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Summary; To: Logan Reese. From: Dana Cruz; C/D/L.

Dear Logan,

I'd start this off by saying I was sorry, but I really don't see the point in an apologie coming from me. It should be coming from you. I know that you've been doing stuff with other girls. Zoey told me everything when she came over here to go to my school, before she left she told me everything. And then Chase came over and he approved everything she told me. He even said that you got a girlfriend. At first I thought that you were talking about me, but since Chase is a sneaky person he found out who it really was. I really can't believe you've decided to have Quinn over me.

This is the only thing I have to say to you: I've finally let go. I've come to terms with what I am to you. Nothing. I'm so done playing these games with my heart. You don't get it. I love you. I was ready, Logan. Finally ready to be with you. Leaving PCA was a test. To see if you could actually stay true to me. I was supposed to come back for my Senior year, so we could have a story book prom that is supposed to be the cliche normal high school experience, but I'm not coming back. I stayed true to you the entire time. It might have been the hardest thing that I've ever done. Apparently, like back in PCA all the girls wanted the cute foreign exchange guys, it seems to have the same effect over here. American's are like Gods. I could have had anyone, but I only wanted you. I still want you, but I'm not going to settle for that.

I'm done with you, Logan. I don't need you. I'm with Chase now. Tell Zoey I'm sorry she couldn't see how great he is. As for you, have a nice life.


I hate you.

Logan set the letter down on his stomach and sighed. His room was dark. The clock on the desk beside him read 2:54AM. He didn't really want to look at it. He didn't need to. He would go take a shower as soon as the sun started to rise.

He was reading the letter he had already read enough times to have known ever paragraph, every sentence, every word, every letter down in his memory forever. He got the letter 2 days ago, and it's barely been out of his hands. The last few lines hurt every time he repeted them in his head.

I don't need you. I'm with Chase now.

Chase. One of the people he counted on. One of the only people he actually felt was a best friend. Not someone who was just using him to get into the Movie business. Not someone who wanted him for his money. Not someone who wanted his friendship to get something he had... Turns out, he was wrong.

As for you, have a nice life.

So much pain from a few simple words. So many diffrent meanings, but one that stuck out in his head.

'She's done with me' he though.

He closed his eyes tightly. Logan wasn't used to this. He was Logan Heartbreak Reese. He was the one who was supposed to break hearts, not get his heart broken. Then again she was Dana Danger Cruz. Danger must have stood for something more then physical. Something emotional. It was a warning that he didn't take to heart, and now it was because of his heart he understood it.

Have a nice life.

4 words. So many questions. Is she joking? She couldn't really mean it, could she? What does she mean by that? And the one question that scared him the most... Did that mean he wasn't going to see her ever again?

"Not if I can help it." Logan stated, sitting up in his bed. He carefully folded the letter back up and put it into the envelope that was addressed to him, without a return address. He stuffed it under his mattress and got up to walk over to his desk. He opened the drawer as quietly as he could so he didn't wake up Michael or James in the process, and pulled out a letter from Chase.

Chase's envelope had a return address.

"Bingo." Logan said with his infamous smirk plastered on his face. He quietly left his room with his Cell Phone in hand and made a call to his father's private airplane Captain...

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