I am sitting in my office when I hear a knock at my door. "Come in." I say quietly knowing who every is on the other side can hear me. My door opens slowly almost in a way that would have caused me to laugh. Hench the word would, standing in my door way is the newest of my daughter's Bella. It has been seven years since her change and she's still trying to get used to it. But today is different I can feel it coming off of her guilt, sadness now I'm no Jasper but I'm going to take a guess and say something is terribly wrong. "C-carlisle." Her voice cracks not something that usually happens to vampires; I stand up and walk around my desk so I am in front of her. I caress her cheek which makes her smile somewhat. "Carlisle I did something horribly wrong. " She looks at me with those big brown eyes (I know that Bella has golden eyes but stick with me here.) and my frozen heart melts at the sadness in her eyes. "Bella what could you have done to make you so upset?" I ask leading her over to the couch in the corner of the office. "I-I got distracted by a human when I was hunting with Edward. I didn't go after them Carlisle I swear, but Edward got so mad at me. I didn't mean to scare way the deer I really didn't but I just ran. He yelled at me Carlisle and told me I would never get the hang of it and that he's surprised that I haven't killed anyone yet. (Again I know that Edward was very supportive of Bella after the change and would never talk to her like that) That I was worthless and I could never be like all of you. I got made and I told him I didn't love him and that marring him was a huge mistake that I should have ran when I had the chance. I really didn't mean it I was just so mad and, and I don't know." By the end of her telling me this Bella was dry sobbing. I pulled her into a hug so she could cry into my shoulder I kissed her hair and rubbed her back. I wanted to kill Edward he knows how hard it is to control the blood thrust. Second of all she is his wife and I know his parents taught him to treat women with respect, I knew Elizabeth very well by the time that she past and I know sure as hell that his real parents would never let him speak like that. "Bella dear don't listen to him. Edward is foolish and knows much better than that. It is normal for you to follow your instincts and go after humans. And with everything that he said to you out there he's lucky all you said was you didn't love him, you both will work it out I promise." She had stopped crying after that but still kept her head buried in my shoulder breathing deeply and I still kept her rapped in my arms. "Swear" she mumbles into my shoulder I chuckle at how silly she sounds "I swear everything will be fine." "Thanks" she lifts her head to look at my shirt "Sorry about wrinkling you shirt." I smiled down at her and if she still could I bet she would be blushing. "It's fine, it's just a shirt." I rub her back, she wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me tight almost to the point of pain because she's still a new born(I don't know how many years it takes for the new born strength to wear off so I guessed.) "I love you, dad" she whispers into my ear as she leans her cheek on my shoulder. My chest tightens at her words "I love you too, my little girl."