"As if this day couldn't get any worse…" grumbled a fair-haired man, taking shelter under a building's canopy as rain mercilessly poured down on the city.

First, the man had fallen asleep on the job—because he had spent the entire night before trying to finish paperwork he was asked to do, that wasn't even his own—which caused his boss (who obviously had a stick up his ass) to throw a hissy-fit. Now, he was jobless, tired and stuck in the rain on his way home.

His horoscope was so off this month.

"There has to be a quicker way home," he frowned, lifting his jacket over his head. His house was that far away, and he usually enjoyed walking back home. But this was just ridiculous.

Ah, the subway's not that far off.

Quickly, Alfred sprinted toward the subway's entrance.

I can't let Mattie know I got fired, the blond man thought as he swallowed thickly. God, he'd be so disappointed.

He sighed to himself in displeasure. He hated lying to his little brother but he couldn't let Matthew know his hero was a failure.

"Mattie! The hero's home!" The blue eyed man bellowed as he opened the door with a hearty laugh.

When there was no immediate answer Alfred automatically assumed the worst.

Oh shit. He better not be hurt. God only knows what he does at home alone…

"Matthew? Where are you?" He shouted again, looking throughout the house until he finally spotted his younger brother outside, hovering over something the blond couldn't make out. Opening the glass sliding door he sighed.

"Mattie, what are you doing?"

The curly haired blond jumped up and turned to look toward the source of the voice.

"Alfred, you're home!" He exclaimed with a smile, "Come here and look at what I found!"

Said man walked close, obviously not in the mood for games.

"What is it, Matt?"

"I found an angel!"

Raising a brow, the older man peered over his brother's shoulder and his eyes stared in shock.

There was an angel in his backyard.

As he stood with his mouth agape, Matthew smiled.

"Told you so."


An angel.

There was a fucking angel in Alfred F. Jones' backyard.

He did not feel like dealing with this right now.

"Can we keep him?"

"Him? It's a boy?" Alfred scowled. Why couldn't a girl angel end up here at the least!?

"Please, Alfred?"

"He's not some kind of pet, Mattie! He's a human being…sort of…I guess." Alfred snorted as he gently moved Matthew to the side and hoisted the angel into his arms. He was oddly light.

"I'll lay him down and wait for him to wake up. Why don't you get me a glass of water and those clean blankets from the dryer?"

"Do angels drink water?" Matthew questioned.

"I don't know, Mattie, just go."

With a nod and a scattered smile the younger blond ran off to the laundry room. Alfred walked up the stairs and laid the…thing down on the guest room's bed. Realizing that now that his job—that paid him very well—was gone, he might have lost the ability to keep this beautiful house. Alfred sighed at the thought and grabbed a chair to sit beside the bed.

The angel had sandy blond hair. His cheeks were pale, pallid almost, and he had a scrawny figure with very delicate limbs and pretty fingers. Very feminine for a supposed guy, thought Alfred with a slight smile.

Yet the only thing Alfred could not keep his blue eyes away from were the angel's eyebrows. They were…massive. And not the, oh, I could possibly overlook those, kind of massive. They were the, I'm not going to be able to ignore that, kind of massive. It was really starting to creep him out.

After tearing his eyes away from the angel's eyebrows, Alfred realized that his pale skin was covered in scrapes and countless bruises—probably from the fall, he figured. His cheek had a long scratch that traveled from the side of his eye nearly down to his jaw, and his wings looked so fragile, as if they could break just from touching them.

"Wow. You really did a number on yourself." The taller blond said with a sigh, shaking his head.

It was then that Matthew had walked back in.

"I brought all the stuff, Alfred." He smiled, fixing his glasses as he dragged the blankets behind him that were almost twice his size.

"Thanks, Mattie," he grunted, putting the covers on the floor for the moment. "Watch him for a sec', I need to get some wrap and antiseptic."

Matthew nodded and stood at his post, trying not to stare at the angel.

"Will he be okay?"

"I dunno," said Alfred from the bathroom, grabbing bandages and rubbing alcohol.

"How long until he wakes up?"

"I dunno, Mattie." Alfred sighed, he knew his brother was a worrier but this was getting annoying. "Scoot over," he mumbled as he started to unravel the wrap and take out the bandages. "Open the alcohol, will ya?'

Once he had finished expertly bandaging up the angel, Alfred sat beside Matthew whose amethyst eyes were still fixated on the creature.

"How did you even find him, Mattie?" Alfred said quietly, breaking the silence.

Matthew played with the odd curl in his hair. "I had seen him flying around earlier this morning, but I thought it was just a big bird," he mumbled with a slight pout. "But after lunch, when the storm had started, I saw him crash in our backyard."

Alfred grunted again. It was definitely odd. But he shrugged it off and rose up from his chair.

"Let's eat."

It wasn't until later that evening—after Matthew had fallen asleep on the couch and Alfred was washing the dishes—that they heard a sound from upstairs.

Deciding it would be best to leave Matthew asleep, Alfred carefully walked upstairs, not knowing what to expect.

"H-Hello?" Alfred peered through the door to see the creature sitting upright on the bed. He smiled slightly and walked inside. "Ah, look at who's awake!"

The green eyed angel merely stared down at his feet.

"Ya hungry? I made extra food for you just in case you were. I also brought you some water." Alfred smiled hospitably and extended the water out towards him.

Peeking up at the blue eyed man he cautiously took the water.

It stayed quiet for awhile until the angel finished the drink.

"I-I am…hungry…" The angel said weakly and Alfred smiled again. This made the angel hot-cheeked.

"Well, come on then. I'll heat up some food."

The angel didn't move. Well, it was actually more like he couldn't. The pain in one of his legs was killing him. He only stared at Alfred, hoping the blue eyed man would get the point.

"Need help?"

The angel nodded as Alfred walked across the room and lifted the other into his arms carefully. "It's just down stairs," he said softly, his lips grazing the top of the angel's hair.

It was at this that their hearts had slowly began to graze at one another's.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs they were both greeted by a sleepy, yet enthusiastic Matthew.

"Mattie, you should be asleep." Alfred frowned as the angel squirmed in his arms. He wanted to get down.

"What's your name?" Matthew quickly questioned as he grabbed the creature's hand while Alfred put him on the tiled floor.

The green eyed man flushed, not resisting the little boy's hold.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland."