Chapter 1 We Meet Again

22 year old Sakura Haruno jumped from tree branch to tree branch as she was on her fifth S ranked in a mouth. She lowered her head as she thought back to that day six long years ago.

Council Room

"Sakura Haruno you have been Naruto Uzumaki's squad mate since you two were genin, correct?" asked Danzo, as he looked at the paper work.

"Yes," said Sakura as she stood at the center of the circulate table with every single council members sitting all around her. Naruto was sitting in a corner with two ANBU standing next to him.

"Ok, have you ever seen him lose control of the Kyuubi?" asked Danzo. "And may I remind you that if you do not speak the truth then you will be banned from the ninja core."

"It's ok Sakura-chan," said Naruto softy from the corner.

"I am so sorry Naruto," said Sakura with pain in her voice. "Yes I have."

Back in the Real World

"Sakura! Pay attention!" yelled Sasuke.

"Sorry," said Sakura

"I will forgive you this time, but next time you will have to spend time in the prisons," said Sasuke as they kept jumping.

"Yeah, forehead. If you just follow Sasuke-kun's orders, you wouldn't have to spend all that time in prison," said Ino.

"Ino, I will never understand why you still call him kun," said Sakura.

"And I will never understand why you stopped trying to get him. I mean he is the strongest ninja in our village." said Ino

"Also the coldest and cruelest," said Sakura before she thought back to that day.

"Naruto Uzumaki you have been found to be a threat to this village and also found to be the person who drove the Uchiha away," said Danzo

"But I brought him back!"

"Almost dead," said Hiashi Hyuga.

"As punishment, you are sentence to death," said Danzo, as Naruto's eyes widened.

"No, you are not!" yelled Tsundae as she burst through the door.

"Yes, Tsunade we are serious," said Danzo as he stood up and looked at the very angry woman.

"No! As Hokage, I over rule your death sentence," Said Tsunade.

"Then you leave us no choose," said Danzo, "as of this moment, Lady Tsunade, you are removed from the Hokage's positions!"

"I do not care about that. I hated that job but my final order still stands," said Tsunade as the ANBU stepped away from Naruto.

"Ok then," said Danzo, "as my first order as the 6th Hokage, I order the death of Naruto Uzumaki!"

As fast as a lightening, Tsunade spun around and punched the two ANBU so hard in the face that it broke their masks "NARUTO RUN! I WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS! JUST GET OUT OF THIS VILLAGE AND SOMEWHERE SAFE!"

Naruto had gotten away safely and had disappeared; the only thing that they found was his headband. As for her master, she was made into an example of to those who would stand against the new Hokage. Her head was cut off in front of the whole village and different body parts was sent to each gate as a sign to all whom ruled this village. Danzo ruled with an iron fist that knew no mercy and only death. He started his rule by taking every orphan and train them to be Root ANBU members. He did away with the Ninja schools and had the kids learne on the battlefield. Also, if anyone refused a mission for any reason, they were sent to one of the many prisons until they are taught the error of their ways. Sakura had to spend a year in prison because she spoke out against Tsunade's death and Naruto's exultation order. "The only reason they let me out is because they need someone to run the hospitals after Shizune disappeared. Also, there is the fact that they will kill my parents if I disobey them," thought Sakura as the three of them stopped in a large tree overlooking a small farming village of maybe a dozen houses and some barns.

"Ok, the of two you know the mission," said the head of the ANBU, Sasuke Uchiha, dressed in the standard ANBU uniform: all black minus the mask.

"Yes Sasuke-kun." said Ino.

"Sakura, remember. If you disobey my orders, your parents and your new baby brother dies," said Sasuke, as Sakura looked down as her thoughts are filled with images of her five year old brother. She found out about him after he was born because she had spent her mother's pregnancy in a cold wet prison cell chained to wall. When she finally got home, she found her mother holding a five month old red haired boy in her arms.

"I will follow your orders,." as she looked at the ground.

"Now then. Let's make an example of this village so that the others will pay their protection money," said Sasuke, as the three of them headed toward the village, just as a thunderstorm started to flash across the night sky.

"Your total is six dollar and twenty cents," said the food stand owner as he handed the food and drink over to the man as the hard rain came through the holes in the old roof.

"Here," said the man as he put the money on the table.

"Sir, this is a hundred," said the stand owner and cook.

"Keep it. Looks like this village could use some help."

"Yeah, our crops have been failing for three straight years now. We barely have the food to feed ourselves, yet alone sell anything," said the owner as he sat down across from the man.

"I see," said the man as he slowly started to eat somehow, through the dark mask that covered the lower part of his face. The stranger had a black hooded cloak with a white sign on its back shaped like the letter W but with the center point a lot higher than the others. Also, around the sign was a white circle. The man's eyes were covered up by dark glasses and covered the distance between the mask and the hood. The cloak covered his body except for the heavy dark grey boots. Around his waist was his katana.

