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I hopped out of the cab quickly and walked up to the passenger door window. A scrawny girl of fifteen stared back at me with her green- gold eyes before the reflection disappeared as the window unrolled.

A bushy black haired guy held out his hand and looked at the meter protruding out of the dashboard. "Thirty four dollars and twenty nine cents." The man sighed as if he had said something like this a thousand times. I slipped my purse off my shoulder and opened it.

The man watched me rummage around and smiled as I pulled out my tattered wallet. I folded open the black leather and pulled out a ruffled looking fifty dollar bill. The man raised an eyebrow as he handed me my change before popping the trunk.

I smiled at him and walked back to the trunk. I grunted as I attempted to heave out the simple black suitcase and sighed as it hit the ground. 'How am I ever going to carry this.' I thought groaning as I slammed the trunk lid back down. The dark man took one last glance at me before driving off.

I turned to look at the prestigious looking gates in front of me.

"So this is Cross Academy huh?" I mumbled. I stretched and watched the sun as it began to dip between the trees, turning the sky golden behind it. I sighed and began dragging the suitcase behind me towards the gate.

I reached it and attempted to shove myself into it, hoping it would open. It didn't. I yelped as one of the metal spokes jabbed my lower back in retaliation. I backed away from the gate slightly as I rubbed the spot and scowled at the black metal. I then walked over to the right side of the gate where it melted into the cream colored bricks. I scanned the side for any kind of doorbell like thing, Then I ran over to the right side and did the same.

'Great, no doorbell. How am I supposed to get in?' I looked left, then right and then sucked in a deep breath.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?" I shouted feeling insanely stupid.

"Ah! Sorry, I'll open the gates right away!" I heard a high kind sounding voice call back. My eyebrows shot up. I hadn't actually expected anyone to answer. I heard a jingling noise and turned to see a bouncy brown haired girl about my age fitting a key into the gates lock.

"I'm sooo sorry!" She gushed as I walked over to the gate. "I completely forgot we were getting a new student, I was just so busy, you are so lucky I was walking by." I smiled at her as she pushed the gate open.

"That's okay." The girl smiled back at me.

'Such a pretty smile...'

"Alright, as a new student you will have to register with Chairman Cross first. Do you have any luggage?" I pointed to the large suitcase sitting innocently a few feet from me.

"Okay, let me help you then." The girl's face took on a determined look as she marched towards the black hump.

"Ah!" I cried out as she attempted to heave the suitcase. Nothing happened. She frowned and pulled again, tugging with all of her strength. I caught sight of the white armband hugging the black sleeve of her uniform.

"Miss prefect... san, it's really heavy, perhaps we should get someone else to..."

"No!" She cut me off still wearing that determined look, then she smiled at me.

"I can do it. It's my job as a prefect!" I watched as she continued to tug uselessly on the suitcase.

"Miss prefect-san," I tried again.

"I'm fine, I'll get it." She grunted back. I looked at her exasperatedly. At this rate we would be here all night. I didn't like that thought. Suddenly I heard a gruff voice coming from the gate.

"Who left this open? What if the night class got out?" I turned to see a silver haired boy leaning against the open gate. He glanced at me then turned to Miss prefect. I looked him over and saw the same armband wrapped around his upper arm.

"Um, Mister prefect-san?" He ignored me and trudged over to Miss prefect's side. She continued to yank on the suitcases handle as he stared at her. He coughed slightly and she turned her head, and glared at him. He stared back at her with a slightly irked look.

"Can't you even do this Yuuki?" He asked her. She seemed to explode.

"Well, maybe if you just came and helped me I wouldn't have to do this!"

I took a few steps back from them as they bickered. I glanced at the sun and saw it was noticeably lower. I sucked in a few deep breaths to gather my courage.

"Um, prefect-sans?" I pushed out in a small voice.

"What." Both of there heads snapped towards me, they both looked rather irritated at having their argument interrupted. I prayed I wasn't murdered.

"Sh-shouldn't we head in." I swallowed. "I-it's getting rather late." I pointed shakily to the setting sun.

"Ah." They glanced at me, then each other. The brown haired one walked towards me and grasped my hand.

"I'm sorry. My name is Yuuki Cross, I will take you to the Chairman." She smiled as if the argument had never happened. I eyed her suspiciously.

"That guy over there," She pointed to the gangly silver haired guy. He seemed annoyed at being referred to as 'that guy.' "is Zero Kiryuu, he," She gave Zero the 'look.' "Will take your luggage to your room." Zero took on an uninterested look and heaved up the suitcase. Yuuki tugged gently on my hand and pulled me towards the gate.

"Ah, thats right I don't believe I know your name." I looked at the well kept lawn behind the gate as I answered.

"Ann Harthridge."

Yuuki glanced at me from the corner of her eye. "Oh! You're the transfer student the Chairman is so exited about! You came all the way from England right?"

I nodded as we stepped through the gate.

"KYAAAAA! IDOL-SENPAI!!!!" I nearly did a three sixty as the scream hit my ears. I turned to see a rather large looking horde of girls crowding around a gate with a iron moon on top. Yuuki grimaced.

"Oh, that time already." She turned to me clapped her hands together and bowed.

"I'm sorry Ann-san! I have to go perform one of my duties, would you mind staying here for a few minutes?" I shook my head and she walked off towards the screaming group. I looked around and saw a large building, more like a castle if anything. I wondered if that was where I would have my lessons. The screams got louder and I turned my head back towards the group. A gust of wind blew towards them and pulled my hair into my face. I struggled to push back the unruly strawberry blond locks. I shoved the last strand behind my ear and looked at the white clad students making their way down the cobble path.

The black clad girls, now all lined up on the sides began shouting to the students. "Kyaa! Kaname-sama!" "Waaa! Kain-sempai!" I wrinkled my nose. It was going to take me awhile to get used to all of the Japanese suffixes, flawless at the language or not.

I took a closer look at the white clad students. The guys were amazing. I wouldn't have been surprised of they were all models. But they were only that. My mood dropped instantly, I knew what I should have felt. I should have been smitten with one of them instantly. The crowd of girls behind them told me that. But I wasn't.

I had never had a 'crush' or 'first love.' As ridiculous as it sounded, I didn't know how to love.

'Maybe I don't have love.'

I had had that thought so many times, and I half believed it. I turned away from the oncoming white students and stared at a tree in the distance instead, trying to hold back tears.

'Idiot.' I told myself. 'Why do you care? So what if you find no interest in guys?' I hiccuped. "So what?" I whispered under my breath.

"Ann-san!" I heard Yuuki yell from behind. I forced myself to calm down. 'Breathe Ann, breathe.' Yuuki came up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder.


I forced myself to smile as I turned towards her.

"Good. Follow me." She started walking and I followed her, keeping my thoughts on the school.


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