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Totally Fucked.


Logan awoke with a start. He could have sworne that someone was trying to break his door down. His brow squinched together as he looked around. The banging stopped as Logan got up. He had fallen asleep shortly after Zoey left. Tearing his room apart really wore him out. That mattress was heavier then he expected. He felt his back crack after having himself a long stretch.

The banging started up again.

He mad his way to his door, completely pissed off that someone had the nerve to wake him up so annoyingly.

He threw open his door, just to be face to face with his brand new worst enemy.

Chase Matthews.

Logan glared, hatred filling his eyes to the brink, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to deliver a message." Chase said, his own batch of hate brewing in his eyes.

"Well then say it then leave, or I'm going to call security." Logan warned.

"What? Can't take me on yourself?" Chase said. He didn't know where all this was really coming from. He never felt this way before, especially towards another person. He felt like there was a fire in his stomach, and someone insisted on playing a high speed game of racket ball with his heart.

"Pfft. Yeah, right. Like I'd be scared of you. I'm just not really into wasting my time on you right now." Logan stated. He just used all of his energy to tear his room apart, he wouldn't admit it, but he doubted very highly that he could win a fight against Chase, however much of a whimp he could still be. He really didn't want to take that chance. He didn't want to give him a chance of satisfaction.

"Well then let's not waste time," Chase said, moving closer to Logan so his words could pierce into him like he wanted them to. "Stay away from Dana."

Those words came out more as a challange, then a threat to Logan. "What? Do you own her now?"

"No, but she's my girlfriend. Get it? Mine. She gave up on you, Logan." Chase said slowly. He watched the effects it had on Logan.

Logan was biting his tounge. He couldn't do anything to stop what was about to happen. Like Chase, Logan felt the fire building up inside of him.

Apparently, Logan's fire couldn't be contained anymore. Before Chase could react, he was being slammed into the wall behind him, half of his back landing on the doorknob to the room opposite of his. Chase struggled with Logan's force on his shoulders, but he found the use of his arms again and used them to force Logan back so he was free from being trapped against the wall.

Logan used his old Football stratigies to get Chase down. Logan hooked his leg behind Chase's calf. They both fell to the floor, with Chase surprisingly on top of the situation. Chase landed a good punch in on Logan's left cheek, while Logan struggled to get Chase off of him.

There was a on coming whistle being blown from down the hallway and they both heard the pounding footsteps coming towards them, but that didn't stop the fighting...


"We've done everything possible." Tierney groaned.

Dana sat on the floor looking down at a pro and con list that was next to a chart, a graph, and a bowl filled with tiny folded up peices of paper. Everything was labled Logan Vs. Chase. Her eyes were squinted in concentration. For the past however many hours, Dana had insisted on trying to figure out how she felt. They went from the cliche thing, by talking about it, to completely leaving it to chance in a hat with both names in it.

"No, there has to be more." Dana said scribbling out her pro and con list.

"Not happy?" Tierney asked as she watched Dana accidently rip a hole in her paper. Dana screamed and crumpled up the paper, throwing it against the mirror in their room that cut their closet off from the rest of the room.

"No. That one turned out to be Logan. They're tied." Dana said laying backwards with a loud thump.

"This is idiotic. You know that, right?" She said. She was tired of listening to the silence it took for Dana to compose one of her little 'plans' to figure out who she was supposed to be with.

"I know..." Dana finally confessed.

"Thank God, she's finally found the light." Tierney said. Dana put on a small smile and threw her marker at Tierney who laughed in response.

"I'm no longer a fan of falling in love." Dana said.

Tierney's forehead wrinkled, "I've always wondered why they called it falling in love. I mean seriously. Gravity really has nothing to do with it."

Dana laughed shortly, but her mood changed quickly, "It's the way your heart sinks to your knees when you think about that person. That's where gravity takes a play."

Tierney sighed. There was a knock at the door.

Dana sat up, "Come in."

The doorknob jiggled, but nothing happened.

"It's locked, dummy." Tierney said to Dana as she moved to unlock the door.

