Gaara bent over more, trying to hide from his siblings' searching hands.

"Gaara?" Temari said, with a devilish smile. "Get your butt over here!"

Gaara subconciously shook his head. Big mistake! The pillow on his head fell off, and Temari grabbed him by the back collar of his shirt.

"Gaara, today is your birthday and we plan on celebrating it. Not spending the whole day searching for you." She scolded as she pulled him down the stairs and into the front room on his back.

He groaned. It was always like this during his birthday. First, he hides. Next, Temari finds him. Third, He goes through an embarrasing birthday party, and everyone leaves.

Temari laughed and said, "Gaara, we are going to a dance! Non-formal. You will be the center of attention, Gaara."

"No! No! NO!" Gaara screamed wiggling in Temari's death grip.

"Oh! Baby brother! Lets go!" Temari said, poking his forehead and leaping through the streets.

At the party

Gaara walked, well, was dragged into the place where his birthday party was being held.

He sweatdropped. The place was like it was from the 70's! A disco ball and all that jazz! The music was also weird! What was worse was that Temari had dressed him like it, too.

"Drop the banner!" Temari instructed.

Gaara almost fell over. The banner read in big bold letters:

Gaara of the Funk!