Title: Epic

Rating: K

Summary: Futurefic… LoVe Of Course. Epic isn't really Epic if there isn't a little bloodshed. They argued. They yelled. But they loved each other.

Spoilers: All 3 Seasons

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the characters I create.

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-"What did the boss wanted to talk to you about?" Jason asked.

-"Oh you know, stuff, how was I dealing with everything, and the situation being personal.

- I'm sorry; I keep forgetting you lost your Dad to the Sorokins.

- It's okay, I mean, it's been seven years already. But I don't want to talk about it, so let's go see doctors, and get 'em to check your head while they're at it!" She joked, meaning for Jason to drop the matter, which he gladly did.

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- "Clear!" She heard them first, she thought she was going to die, but she was still here. She held her son closely, wanting to be left alone and alive.

- "Clear!" She heard the second man, and hope they were here to save her.

-"M'am, are you OK?" She slowly lifted her head, and her eyes met a man dressed in bulletproof vest with the capital letters written on it. She saw it and knew she'd be safe now. FBI, three letters and she could breathe again.

- "I think I'm alright" She heard her son whimper, and slowly lifted him up. "Danny, are you hurt?" She saw him nod, she felt relief and so did her son.

- "M'am, you need to come with us to be defriefed.

- Wait, my husband works for the FBI too, can he debrief me? I haven't seen him in a long time.

- I'm sorry Mrs Balmer, we can't do that. You'll know more after everything is done.

.oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo.

Wallace opened the door slowly, kept the lock on, just in case.

- "Who are you? And what do you want?

- My name is Tom Walker, I'm agent Mars' boss. I need to talk to McKenzie right away, it's a matter of life and death.

- Show me your ID."

Wallace took a look at the ID, then closed the door again, and turned to Mac who was standing right next to him.

- "It's him, he's the real deal, let him in.

- Hello McKenzie, how are you?" Walker asked with a sad smile.

- "Im fine sir, but do you mind if I ask you what you are doing here?"

- "Can I sit? It's a pretty long story.

- Yes, of course, have a sit. Is it okay if Wallace stayed ?

- Do you trust him?

- Yes, absolutely, and he's Veronica's best friend, he's trustworthy.

- Alright, then. Well, you remember how the team was formed?" She nodded. "Pat and I had been friends since the academy and…"

He told the entire story of what he knew and what he suspected. He shared confidential information. Mac told him she was in contact with Keith, and from there, they created a plan to bring them back safely.

.oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo.

- "We're gonna land is less than 20 minutes."

Logan started fidgeting in his seat, Lynn was oblivious to the outside world while she happily chatted away to Veronica who didn't know what to feel about coming back and Keith was afraid they were going to his daughter away.

- "Logan, I know you're scared, but I think everything is going to be alright. Mac just called me and she's on her way with Walker.

- My boss Walker is coming with Mac?" Asked Veronica, incredulous. She moved a little, and asked Lynn to change seat. She put her in the seat in front of her and buckled her seatbelt. She went back to her seat, she knew the discussion was about to get really serious.

- "Yes, he thinks there's a mole on his team for the past five years or so and he only trust Mac. She told me they've uncovered evidence from your ex-partner.

- Jack? They uncovered evidence from him? What does that mean? What does he mean?" She asked turning towards Logan.

- "I don't know Veronica, I haven't been out in the world for a long time.

- Veronica, sweetie, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Jack Balmer was found dead earlier this week, the same way you were found.

- What? No it can't be, it has to be a mistake, he has a little boy to take care of, he can't be dead!" She was ranting now, she felt tears in her cheeks. "Why?" She asked in a little voice.

- "I don't know the details, I'm not privy to the FBI investigation on this case, I'm sorry Veronica, I heard it on the radio when I went on the lam to join Logan. Mac was the one who gave me the little information I do have." Veronica was trying to regain her composture, she wiped her tears.

- "I want to know what you know."

And Keith started to tell the story Mac had shared with him. When he was almost done, the copilote through the intercom announced they were landing and needed to fasten their seatbelt.

They didn't know what they were returning to. In her last communication, Mac said that Tom Walker was coming to greet them, and while Veronica had nothing to do in her sudden vacation with her family while unconscious, Logan and Keith were a little less clean. Logan had bribed a hospital nurse and fooled an FBI agent and Keith escaped surveillance to join his fugitive son in law.

Veronica was sat next to her daughter who was grasping her hand anxiously as the plane started his descent to the ground.

A team of FBI agent welcomed them as their feet hit the ground. Tom Walker greeted them quickly and surprised Veronica by hugging her.

- "I'm so glad you're alright, we missed you." Veronica stood there awkwardly not really knowing how to respond.

- "Hum, Thanks?" They exchanged a few more commodities as they walked to the cars. They were almost in when the first shots rang. Agent Walker yelled for them to take cover. He dispatched his team so that Veronica and her family could get in the car and away from the shooting. One of his agents took the wheel and drove off with the Mars-Echolls family in it.

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