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Bella's POV

I was in complete shock. Me?! I was set up with Edward?! This god-like creature?! My mouth hung open, still unable to take in the words that just came out of Alice's mouth. I watched her as she skipped over to me, smiling and giggling as she pulled me up off the floor. I still stared at her in shock, but I quickly glanced over to Edward, who was staring at me. I snapped my eyes back towards Alice, feeling my face burn with embarrassment. Alice's face suddenly dropped, her expression looking almost, concerned.

"Come on Bella."

Alice snapped, grabbing my arm and pulling me out the toilet. I looked back to see Jasper approach Edward, placing his hand on his shoulder, but Edward's gaze never broke with mine. All I saw as I stared back was his perfect green eyes, standing out from the darkness of the club. How could this guy fall in love with someone like me?

I was in silence as Alice drove home, my forehead once again pressed against the glass. All I could think about was Edward. He was perfect in every way a human can be perfect. I smiled at the thought, thinking of his beauty during our little, 'love' moment. I sighed, closing my eyes as the experience raced through my head, every single tiny detail of it. I was so caught up in my fantasies, I didn't realise when the car had pulled up to mine and Alice's apartment. I quickly got out, grabbing my shoes off the floor in front of me. As we walked up the staircase, Alice was still in silence. I was confused as to why she was. She had just set me up with the most gorgeous man alive. She quickly unlocked our door and dashed in, chucking her keys onto the counter as she flicked off her shoes. I cocked my head slightly at her, closing the door as my feet touched the soft carpet.

"Bella I'm sorry!"

Alice burst out, looking like she was about to start crying.

"I'm sorry for anything my brother did to you. I mean, I knew he was desperate as well, but I didn't expect him to go that far."

She finally started to cry, using her jacket sleeve to cover her face. I was now, officially confused. I thought this was what she wanted, for me to get laid. I took a step towards her, dropping my shoes on the floor, but she stopped me again.

"Bella, I can't say sorry enough times. I'm gonna call him right now and give him a piece of my mind."

Her tone changed suddenly, from devastated to angry. She grabbed her phone, grabbing the buttons as she searched through her contact list, but before she pressed the call button, I lunged at her. I snatched the phone from her grasp and chucked it onto the bed. She looked up at me in shock.

"Okay Alice, please tell, because you completely lost me back there. What exactly did your brother do wrong?"

I asked, placing my hand on my hip as I stared at her.

"Bella, I'm not a retard. I know what he did to you. I saw your face."

She snarled, reaching for her phone. But before she could even come close to the bed, I grabbed her arm, pulling her back towards me.

"Alice what the fuck are you talking about? It was obvious what we did, but why is that a bad thing?"

Her expression changed once more, this time, confusion crossed her face. I loosened my grip on her arm, letting both her and my arm fall to our sides.

"Wait…are we thinking about the same thing here Bella?"

We stared at each other for a moment, completely lost. I rolled my eyes, finally realising what she meant. I sighed, sitting on her bed. I ran my fingers through my hair, partly in frustration, but mostly because I finally knew what Alice was going on about. I looked back up to her, still seeing her completely lost.

"Alice. He didn't rape me. It was all free will."

I mumbled, giggling as I explained to her.

"Oh thank god."

She gasped, falling onto her bed. I laughed a bit louder, letting my hands fall into my lap. Suddenly I felt Alice's hands on my shoulders as she pulled herself up, smiling widely.

"Oh my god. Bella got some action. FINALLY!"

She jumped up, literally dancing around the room. I raised my eyebrow at her, still smirking. She finally collapsed by my feet, grabbing onto my hands as she gazed up into my eyes.

"Tell me everything! And I know he's my brother, but apparently, he's really crap in bed."

She laughed, and I joined in, knowing that was a lie. Edward was perfect. Just as I was about to open my mouth, Alice interrupted again.

"Wait, wait! Let's have a girly night. It's only 11pm! We can have some chocolate, some drinks and gossip all night."

She was acting like a 10 year old.

"But first, go shower and get into your PJ's. Then, it'll be proper slump party style."

She laughed, jumping off the floor with excitement. Not daring to say no, I wandered over to the bathroom, locking the door as I walked into the well lit room. I sighed, still thinking about Edward as I pulled my dress off and stepped into the warm shower. I lost track of time, not knowing how long I was in the shower for but it was worth every second, because every second, I was thinking about him. His eyes, his muscular body, his lips and the feel of him inside me. It was heaven on earth. I switched off the shower, stepping out and grabbing a towel. As I wrapped it around me, I noticed that it was one of the smaller one, just about covering my body. The towel just barely covered my ass, but I was bothered about that too much. I unlocked the door, walking out into Alice's room but I didn't see her. I looked around the room, not seeing her anywhere, but maybe I was thinking too much of it. She was probably in the kitchen, making some snacks for our 'girly' night.

This towel really was too small. I adjusted it as I walked through her room, headed for the living where I could then get to my room. As half of my towel fell down my body, I continued to walk, grabbing and pulling it up as I strolled through the apartment. Then, to my horror, I saw Alice sat on the sofa, her mouth wide open. And beside her was Jasper and Edward, their expressions exactly the same as Alice's.