Dana couldn't see who it was because Tierney didn't open the door all the way.

"Is Dana hear?" She heard someone ask.

"Um, yeah. Come on in." Tierney said.

Zoey walked into the room while Tierney stood by the still open door, ready to kick her out if nessecary.

"Zoey! What are you doing here?" Dana asked getting up. Zoey moved to give her a warm hug. Dana thought it was a little weird, but huged back after sending Tierney a weird glance.

Dana mouthed, 'Chase's old crush.' To her.

Tierney smirked and sat down on her bed again. 'This should be fun.' She thought her smirk growing in size.

Dana really didn't want to deal with this. She had so much to worry about already, and this was just going to make everything worse. She didn't need to hear whatever Zoey had to say about her life back at perfect PCA when everything over here wasn't going very well.

"Dana, this is strictly business." Zoey stated. Dana raised an eyebrow in her direction.

"About what exactly?" Dana asked cautiously.

"Why don't you give Logan another chance?" Zoey asked in a pleading tone.

If this was a cartoon, Dana and Tierney would have been on the floor with the force of that question.

"Zoey, do you even know what he did to me?" Dana asked. She was flabbergasted. She was surprised she could even find words to come out of her mouth. She was also proud that she's learned the art of talking while her jaw was on the floor.

"I know what he did, I told you, remember? He's changed. He came all this way to tell you that he's sorry and you haven't even given him another chance. He needs another chance. Trust me on this one, Dae." Zoey said. Dana crossed her arms over her chest. She was trying to hold in her anger, but it really wasn't working.

"Trust you? The only thing he needs is to get the fuck out of Europe before I go castrate him. He crushed me Zoey. You've never had a taste of what I felt. You're just that perfect bitch that's got everything she's ever wanted. Even after Chase left, you didn't feel anything. You weren't sad or upset. You were fine. Do you even have any feelings?" Dana snapped. She glared at Zoey while she just stood there looking at Dana.

"I do have feelings. And I've got a feeling you're making a huge mistake by staying with this French guy instead of getting back with Logan." Zoey said as if the words never fazed her. Tierney was on the edge of her seat.

"Leave Zoey." Dana ordered. She thought Zoey was way out of her place to try and convince her to go back out with Logan. This wasn't any of her fucking business. She didn't even notice that Chase wasn't French.

Zoey hesitated, but turned and left with her gaze down towards the floor. She closed the door after leaving.

"Can you believe her!?" Dana said turning to Tierney, who shrugged in response.

"I can believe it if Logan sent her over here." Tierney said.

"I think he did. I doubt she'd have the nerve to do it by herself." Dana said. "She doesn't even know Chase isn't french, what the hell?"

"And you're going where exactly?" She asked.

"I'm going to visit Logan Reese." Dana said grabbing her cellphone off the computer table.

"How do you know where he's staying?"

Dana sighed, "Logan wouldn't be staying in anything less then a 5-Star hotel, and it just so happens there's one a walking distance away from here."

Dana left before there was any more questioning after her. She had to go rip Logan a new one, and boy it wasn't going to be pretty...


Chase was back at the lake, an ice pack pressed to his cheek. His nose had just recently stopped bleeding. If it wasn't for the Security guards breaking them up, Chase was sure he couldn't have taken much more.

When they broke them up, Chase was still in a rage and couldn't feel anything, but shortly after he got thrown out of the hotel he felt the effects of the blows. His fire went out and he no longer felt all of the rage he had felt earlier. He groaned and stumbled over to the nearest resturant, which just happened to be LaPatet Shatto and they tended to his request for ice, and a few napkins.

He was sure that his nose was broken from the way it felt. His cheek was swollen, so he was some what sure that he was going to have a fat lip because of where that punch landed.

Chase just stared into the lake.

He couldn't stop thinking about Dana. That was normal, but he found himself thinking of her more then ever before. He kept randomly remembering everything about their times at PCA, and how he barely ever talked to her after she left and now look at them. Young and in love.

