Previously: Dad slings his arm around my shoulder we head out the door.

Bella's pov:

Emmett flies past us as we head down stairs causing me to giggle at his enthusiasm. "Oh yeah

baby! Lets kick some A s S!" Mom glares at him "Emmett watch your language" he tells him sternly

"Sorry mom" she smiles at him while patting his cheek, because truthfully she cant pat him head

she'd have to jump. "What Rose no head smack" I ask her shocked, she shrugs at me "No I figured it

was the right time for that comment." We all smile at this, even Emmett. "So are we going to leave?"

Jasper speaks up from the couch "Yes, everyone let's go." Dad says calmly next to me. Emmett jumps

up throwing his fist in the air. "BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!" he screams as he dances out the door

'crack' "Ow! Rose what was that for?" A slight growl comes out of rose as she shakes her head "Act

your age Emmett." She states stiffly "Rose get the stick out of your butt. He's just trying to lighten the

mood." I glare at her as she glares at me, almost at the same time we stick our tongues out at each

other. "Yeah Rose, if I acted my shoe size I'd be dead. Now you don't want that now do you, I mean

look at me." I shake my head at him "Rose the honor is yours." 'Crack' "Dang Rose really! Come on."

My now we have passed the border of Washington and now have entered Canada. "What no 'Welcome

to Canada' sign?" I ask causing everyone to laugh "No but we'll welcome you." We all stop dead

coming face to face with none the less The Denali Coven. Shit!

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