I froze in embarrassment, feeling my body exposed as all three of their gazes were glued onto me. Edward was the first to turn away, Jasper seconds behind him. Alice smirked slightly, grabbing one of my hoodies off the laundry pile as she walked towards me.

"Nice timing Bella."

She chuckled, pulling the black hoodie over my head. I felt like punching her. I wrapped the towel around my lower body as my head popped out through the hole.

"Why didn't you tell me they were here?!"

I hissed through my teeth, trying to keep my cool.

"You left your bag at the club."

Edward appeared, holding out my bag. I felt my knees shake as he held out the bag. Why was I feeling like this? I had only hours ago had sex with him, so why was I getting worked up about him seeing me in a towel? I calmed myself even more, taking my bag from Edward's grasp. I shuddered slightly as I touched his cool fingers.


I smiled, tucking the bag under my arm. He smiled back at me, making my knees feel weak once more. I breathed in deeply, about to open my mouth once more, when of course, I was shoved into my room by Alice. She slammed the door shut, pushing me onto my bed.

"Okay. Jasper and Edward are gonna stay over tonight…"


I yelled, loud enough so that Edward and Jasper probably heard.

"Look Bella, chill. I'm going to his parents house tomorrow, and we're gonna leave early. So, it would be easier ya know?"

She smiled, trying to act all cute and innocent.

"And so why is Edward with him?"

I asked, my bitchy side finally becoming obvious. I stood up abruptly, walking over to my dressed. I pulled out my PJ's which consisted of a pair of baggy sweatpants and a tank top.

"Because he wanted to hand deliver your bag back, and he was car sharing with Jasper. So, we are gonna drop him off in the morning."

This had 'Alice' written all over it. Obviously, she wanted me to spend more time with Edward because she thought we were 'right for each other.' I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I walked towards the door. I indicated to Alice with my hand to get out, and she immediately obeyed, skipping out of my room as I opened the door, and I followed close behind. Edward and Jasper were in the exact same places as they were when I went into my room. Alice grabbed Jasper's hand, pulling him up from his seat.

"Well, we are off to bed. We are tired."

She giggled, and within a second, she slammed her bedroom door shut.

"Horny cow."

I grumbled under my breath, looking over to Edward who had obviously heard me once again. I groaned, walking towards the sofa opposite to where he sat. Chucking the pillows off the couch, I tried to pull out the sofa bed but was failing miserably. I grunted as I heard the metal screech and bang, but it suddenly became a lot easier to pull. I looked to my side to see Edward smiling at me, tugging on the sofa as well. I smiled back at him, finally setting up the sofa bed.


I chuckled; him quickly joining in with me. We spent a moment just looking into each other's eyes. There was a silence, but it was a good kind of silence. Snapping out of my little trance, I walked into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of water before I went to bed. I placed the glass under the tap, but I suddenly dropped my glass as I felt a pair of hands touch my hips. I stopped breathing as I felt Edward pull me into his chest.

"I really missed you."

He whispered, biting my ear slightly. I groaned silently, turning around to face him.

"We only just met Edward; you can't be head over heels for me already?"

I asked, smirking as I gazed into his eyes. His embraced tightened as he flashed me a crooked smile, making my knees actually give way. Lucky his grip was so tight, or else I would have fallen flat onto the floor. He released me finally, but grabbed hold of my hand and led me to the living room. He was just about to sit on the sofa, when a slight burst of confidence erupted from me. I kept hold of his hand and led him to my bedroom. He looked shocked, and I think I looked shocked too. What started as a one night stand, had now turned into this…what was this? Before anymore questions could have popped up into my head, I fell backwards onto my bed. Edward watched me, shutting the door as he stalked towards me.

"Bella, by laying on the bed like that, I cannot be held responsible for my actions."

He grinned again, removing his shirt. The light in my room was very dim, but it was just bright enough that I could see every muscle on his beautifully, pale body. I shrugged at his comment, smiling seductively as he crawled on top of me. His eyes were dark now, and full of lust. He hovered over me, looking a bit uneasy as he lowered down into a kiss. What started as a sweet kiss, soon turned into a passionate one. My hands found his hair and my fingers soon tangled into it as I pulled him closer to me. I could feel his breath coming from his nose as he continued to kiss me, obviously indicating that he didn't want this kiss to end. After what seemed like forever, Edward pulled away, keeping his lips only inches away from mine. I felt his cool hands travel down my body and then stopping at my stomach, his fingers tracing circles on the now exposed skin.

"That was a quick recovery."

I whispered, letting my hands drape along his back. I dug my fingernails into him as I did, earning a small groan from him as I did.

"I could say the same for you."

He replied, his voice sounding sexier than ever. I chuckled slightly, but ended up gasping as I felt his cool fingertips scrape across my bare hips. I was quite happy with myself now for the decision of not putting any underwear on when I got out from my shower…

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