The Dream Date

He took a deep breathe, and stepped inside. It felt the same, yet, different. It had been a week since the Trap had fallen. Rory hadn't been in Central Park since. Now, he came to meet with Soka, his almost girlfriend, as Bridget called her. A while back he had a sort of daydream about him and Soka on a date, and now he was gonna make it come true. You see, Soka had never really seen New York even though she had lived there her entire life. Rory assumed that she would probably want to do all the touristy things. Like take a ride on a Circle Line cruise, and see the Statue of Liberty. Maybe even go to Katz's Deli. Although Soka was Munsee… The Katz's Deli could wait. Anyway, after they were done touring he planned to take her on a walk on the beach. He was afraid to think any farther than that.

He slowly emerged into the Munsee camp. Soka sat, talking with her mother. She looked up and smiled as Rory walked over to her.

"So you decided to come visit me?" Soka said. She looked at Rory with her mocking eyes.

"Um, yeah. I thought, you know, that I could show you around New York. Seeing as you've never actually seen much." Rory replied, smiling nervously.

Soka paused and thought for a few seconds. She looked at her mother.

"May I?" Soka asked. Her mother nodded and stood to leave.

"Just be back before midnight." She turned around and left. Soka looked back at Rory.

"Well, where shall we go first?" Rory smiled.

"How about Lady Liberty?" Soka stood up and followed Rory out of the park.


Soka looked around eagerly.

"New York is so amazing!" She said excitedly. Rory smiled. She acted just like a tourist did. New York was pretty cool, but when you lived there and saw everything everyday, well, things just got… normal. "So, how far away is the Statue of Liberty?"

"Actually it's a bit away, but I thought we could talk and…" He paused when he saw a horse drawn carriage ride up to them. No one seemed to be looking at it, not even tourists. Rory figured it was part of Manhatta. "We could take a ride on that."


The carriage ride was more fun than Rory thought. He never really got to ride one before because his family didn't have enough money for it. The driver, who turned out to be the first driver to give a carriage ride in Manhattan, had gladly let them on for free when he realized Rory was the Light. Soka enjoyed the ride as well. She asked a lot of questions about New York. Some of the questions Rory himself didn't know the answers to.

"You know Pretty Nose," Rory looked at her as she spoke. "this is really fun."


Rory and Soka arrived at the Statue of Liberty in no time and quickly hopped on a ferry. They stood at the bow of the ship. Soka was eager to see the statue for the first time. When they came close to it, she gasped.

"Oh wow. It's beautiful." She sighed and leaned closer to Rory. He blushed. This was turning out to be great.


They slowly walked along the beach and gazed out at Jersey City. The sun was setting, almost down, and the sight was breath taking. Rory sighed. It was now or never.

"So, um, Soka," She looked at him. "I was wondering," He paused, not sure if he should do this or not. "I was wondering if you would, would like to be my… girlfriend." He looked away so Soka wouldn't see his blush. He felt her arms wrap around him.

"Oh Pretty Nose. I was afraid you would never ask." She let go and Rory looked at her.

"So, yes?" Soka nodded and smiled. Rory smiled back and grabbed her hand. They walked together holding hands all the way back to Central Park.

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