in name from Rita to Bandora, and the fact that Bandora was imprisoned on a fictional planet instead of the Moon. I kept the time of imprisonment of 10,000 years from Power Rangers vs. the 170,000,000 years in Zyuranger. I have a few reasons for this, but I won't reveal them because it will spoil elements of my version of this story. My own two cents in this chapter is the slight changes to the command center and trying to define the Rangers' various martial arts styles more clearly. I hope you liked it.)