Title: Epic

Rating: K

Summary: Futurefic… OS, LoVe Of Course

Spoilers: All 3 Seasons

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This is my first VM story, but not my first story. It is also my first in english so please forgive my english. Yeah, I'm French !

It is inspired of Sleep from Blueshabooties

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She was sleeping, peacefully. He was watching her breathing, in and out. In and out. He used to do it a lot when he couldn't sleep. She was his everything. She meant the world to him. He didn't know what he would do without her.

At the end of freshman year, when she told him she wanted him out of her life, he felt desperate. He had already beaten Piz up, but when he heard that Gorya Dude talk to her like that, he couldn't bear it, so he attacked him despite what she told him about being connected, connected, turns out he was very connected connected. He spent 2 months in hospital one month into sophomore year. That moment was burnt in his memory forever, that's when she got back to him, telling him how much she missed him. She spent weeks with him in reeducation. She told him later that she realised that she would never feel the way she felt with him, with Piz. But he took off to South America with Dick who'd gotten fed up with his dad.

They've gone on with their lives. Dick and Logan took business as their major, Veronica declared a double major Criminology and Psychology and Wallace Engineering. Logan and Veronica got back together at the end of sophomore year. Years passed by, and surprisingly, they all graduated from Hearst.

At graduation, while Veronica was giving a speech for her class, Logan went on stage and proposed to her. She was speechless, but nonetheless said Yes. He had been planning to propose for over a month waiting to find the perfect occasion. He brought back the speech he made when he was drunk at alterna-Prom. He told her she was his everything, his other half. After graduation, He started producing some shows and she started her training at Quantico. He never approved, but it was her choice.

Dick surprised everyone when he told everybody he was dating Parker for over 3 months now.

Mac gave Max an ultimatum, either he was going back to school, and get out of the hole that he made in his room or she'd dump him. Turns out Max valued more Mac than money. He went back and kept a little of his business. He also changed his major, making it a double, Philosophy and business.

After finishing school, Mac joined the FBI along with Veronica but never went on the field.

Logan and Veronica moved in together soon after graduation in a nice little house that Logan had bought.

From that moment on, he always tried to fall asleep the last so he could watch her sleep. He would then pull his arm tighter around her, enjoying the feel of her warm back against his chest smelling her beautiful blond hair. The smell he would forever associate her with. Then he would finally fall asleep, knowing that she was there, with him, that he wasn't out of her life.

After a while, they had started to talk about babies, making plans for far ahead in their lives. She told him she wanted to have kids some day, but that she wasn't ready yet. He told her he felt the same way

.oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo.

Now, as he looks down at her, those memories seem forever ago. He gently brushes his hand over hers. His other hand is holding the engagement ring.

He wanted to give it back to her.

"Logan," a quiet voice called him, dragging him out of his train of thoughts.

He turned toward the door and stared up into Keith Mars' red-rimmed eyes.

"The doctors should be in here any minute." Logan nodded and turned back to gaze onto her pale face, trying to ignore the respirator. Veronica always used to tell him that she hated when he was right because he would wear this self-satisfied smirk that pissed her off to no end. He told her that she just could not deal with being wrong, and then he smirked as he walked away.

For once in his life, he wished he had been wrong.

Eventually, what had to happen happened. Epic isn't really Epic if there isn't a little bloodshed.

They argued.

They yelled.

They fought.

Logan wanted her to quit her job, or at least to quit the field job, and ask for a desk job at the agency. He said that it was too dangerous, especially after her last wound. They weren't in High school anymore or college for that matter. She wasn't chasing after lost dogs, or some cheap poker thief. He told her he couldn't take it, wondering each time if she'd get back home safe.

She didn't want to listen. She yelled at him that he wanted to control her. She had worked so hard to get where she was. She moved out of the house, and moved in with Mac.

They stayed apart for 8 months. She even returned the engagement ring. He hadn't gotten a chance to give it back to her yet. Finally they gave in, in a night of passion. After that, she told she wanted to take things slow. So they started dating. He won her a Teddy Bear « I Love You Beary Much ».

The call came in about six weeks after they've gotten back together.

He broke every speed limit on his way. He was surprised that he didn't get pulled over by the cops, not that he wouldn't have kept going on until he was arrested.

She was in the middle of surgery when he finally arrived. They told him she and her partner had been chasing a suspect. He shot at them and hit her. She was alive, but there was a bullet in her brain. They said the next few hours were decisive. They were doubtful at her chances of survival, but she pulled through.

She survived the night. Then the doctor told him she was six weeks pregnant. He realized at that moment what she had wanted to talk to him about on a Friday afternoon at 2 pm.

They put her in a medical induced coma, so that her brain could heal. But they had yet to see a sign of brain function.

They waited for her to show them that she was still here. As the weeks passed by, her chances of ever waking up were disappearing. Visitors came and went. Wallace, Mac, Weevil, Piz, Parker, her coworkers, and various people she had helped over the years. Even Dick, which had come to grow fond of hers. Logan and Keith barely left, leaving her side only to eat and change clothes.

After five months of not knowing, they had lost hope to ever see her open her eyes. The doctors were positive. There was no chance she was going to wake up. She was brain dead.

Logan slipped the ring onto her finger. She had always complained that it was too big, too flashy, but sometimes he found her staring at the ring with a dreamy expression on her, like the girly girl he knew was inside resurfaced. They were supposed to get married within the month if it wasn't for that fight.

He stayed at her bedside, watching her belly grow as the months went by. But he couldn't do it anymore.

Now was the time to say goodbye.

He kissed her.

- 'Do you remember when I once told you our love was Epic ? Bloodshed and ruined lives? I never meant yours. I love you Veronica so much, and I always will. This is my last chance to say goodbye, and you know I've never been good with goodbyes. The doctors said that our baby girl is ready to meet the world. But for that they gonna have to let you go. They were a lot of things that were taken away from me over the years, but you, you being taken away from is like my heart is torn out of my body and it hurts like hell and I don't think I can survive without you. I'm sorry for all the time I wasn't there, but please wake up, prove the doctors wrong, don't let them kill you, come back to me, please. I can't do anything without you.'

He watched her. Waiting for a reaction that didn't came. Then he walked out the door. Away from Keith. Away from the rhythmic beeping which monitored the heart that belonged to him. Away from the white walls.

.oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo.

Keith and him were in the waiting room when the doctor came.

« Would you like to meet your daughter ? » He asked Logan.

Then he brought them to the nursery, He took the small baby from the craddle and put her in the arms of Logan. He watched her with fascination as his baby girl opened her eyes. They were blue, just like Veronica's. And maybe, Veronica didn't die after all. She was alive. She was alive in the small baby he was holding.

« Hey there Baby Veronica. I'm your Daddy, and this is your grand daddy. » He said, gesturing to Keith.

And this how Veronica Lynn Mars Echolls came into this world.

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