"I am guessing you're a wondering ninja," said the owner.

"No, I am just a ninja very far from home," said the man before looking at the man "and let's leave it at that."

"No argument but I should warn you that the Fire country is not that safe for traveling. The Hokage is demanding pay for being in their land, money for their protection, and the use of his land," said the owner before lowering his head "I wish the 5th Hokage was still alive."

"Well I am only passing through to wind country to give a message to the Kazekage."

"I see but Wind country is in worst shape then us. They had to give the land to the Hokage or else they wouldn't get any food after the earthquakes that rocked the area," said the owner.

"I see," said the man as he drank some tea through the mask, "so the Hokage is that power hungry."

"You have no idea. With the sound gone, the recent earthquakes in earth and wind country and the storms in water country are destroying all three countries' economy. Fire and Cloud are the power houses and the Hokage wants it all." said the owner.

"Yes, it has been a few bad years," said the man.

"That is in understatement," said the owner as the man stood up.

"Thanks for the meal. Also, you might as well close the shop because I can sense that there are three ninjas coming this way. Don't worry, I will take care of them," said the man as he walked into the muddle street, just as lightening filled the sky. He stood there waiting as three figures walked into the street.

"Well, hello there," said Sasuke as he walked up to the man. Who stood a good six inches taller than him as the ice cold rain just kept pouring down.

"Leave now. I have heard what ninjas from your village are doing and I will not allow it to continue," said the man.

"Isn't he funny Sakura. This person thinks he can stop me," said Sasuke with a grin as Sakura stayed stone faced, "I asked you a question woman and you better answer it now."

"I do not know sir. He is an unknown so we have no clue what he is capable of," said Sakura and as fast as lightening, Sasuke punched her so hard that everyone could hear the sound of Sakura's jaw breaking as Sakura fell into the mud.

"I am an Uchiha and that is all you need to know. Just for that, you are spending a week in the prison," said Sasuke as Sakura placed her hand against her jaw as she started to heal the break.

"Since I'm going to jail, I just want to say this you snake. You are without a doubt the most evil, heartless son of a bitch on the face of this earth," said Sakura as she stood back up only to be sent flying back into the mud.

"Make it two,. you demon lover. You will never get over the fact that the dobe is gone and that you never told him that you love him," said Sasuke as he spat on Sakura's head as she started to cry into the mud, "Loser."

"So this is how you take care of your own," said the man as he looked at Sasuke before turning his gaze to Sakura. "Are you alright?"

"Look at me you worthless man. I am the one who you have to worry about!." Sasuke yelled as he finished and felt the wind get knocked out of him and saw that the man's gloved fist him in the gut.

"I am not talking to you. So shut up."The man removed his fist causing Sasuke to fall to his knees. His eyes rolled back in his head before passing out. Ino tried to attack but she too found herself in the mud beside him. Slowly, the man walked over to Sakura and knelt down next to her and leaned into her ear before whispering in Sakura ear. "Are you alright Sakura-chan?"

Sakura's tears filled eyes shot open as the rain picked up. "It can't be!"

"Sakura-chan please do not tell speak yet but it is me, Naruto." He placed a quick illusion jutsu over the area so that only Sakura could see him. He slowly removed his glasses, which showed his bright blue eyes and pulled the mask down to show his face that held his whiskered cheeks.

"It's him! Thank God it's him!" Thought Sakura.

"Yes! We are finally going to be safe from all those mindless drones of Danzo. Naruto-kun will be able to save us all!" Yelled Inner Sakura as she jumped for joy.

"Don't worry. If you want, I will get you somewhere safe," said Naruto as Sakura lowered her head.

"I wish I could go with you Naruto-kun but I can't. If I leave, they will kill my parents and my baby brother. I love you Naruto-kun, but I can't let my family die." said Sakura.

"I understand Sakura-chan," said Naruto with a smile before his face became serious, "don't worry Sakura-chan. I will get you out and keep your family safe at the same time. I will be back in fire country in less than a week and send you a message when it is time."

"Thanks Naruto-kun," she said before Naruto put his mask and glasses back on.

"Now Sakura-chan, do you think you can carry these two back to the village? It should help you get out of the snakes prison," said Naruto as he stood back up and dispelled the jutsu, "now, leave before I decide to kill you all!" He yelled, incase Ino or Sasuke started to wake up. Sakura formed two shadow clones and took Ino and Sasuke into her arms. It took all her will to jump away from Naruto as her inner self kept yelling to go back and be with Naruto. Naruto just stood there for a moment letting the pouring rain hit his body. Slowly, he walked toward wind country.

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