Most of all, Chase was scared. The only person he'd ever had feelings for this strong was Zoey. He was never actually with Zoey, so he didn't know how to act with someone meaning so much to him actually being with him.

What if he screwed up and lost her? How would she react if she found out about the fight? Would she break up with him for being jealous?

Was that what he was? Jealous?

Why didn't having Zoey here effect him more? After almost 5 years of being head over heels for that girl hasn't effected anything in his mind about how he felt about Dana. He was more annoyed with Zoey then anything else.

So many questions jumbled his mind he thought it might have exploded if Zoey hadn't showed up next to him, concern all over her face.

'Fannnntastic.' Chase thought.

"Did you run into another pole or something?" She asked instantly.

Chase rolled his eyes, "This isn't PCA, I know where I'm going... Most of the time."

Zoey put on a small smile, "I talked to Dana."

Chase sucked in a breath she didn't notice. He knew what was coming, Zoey was going to hurt him for- "She won't get back together with Logan, because of this French guy."

"French guy?" Did Zoey really not know? Dana hadn't told her?

"Yeah, her boyfriend. He probably used his French accent to sweep her off of her feet." Zoey said laying down on the ground next to Chase. He leaned back with her.

"I bet he didn't." Chase said.

"Do you know him?" Zoey asked, turning her attention from the sky to him.

'Fuck. I really don't want to tell her. I'll tell her later. I'm sure I'll be able to put up with her then...' "Nope. I didn't even know she had one." Chase said, if Zoey was paying more attention after he said 'nope', she might have heard him almost stutter.

"Oh..." Zoey said.


"So what happened with your face?" Zoey asked, supressing a giggle.

"I uh... walked into a door on the way to my dorm." Chase said.

"I knew it."

"Hey, it wasn't a pole. Your thesis was wrong." Chase said.

Zoey laughed, "Same thing, dummy."

"I take your offence, offensively." Chase said sitting up and looking down at her. He was amused, but he still couldn't take his mind off Dana.

Zoey sighed, "I miss this. I miss having you around."

"I know..." Chase said, "But there's not much I can do about it now. I'm actually happy here."

"Really?" Zoey asked, wide-eyed.

"Yeah, I love being here." Chase said.

"Why? I mean, it's a completely diffrent country. Diffrent everything. Diffrent people." Zoey said. She couldn't understand why he was so happy here. She came here and all she could think about was how badly she wanted to go back to PCA.

"So? Sometimes people need a change." Chase said. He didn't understand why she was so upset about this. It's not like she missed him. She never called, wrote, or emailed him. No contact with the exception of Group Texts that went to everyone in her phone. It's like he wasn't alive unless he was in person.

Chase tried a million times to keep in touch with Zoey, but she'd either accidently pick up and hang up the second she realized what she did, or she'd just never answer anything. She had once complained about the long distance phone calls, but that was very doubtful. Texting to another country doesn't count in that price range.

Maybe that's why he was so annoyed with her. She hadn't bothered to keep in touch, and then she just shows up and acts like nothing's wrong. That had always been one of Chase's pet peeves.

"Not all the time. Most people are happy where they are from the start." Zoey said.

"Yeah, well I'm not most people, Zoe." Chase said.

"Why are you getting all defensive? I'm just saying..." Zoey said.

"Because I can. I've got to go." Chase said as he started to walk away. Zoey quickly followed after him.

"Chase, what's gotten into you?" Zoey said. This wasn't the Chase who left PCA to follow her. This wasn't the real Chase.

"I don't know. Paris maybe?" Chase said, he turned around to face her. "Why'd you come here Zoey?"

"I came to see what was going on with Dana and Logan... And mainly to see you." Zoey said.

She looked so little standing next to Chase, not just in size, but in the way she talked. She looked like a little kid who just got punished for taking a cookie before she was supposed to.

"Why come to see me? You didn't even make an effort to keep in touch with me, care to explain that?" Chase asked taking a defensive stance. He wanted to leave. He didn't like how this was all going on. Zoey was still his best friend, but things have changed.

He's changed.

