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Perfect little girls...supposing you would have to emphasize the word little....

She sighed. It was raining again. It had begun doing that a lot lately, giving her time to think of things. She really didn't like to think that much. Thinking leads to questioning and questioning leads to knowing the truth. The truth for her is that her family is split apart and will never again be made whole.

Giggles made their way through the thin green walls of her room. She remembered when that wall had been put up. A little after Blossom had left, maybe two weeks. On the other side of that wall was a blue wall with a girl whom she called her sister and her current boyfriend. Once again she sighed. She could remember when said girl had been something akin to innocence. Blonde hair in two small pigtails and decked in blue with her small stuffed octupus in hand laughing a completely different laughter than that which was emitting from the other side.

Looking out into the gray mass which she had once known as Townsville,she thought once more. Townsville...why had it changed so much. Had it always been like this? Or had perhaps the glamour it had once possessed when she was a child had simply faded away as most things had. Nothing changed aside from her family...The Mayor was still mayor and Ms. Bellum was still assisting him with her beauty and knowledge. Ms. Keane was still teaching at the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Mitch was still a asshole who just so happened to be her friend...so what had happened...

Buttercup looked at herself in the mirror. She felt like punching something, punching something that would relieve this anger. Things had changed too much. No longer was her black hair short or flipped, in fact it resembled a mop of straight thick ink. Her murky green eyes had dark circles under them. She looked like someone who lived on the streets or someone who had been sick for a long long time.

Grabbing her jacket and umbrella she ran down the stairs and went out the door. The world outside was just as gray as she had seen it from inside. She didn't know where she was going to go. Maybe the local drug store or maybe she would walk over to where Blossom was living. Emphasis on the walking. She didn't fly anymore. Without her sisters beside her it felt sort of...odd.

Reaching the apartments she went up the wiry iron stairs to Blossoms apartment. She could still see the day she left. Blossom had only said goodbye to the Professor, who had proceeded to fall apart. After the Professor fell apart Bubbles did. After Bubbles it had been her own turn. Blossom had left after Middle School. She had said she wanted to go to college, at least thats what she could remember her saying. Or perhaps that she wished she was in college...why would she wish that?

She walked in and was once again greeted with the sight of Blossom and her boyfriend decked in their usual array of uunderwear. Blossom was laying on the bed wrapped in a blanket, while her boyfriend, by the name of Jim, as cooking eggs. She had come upon this scene more than once in the time span in which Blossom had met Jim. Though of course Blossom as always just laid on her bed her eyes devoid of emotion. She couldn't remember how long her eyes had been that way but now it seemed like it had been for a long, long, long time.

"Hi sis..."

Blossom looked up finally, blood-shot eyes empty and her long tangle of red hair beside her. Blossom had been like this for a long time. Since...since Middle School.

Middle School...It was hard for her to remember at times. Middle School had been something akin to what somebody dying should be like. Furrowing her brow she thought hard to remember. When did it become so hard to call back memories.

She could remember the first day of school. They all still wore the dresses...the ones that matched their eyes...Bubbles...she had her first date...broke up a week later....Blossom...poor poor Blossom...they hurt her,,,who?...The oother girls...calling her ugly, making her cry. She was there....what was she doing? Protecting her sisters, like she always did, like she promised the Professor she would. Blossom got sad, really sad. Bubbles got popular, she made more friends, and met more boys. Not normal boys, these had an odd look in their eye. Blossom had scars on her arms. She didn't get them from fighting villians. A while later she had them on her legs. Where did they come from? They stopped fighting villians...Why?

"Buttercup, how are you?", asked Jim smiling toothily, he usually was the first one to talk.

"I'm good Jim. Have you been taking care of the delicate flower here?", she asked smiling back at Jim. Jim had been taking care of her for a long time. He was a good guy, and he had told her of his plans to marry Blossom.

"She is...the same as always...right Blossom?", asked Jim hugging Blossom to him tightly. Jim smiled at Blossom's monotone face. She noticed the look in his eyes now, it was sad...about what?

Blossom just nodded before standing up.

"I'm going to go out. I'll be back in about half an hour."

Tossing on a trench coat and khakis, Blossom left with not so much as a goodbye to either if the two sad and lonely looking persons standing in the middle of the musty apartment. She sighed, why did it have to end up like this. How did all the hopes and dreams not end up the way they were supposed too?

She left moments later after eating the omelette that had been prepared specially for Blossom. Jim said she could have it, which surprised her because it was definitely for Blossom for she could recall that Blossom loved her omelettes with onions and peppers with lots of salt and pepper. Jim just smiled the entire time saying goodbye to her as she left.

Walking home she looked at the city of Townsville. It looked the same....same buildings....but it resembled her first time around Townsville. Gray and frightening, laced with such mystery that anything could happen. People robbed banks and people were murdered, it was like every other place on Earth with no hope and no peace. What had happened?

Arriving at home she was greeted with another usual sight. Bubbles was currently locked in what seemed like a serious make-out session with her boyfriend. She usually had to witness this side of her sister. Her sister, who once held this almost angelic quality around her and that ridiculous naivety which fueled most of her insults to her sister.

She watched as Bubbles giggled as she waved goodbye to the boy who drove off in his car. Bubbles wasn't Bubbles anymore...that laughter was something of a different breed from the laughter which had come from Bubbles when they were younger. Cute and bubbly...that was how the Professor had described her when they had first met. Why hadn't they changed their names? Bubbles was no longer cute and bubbly...Blossom was no longer speaking, so why did she remain as such...and herself...she was still just another B...

"Oh...hi Buttercup, the Professor wanted to know where you were...", said Bubbles, it was funny she really couldn't recall the last time her sister had spoken to her.

"I was at Blossom's apartment."

Bubbles just stared for a moment before going back in the house. She almost wanted to snicker, Bubbles may have lost a lot of great qualities, but her ditzy qualities seemed to have remained intact quite well. She would have smiled, but she would like to wish a lot of other things had remained intact.

Walking inside she spotted the Professor. He smiled as he looked at her, he didn't do that as often. In fact he hadn't done so since Blossom had left and Bubbles began not calling him 'Dad' anymore. So why was he smiling now? At her of all people? The one with the name who just started with a B? Buttercup?

"I am so sorry Buttercup...."


"For letting this happen to our family."

He just sat there. She felt like punching something, like punching anything and anyone. She just wanted to feel something crumble under her massive fist, she wanted someone to feel all the pain and confusion she has had to feel. She wants someone to feel like she feels. She wants to make someone cry tears of pain and for her to be the cause of those tears. She wants it so bad...

Opening her eyes she looks at the wall next to her. Her fist stared back at her incased in the wall and wood and splinters. She didn't feel it though, she couldn't feel anything anymore. She didn't want to feel anymore. All these emotions that had been absent in childhood, now seemed to grate on her nerves like nails on a chalkboard. It didn't seem fair. Why hadn't she been warned, she would've acted on it as brazen and rash as she was.

Arms encircled her at once. Her breath caught in her throat as those twig like arms lacking any sort of power or strength hugged her tightly. Her father,her creator, the Professor was hugging her while tears flowed out of his dark ringed eyes.

"Buttercup, I never did have to worry about you. Please take care of the other two though...", sighed The Professor, his speech muffled by her own dark hair. Awkwardly she wrapped her own arms around her father and nodded.

Going up to her room she looked out the window. It was still dark and now only drizzling. She could see a glimmer of the sun from behind the dark clouds. Something bad was coming, but maybe it would be just what she needed to put a broken family back together.

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