What I've Done

Slade abducts Robin for him to become his apprentice. As the titans search for him Raven gets abducted as well. If she does not help Slade break Robin into his "perfect" apprentice then it could cost her Robin's life. ( Cheesy I know!!)

This is my first fan fic people! Please give me constructive critism. Hopefully this will get better

Titan Queen 13

Raven's POV

It was one of those nights were every thing was calm and serene. Beastboy and Cyborg

were fighting over video games, Starfire was babbling on about the "painting of the toe-

nails", I was read a new novel in my room and Robin was staring into the pitch black sky on the roof.

Search for him

Robin… my hero was the only person who ever could, who ever would understand the evil and repressed emotion in me. He always seemed to hope for all of us even at the darkest hour... That's what made him a great leader, like the glue sticking us all together. Everything he did was to protect us, to keep us safe.

But some lurching, tugging feeling in my stomach tells me,

It's all going to change…

Really short sorry! Will get longer though!!

Titan Queen 13