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He had expected dying to have been a bit more, well, painful, but it was really just the opposite. Alfred felt a warm sensation running through his body as many thoughts raced through his mind. He felt at peace despite the fact he had just died, abandoned his younger brother, left Francis with a child that wasn't his, and let his body gradually erode away at itself just the day before. The darkness that had engulfed him not long ago was slowly dissipating into a soft pastel gold. He felt…strangely light.

All the pain was gone. The American's eyes shot open and slowly examined his surroundings, taking in everything, unable to believe it was all real.

He was in the sky.

The American stood carefully, his balance wavering as he tried to find his common ground, which was proving to be quite difficult on the cloudy surface. His eyes searched all around him, finding nothing but delicate scenery that seemed to continue for miles and miles on end.

It was nice and all, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted to see at the moment. Alfred stumbled along, walking for what seemed like hours, though it appeared as if he hadn't even moved one step away from his original spot.

As he turned around, Alfred eyes stumbled upon a figure that looked oddly familiar. It was as if he had seen that face before; it was as if they were good friends at one point yet, as he opened his mouth to call out to the other, no name came to mind. The blue eyed man ran towards the figure, now intrigued.

That person would know where he was. Where he could go.

Where Arthur was.

This thought alone was enough to keep the American going.


The figure gave a small, soft, understanding smile—one that calmed your entire soul and let you give a content sigh in return. There was no exact way to describe it. There were so many questions he wanted to ask. Especially about Arthur.

But before the golden haired blond could open his mouth to say anything more, the other raised their hand in a gesture to silence him.

"There is no need to ask, my child. I will take you to him," they said soothingly, turning their back and began to walk forward.

Alfred fumbled over himself, following close behind on the other's heels like a young boy would their parent. In fact, the person's aura alone was comforting like a mother's and protective like a father's. It was…difficult to explain, but the American simply knew that he enjoyed the other's presence in every way.

"So, Arthur is—"


The figure raised his hand to point in front of them at a large ornate gate, and Alfred paused to gaze up in slight awe—not only at its beauty, but at the person on the other side who looked as if he had been waiting impatiently for a long while.

It had gotten noticeably darker, and the figure who had brought him all this way was wearing a warm, knowing smile before they had vanished without a warning. After that, all that mattered at this moment was the beautiful angel standing behind the golden gates. Alfred stared running, though his feet still weren't accustomed to the soft surface of the clouds. He ran so fast that he couldn't even feel his legs moving underneath him. If it wasn't for the gate, he was sure he would've tackled the green eyed man to the ground.

Latching onto the bars, Alfred pulled and thrashed about, trying to get through to the other.

"Arthur!" he exclaimed with joy, a bright smile spread across his face and his eyes brimming to the edge with tears as the other creature gazed up at him in wonder, his eyes open wide.

"Alfred, y-you're here," the Briton mumbled, almost to reassure himself, and reached out through the bars to reach out for him.

Completely out of breath, the American continued to shake the bars until he could feel them deteriorate in his hands and turn into nothing but grains of sand before his eyes. Then, without any sort of hesitation, Alfred pulled the angel into his arms and refused to let go.

He couldn't fight a large, goofy grin from crossing his lips as he lifted Arthur into the air. "I'm here," he whispered sheepishly, as he let himself fall back onto the clouds with Arthur in his arms, laughing happily. Then suddenly, he felt something wet and cold hit his cheek.


Arthur was crying.

"W-Why are you crying? I'm here, aren't I? M'right here. So smile."

Crying hysterically, the angel sniffled and frowned down at the American, wiping his eyes carelessly on his arm. "Y-You naïve idiot! How could you do something so selfish? So…so stupid!"

Alfred twitched slightly at the bitter truth, averting his eyes as he scratched his cheek. "Arthur, I—"

"Didn't y-you ever stop and actually," —he paused for a moment, wiping his eyes once more although it didn't help much—"think about what the bloody situation you're leaving Matthew in? And even that French pervert Francis!"

Alfred's smile had faded into a soft frown at the Briton's words. Carefully, he wiped the angel's tears with his thumb and chastely kissed his lips. "…Arthur, you don't understand. I can't live a life without you in it. It's just…empty. I wasn't going to drag myself through every day, looking forward to dying," he explained as he wrapped his arms around the other's waist again, pulling the sandy haired creature closer. "C…Can't you forgive me? I know I was wrong. I know I was selfish and reckless, but…a life without you means nothing to me. I need you in order to breathe. So please say it's alright. Please."

"That's not true, Alfred," the Brit stared down at the golden blond with a slight frown. "You could've have waited for me."

He could only shake his head as he ran his thumb along the angel's cheek, wiping away the rest of his tears. The American couldn't find the words to exactly explain how much he needed Arthur, but it was true. It was hard to do anything with the other there. Sleeping, eating, and thinking were almost impossible. He knew what he did was wrong, and he knew he had hurt so many people just to be with the one he loved the most, but was it really all that wrong of him? Arthur was the only one on his mind at every time of the day, even in his dreams.

"I love you."

The silence that plagued them in that moment was almost deadly, leaving Alfred anxious. He was about to speak up and apologize once more, but then the green eyed angel gave a warm smile.

"I love you, too."


It was eerily silent as the couple watched the funeral procession from the clouds. Alfred wore a sad smile, surveying the faces in the crowd—each one he knew and recognized with ease. He scanned over the scene, searching for Matthew subconsciously as his thoughts jumbled up in his mind. Was he angry? Did he hate him? The American held onto Arthur's hand tightly, watching as his own body was being lowered into the ground. It was just all so strange to him.

As the ceremony came to a close, he noticed Matthew, his Mattie, gazing up at the sky with an expression Alfred couldn't quite put his finger on. Matthew was staring straight at Alfred, and—much to the latter's surprise—he smiled. The blond snapped his head in the angel's direction with an eager smile before turning back to stare at his little brother and smiled in return. He knew. Somehow Matthew knew.

"Thank you," he mumbled quietly under his breath and sighed contently, making Arthur turn with a slight smile.

The American pulled the other closer, gently kissing the Briton's head. "He knows."

"That we're together?" Arthur grinned with a slight chuckle. "He was always a smart boy."

"…He did get it from me, you know."

"Oh, belt up, you git."

Alfred laughed exuberantly as he wrapped his arms around the smaller angel's waist, pulling him into his lap. "Maybe…for a kiss," he said playfully, which only made Arthur roll his eyes.

The angel slipped out of Alfred's arms with a smile. "Perhaps later."

"What? But, that's not fair!" exclaimed the golden blond as he tackled the other to the ground, pinning him down with a mischievous grin.

Arthur could only smile as he reached up to hold his lover's face in between his hands. "I love you, Alfred."

"I love you, too. More than life itself."

"…I know. I know."

Leaning over the other, Alfred wrapped an arm around Arthur's waist and, much to the latter's surprise, gave a thoughtful expression. "You know, there's somethin' I've always wondered. Do people have sex in heaven?"

The Briton gave a puzzled expression and nodded slowly. "…It's possible."

"…There's only one way to know for sure, hm?"