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The door opens again, slams. I don't know how many times it's been now, I stopped counting around fifteen. A voice calls up the stairs, and rapid-fire footsteps follow it down. Voices drift up at me "I know, mom,".

A new family moving in. I smile to myself. This house has been empty entirely too long. I'm a little bit strange in that way, that I actually enjoy it when our house is full. Most of us welcome the silence, the emptiness of a vacant house. My mother, for instance. She loved the silence, the emptiness, just me and her. That is, if she loved anything anymore. I guess, in general, most of us are a pretty sullen, brooding bunch. With mother, it's worrying. But not me.

Maybe it's that I don't know why I'm here. I have nothing in me that I've been holding onto. Sure, it can get boring, but that's why I like it when families move in. Mother says I'm immature, and really, she's probably right.

There's three of them in this family. A mother and a father, and a teenage girl. They're pleased to have this lovely house, and happy that their daughter seems to be adjusting so well. She's about my age, small and slender, with long brown hair and oddly deep brown eyes. That's all I know about her, though. Ever since the time of my death, I've had the advantage of knowing what everyone around me - human and spirit - was thinking. According to others I've talked to, some of us have these enhanced abilities, things that we were sensitive to when we were human, say, which is why I can read minds. But not this girl's. It's odd.

They were all moved in by late evening, and they were sitting in the kitchen, eating, while I hung out in my room. The one room the humans have never touched. Mother was somewhere above the roof. She's tied to this house, because of me, even if she won't admit it out loud. But it makes her sad to be in it, especially when it is full of life, as now.

I was just in the room, waiting for night to fall, and gazing at my piano, the one thing I really miss about being human, when I head the girl with the silent mind and the deceptively communicative eyes say something to her parents, "I'm going to go and look around the top floor before bed, 'kay Mom?"

I drifted out through the door as I heard her coming up the stairs. I made sure I was invisible, though. I didn't want her to see me, not yet at least. She, or possibly her parents would see me, though. It was one thing I liked about people in the house. Playing with them. While eternity without a way out had made many of us bitter, it had just caused me to get very bored, and therefore develop a (albeit quite childish) sense of humor. Whenever new people moved in, I always let them see me. But it worked best when the mind was weak - either the person was very tired, or slightly inebriated. That way, they couldn't be sure if what they were seeing was real, and it was often very entertaining to watch, and listen to. Mother thought it childish, but, regardless, as the girl came up the stairs, she couldn't see me waiting at the end of the hall.

As she emerged into the hallway, I realized that this was the first time I had seen the girl(I still did not know her name) with my own eyes, rather than through the minds of her parents.

As I looked at her, I was struck by something that I hadn't seen when looking through other's eyes. She was small, short and slight, and her skin seemed almost transparent - her whole appearance screamed delicate! However, if I looked closer, beyond the immediately obvious, at the way she held herself, say, I noticed more than that. She looked, not determined, exactly, but strong in some other way than physically. It was interesting, and I found myself wishing that I could see into her mind.

As I watched her, I again felt the need to see into her head, see her motivations, as she walked through the upstairs, looking into all the rooms. Perhaps she was simply getting to know the house, but I did not like guesswork. I wanted to know.

She neared the end of her little tour as I was contemplating this, and spotted the door. The extra door, the one to my piano room. She looked confused when she realized that it was there, taking in the old, outdated and rusty hardware. She eagerly reached for the door - she was. . . curious, and her face fell when she realized the handle wouldn't turn.

I watched as she headed back down the stairs, and heard her question her father about it before she came back up. Because I was listening closely, I caught her name. Bella. Beautiful. It fit her.

When she came up the stairs again, she turned, almost involuntarily, and stared at the door for a moment before she turned back. And the glimpse of her face, it was an interesting expression. Determined. For what felt like the thousandth time tonight, I wondered why.

After staring at the door for a few seconds, she gave her head a peculiar little shake, and then headed into what I presumed was her bedroom. I realized with a little jolt that it was my bedroom. Or had been, when I had really lived here.

Later that night, I found myself ghosting - ha, ghosting - back into Bella's room. It didn't exactly make sense. Usually, I only appeared to one member of the family, and not children - their reactions weren't as fun - so she did fit that. But the part I enjoyed most was hearing the reactions - in the person's mind, the things that they would not dare to say aloud. So it didn't make sense, I realized, as I floated through her doorway - because I wouldn't get that with her, but yet I still did. I floated to her window, and settled into the window seat there. Of course, I wasn't actually sitting - I can't make contact with anything of the living world - but I positioned myself just a few scant millimeters from the surface of it, in a posture that looked like I was sitting, and waited.

I knew she would wake eventually. They always did. Somehow, I guessed, they could sense my presence in sleep, and it woke them. But, while I was waiting, I watched. It was surprisingly fascinating to watch Bella sleep, and to try and catch the things she mumbled. I heard "door" a few times. So she was still thinking about it, then.

About an hour after I positioned myself, she woke. It was not slow, but abrupt, as if she had set an alarm. She opened her eyes first, and looked around her, disoriented. Then she sat up, and for a minute she didn't react at all, but then she seemed to realize what she was seeing. I wasn't looking towards her, but I could see her reflection in the window.

This, her waking up, was usually my cue to leave, to become invisible and disappear, but instead, I turned towards her, wanting to really see her face. It was shocked and confused, a similar look to what I had seen on her face faced with that locked door. On a whim, I got up from the bench, and mimed walking (although I was really floating), out her door, down the hall, and to the door of my room. I paused, turning to make sure she was watching - she was, and stepped through the door.

I waited in the room, but it was several minutes before I finally heard her footsteps go back into her bedroom.

I let myself float out through the ceiling, and stayed there, staring at the stars. I was sure I had given her plenty to think about, but I realized that my mind was probably just as full - of her.

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