My name is Optimus Prime. The story I want to tell you a story about my daughter, but where to start? I suppose I should start form the beginning...

I met my companion, Raindown, when she eleven Earth years old. I was her mentor, teaching her everything I knew about weapons, Cybertron, and how to care for others. At this time we were in not at war and all lived in peace. My father, Alpha Trion, made sure this peace wasn't disturbed for many stellar cycles before he was killed by my best friend, Megatron.

Raindown was a pretty, but strange, fembot. She had a very strange sense of humor and could trick you in to almost anything. She tricked me into helping her clean one of the guns in the armory, which when opened blew gun powder into the air covering everything.

Her bright green optics lit up at the sight of me.

"You look so funny!" she laughed.

I looked at myself in one of the metal walls that hadn't gotten covered. My blue optics stuck out like a sore circuit against the black powder on my face. I laughed when I threw powder at her. Now she looked like me.

Nine years later, when she was eighteen and I was twenty three, I asked Rain to bond with me. I asked her in Cybertronion Park, which is now, sadly, a fiery wreck.

"*Gasp,*" she breathed. "Optimus…I… Yes!"

She leaped into my arms and kissed me.

Not a year, later a shot rang out through the town. Bots were running out of the Town Hall shouting "Alpha Trion has been shot!"

"No." I had said to myself running up to the building, leaving Raindown with my friend Rocket and his companion Coraline in the park.

I ran as fast as I could to my Sires office only to find him on the ground, shot in the chest, bleeding oil and energon everywhere.

"Optimus," He said through the oil in his mouth. "You…must stop him."

"Who? Sire…who?" I cried.

"Me…mega." He said weakly.

"Tell me, Trion." I said holding back tears.

"Megatron." Alpha Trion said before going offline. I stared into his dead grey optics for a moment. I couldn't belive what I was seeing.

"Sire…Sire. NO!" I cried as Raindown, Rocket and Coraline came in.

"Sweet spark, what's…" Raindown said running in. "Oh slag. Optimus…I…"

She put her arms around me. I broke down with her holding me.

That night everyone gathered at the Town Hall to morn over our loss.

"Optimus," I heard a voice call. It was my freind, Red Alert. "I…I'm so sorry."

He gave me a hug and then hugged Raindown. I didn't hug back though. I didn't want anyone to be near me right me. I wanted to find Megatron and find out why he did this. As far as I knew, he had loved and respected Alpha Trion as much as I had. Slag, we had been raised as brothers.

"I need some air." I said more to myself than anyone. I didn't notice the sad look my friends and family gave me as I left.

I had walked all the way to Megatron's bunker before I heard Rocket calling to me. Apparently he had followed me to make sure I was safe.

"Optimus!" He panted. "W-where are you going?"

"To find Megatron." I called back.

"Megatron?" he said catching up to me. "As in General Megatron? You old friend?"

"Yes, Sire said he did it to him." I said in a monotone voice.

"Wha… but how? Why?" Rocket said, his deep blue optics widening.

"I don't know."

I knocked on the door and immediately Megatron answered.

"What do you want?" Megatron yelled.

"Why did you do it?" I yelled.

"Do what Prime? Why the Pit are you here?" He shot back, he seemed to be a a very foul mood. It was normal for him to be snarky with me but this time something semed off.

During this time I saw he was covered in thick, black oil.

"Doing an oil change?" I said sarcastically.

"What?!" Megatron said. The light went out of his red optics. I knew he did it. "Listen to me Prime…"

"No," I yelled cutting him off. "You listen. Why did you do it? TELL ME!"

"Hm, so you want to know why." Megatron said with a smirk. "I did it because I'm done with this 'No fighting only love' slag. Now I'm in charge and I plan to change a few things. See you real soon Prime." I was shocked. Since when did that all change? It was partcially his idea in the first place.

He laughed and slammed the door before Rocket or I could respond.

"Prime…" Rocket said giving me a solemn look.

"I know. We need to tell the others" I said transforming and taking off of the base. Rocket wasn't far behind.

When we got there Red Alert pulled me to the side.

"Optimus great news." He said with a smile.

"Not now I…" I started

"Raindown's carrying!" Red Alert said grabbing my shoulders.

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