TacosXPieXAnime:I know it's so short. However, I am the firm believer that with little words one can convey such powerful meaning that it can explode someone else's mind. I know I'm just making excuses!

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Waking up in a different place everyday causes the mind to fray.

No one knew that better than herself. Of course, that was nothing to proud of on her part.

Shrugging off the disgusting blanket which wrapped her and her soon to be former boyfriend, she stood up to gather her clothes in a somewhat neat pile. It was the same routine since freshman year. Of course it was better to do it while her partner was asleep otherwise they just ended up getting into an awkward shouting match. Walking to the bathroom she began to look at the damage.

Dark circles from her mascara...not that bad...her once impeccable make up smeared over with sweat...The purple marks all over her neck and the rest of her body...that was going to result in some anger on her part. No one wants used goods...then again who didn't know she was used...

Sighing she laid her blonde head on the counter. She was so exhausted...it just wasn't fair.

Then again nothing was fair since he had left her all alone.

And nothing was happy after she had given up hope on her...

She woke up again in Jim's arms.

He had brought her back to reality again. She had to stay cool. She couldn't allow for her emotions to get in the way of anything. Jim loved her...and that was enough. No two-bit has-been of a scientist was going to shake her up. Jim had told her not to think that way, that he was her father and he had and did love her. Too bad Jim didn't know. It was his fault that she had to go through all that pain.

Those girls who had scorned her. Told her how she was fat. Well she took care of that.

Those boys who had laughed at her scrapes. She gave them more to laugh about.

Those people who had made her feel like something inhuman...something that should not have existed...Something that God himself would not take credit for...

Jim had told her that was not true. That the Almighty loved her, he loved her, her sisters loved her, and the Professor loved her.

Jim was such a silly boy, huh?

She woke up next to Mitch.

He was holding her...

She was just happy someone was there.

TacosXPieXAnime: So like I said...it's very short. I've been busy guys. Sorry. Being historian in three different extra curricular activities is not a good idea kiddos. The batteries are not cheap.