Chapter 40 The World has Changed.

Temari stood by at the docks of the moon village as the a majority of the Ice Nation fleet returned. Only a few ships stayed behind with the forces that now controlled the Leaf Village. Slowly the flagship docked and the ramp was lowered and standing there waiting for the ramp of her husband.

Quickly Shikamaru walked down the ramp and hugged his pregnant wife. "I am back." Said Shikamaru, Temari didn't say anything she just hugged her husband.

"Hello Dad." said the eight year old Aemi as she smiled at her dad. She looked just like her mother except for having her father's black hair.

"Hello Aemi." said Shikamaru as he smiled at his daughter. "I have a few people you have never seen before."

Aemi and Temari looked up to the ship to see a man standing there with red hair and a giant gourd on his back. "Gaara?" asked Temari with a smile as the man nodded his head.

"Wait as in Uncle Gaara?" asked Aemi

"Yes, little one." said Gaara as she walked down the steps to the sister he hasn't seen in over 10 years.

"You haven't changed a bit Gaara." said Temari

"Everything changed Temari, I only sorry Kankuro couldn't make it but he has to make sure everything is going well in the Leaf." said Gaara "However you are all invited to come to the Sand anytime."

"We will take you up on your offer after our son is born." said Temari

"Son?" asked Shikamaru

"Yes, the tests say it's a boy." said Temari

"Ya, Dad you don't have to deal with another troublesome daughter." said Aemi with a grin.

"Gaara do you plan to stay for a while?" asked Temari

"A couple of days while I talk over with Naruto about how to deal with rebuilding the nations and how to keep the Leaf in check so that they don't try anything like this again." said Gaara

"Well getting the head clans out of there would be a start." said Temari

"Ya and that is done." said Shikamaru "Naruto has set up that 5 clans have five seats on the council that rotate every 5 years with other council level clans while the other five plus the head of the council is voted on by the people of the village."

"So like the set up in the Ice?" asked Temari

"Ya, we couldn't take away all there power because like it our not they still have a lot of power that could be used to start another war." said Shikamaru

"However if they start to rise up we crush them right away." said Gaara

"And I trust Kiba with the Hokage job." said Shikamaru

"We will see." said Temari

Time moved faster then Naruto would have liked and now the war had been over for almost four six. His daughter Kushina was now only a year away form becoming a ninja herself and his son Minato was becoming more and more like him everyday. However at the moment Naruto had something else on his mind. Namely his 22 year old adopted daughter Katara Uchiha. Like she had promised once she was 18 she took the Uchiha name however that didn't last long. Considering an hour ago she had married Reiji Haruno. At the moment the new married couple danced across the floor of the hall.

"So Naruto are you still worried that they will break up now?" asked Sakura joking as Naruto shook his head.

"No, they seam very happy." said Naruto as he watched Katara place her head on Reiji's chest as they danced their first dance as a married couple.

"You do realize that they in a few years they will be the same age we where when we had Kushina, are you ready to be a grandpa?" asked Sakura

"Not really but I will cross the bridge when I get there." said Naruto "I am more worried about finding a jonnin instructor for Kushina."

"Ya, that makes me feel old." said Sakura as she looked toward one of the side tables where Kushina was laughing it up with a few of her friends and even a few boys.

"Well we are…"

"If you finish that sentence Naruto-kun I will beat you senseless the moment we get home." snapped Sakura before she went back to drinking her wine as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile at another table Saito sat there trying not to think about what his sister and best friend where going to do tonight. He tried hard to forget the time he got home from a solo mission early to find a black bra under the couch of the apartment he and Reiji shared. Saito then went off to beat Reiji into a pulp only to find out he and Katara where now engaged.

"Saito-kun is something wrong?" asked a brown hair woman around their age.

"I am fine." said Saito to his fiancé and Katara's best female friend Ava. Ava was a medical ninja and was actually one of Sakura's top students. "I guess I am just accepting the fact that my sister doesn't need my protection anymore."

"Well considering she is an ANBU squad captain and beat you in that training fight last month." said Ava as Saito glared at her as Ava bruised his pride just a bit. "Besides she did marry your best friend and I know he would never hurt her."

"Ya." said Saito

"Now since we both lost roommates do you want to move together?" asked Ava with a grin.

"Sure but you are telling your parents, I don't want to cross your dad." said Saito as Ava laughed.

"Sure, just make sure to pick your room up." said Ava with a wink that sent a shiver down Saito's back.

On the dance floor the first song was coming to an end. Katara as nuzzled into the soft spot of Reiji's neck. To almost everyone else she was the strong nosed, hard line, female ninja that could take down almost anyone including her husband; there was even talk about her becoming the village Kage whenever Naruto decided to step down. However that same woman who could kill on the battlefield with easy could become helpless from a single touch from the love of her life. She could let her defense down around him and he did the same around her.

"I kept thinking that Saito will jump us, Katara." said Reiji as he kept dancing.

"Don't worry Mr. Haruno I asked Ava to keep him busy." said Katara with a small grin as Reiji smiled.

"Did I ever say how much I love you Mrs. Haruno?" asked Reiji as Katara smiled as she heard her new last name.

"I love you Reiji-kun." said Katara

"And I love you Katara." said Reiji as the song came to an end as they kissed again. The crowed clapped as they kissed. Both of them knew that as ninjas they had a tough life ahead of them with a lot of deaths and struggles. However they would face it together.

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