"I-I-I...." Zoey studdered. She couldn't really think of a good enough explination. She wanted to, but it hurt to much.

Chase shook his head and retreated. He had to be alone. There was only one other place he could think of to be...


Dana was walking quickly down the hallway leading to Logan's room. Her arms were crossed over her chest while her feet moved at a quick pace. She had even managed to give herself a cramp from walking the speed she was, but she put the pain in the back of her mind. She had better things to do then worry about a cramp.

The man at the desk helped her anger quite a bit. She tried to use English to talk to him, but he didn't understand any part of it. Dana even tried to speak French with him, but he still had trouble understanding. He tried to get her a bus ticket to London.

Eventually she talked him into going into the back room so she could look up Logan's room number without all the hassle.

101, how nice.

Dana got to the front of his room. She hesitated. She was nervous, but she shook that off like the pain from the cramp. She started banging on the door.

From inside she heard someone groan and mumble something she didn't understand.

Logan swong the door open, "What?"

Dana was surprised that he got to the door as quickly as he had. She was also frightened by the way he yelled as soon as the door opened.

"Dana? What... What're you doing here?" Logan asked, he was just as stunned as she was.

"What happened to you?" Dana asked, her anger gone and concern in it's place. Logan subconsiously let her in, and she followed closing the door behind her. "Are you okay?"

Every ounce of rage was gone. She forgot why she was even there in the first place.

"I'm fine, just a little bruised." Logan said, sitting on his bed that was now back in it's place. He had an ice back pressed against his eye, and he had some blood still leaking from his chin that had somehow been cut, but it looked like he did a good job with the liquid band-aid that's available in every room.

Dana sat beside him, pulling his hand with the ice pack away from his eye. She reached up and gently brushed the bruise that was forming on his eye. She cringed when he winced in pain and put the ice pack back.

"A little seems to be an understatement." Dana said softly, still looking at his bruises. "So what happened?"

"Your boyfriend paid me a little visit..." Logan said, taking the ice pack off his eye and looking at her.

"Chase did this? Are you serious?" Dana asked in astonishment.

"Yeah, he's got a pretty nice right hook." Logan said motioning towards his eye.

Dana smiled, "I'm proud of him."

Logan looked at her like she had something seriously wrong with her, "That's a great thing to say in front of me."

"You deserved it." Dana said, she began remembering why she was here in the first place.

"How? I came here to tell you how I felt, and you get your boyfriend to beat me up. That's awesome." Logan said, scarcasm leaking from his lips.

"I never asked to know how you felt and I didn't get Chase to come here and beat you up. I would never do that." Logan raised an eyebrow in her direction. "Okay, depending on the boyfriend I might, but I had no idea that Chase could do this. I always thought he was kinda a whimp."

"Whatever, now you know he's not." Logan said. "So why are you here?"

"A few things, now point A would be I don't appreciate you fighting with my boyfriend. Point B would be, Don't send Zoey over to try and talk me into being with you again. I'm surprised she didn't bring Chase up." Dana said getting up and standing in front of him.

"I don't think she knows about you and Chase." Logan confessed. Dana was taken aback.

"She doesn't know!? What kind of friend are you?" Dana yelled.

Logan stood up in front of her. He was almost a head taller then Dana. It's amazing what a few years can do, "Me? I take it you didn't say anything either?"

"I didn't know she didn't know. I would have told her." Dana said. She felt bad now. She should have said something. Anything to Zoey. Instead of getting mad at her.

"Excuses excuses." Logan said.

"You're one to talk! You use excuses like they're vowles." Dana defended. She was flushed with frustration, nothing got through his thick skull.

"Have I ever told you that you're really sexy when you get mad?" Logan said with a smirk.

"Well there's a step in the wrong direction." Dana said rolling her eyes.

Logan took a step closer, "You know, that's why I'd always argue with you. Even when I knew you were right."

Dana's breathing hitched in her throat. With that step, they were to close.

In Logan's mind, not close enough. He quickly moved his hand to her hip, and the other to cup her face, and he moved in for the kiss...

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