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Optimus Prime's view:

I looked out of my window that over looked our city. Over the last few years we were able to take over Iacon and made it our main base, a safe haven for Autobots and civilians that had been caught up in the war. We lost many good bots in the fight but in the end, Megatron's cronies gave up. One of the bots we lost was one of Hot Shot's good friends, Surefire. I knew him well…but I digress.

I watched the bright lights of the city from up above in my office. I was happy that we finally had room to spread out and were no longer piled on top of one another like we had been back in the underground bunkers. Finally my people had a true home. But I knew that this wasn't perfect. We are never truly safe, not in this time of war; not with my brother hiding in the shadows and waiting to strike.

My thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked at my door. "Come in." I said, never looking away from the quiet city below.

"Sire?" Starlight said as she poked her head in the door way. "Are you ok?" she asked.

She'd grown quite a bit in the past two stellar cycles. She was now up to my chest plate and was looking more like her Creator everyday. Her colors were a light greenish blue now (I'm guessing the blue from my plating had come through a bit) with blue that matched mine on her knees, the middle of her chest plate and the side of her legs. Her helm was just like her Creators as well. It was rounded out but she had my audio receptor shape. She was also had become less boxy and rounding out into more of a feminine body. My little spark was growing up far to fast.

"I'm fine." I said and turned around to look into her bright green optics. I smiled at her to try and reassure her but it didn't work. Her brows furrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Sire, you've been in here for groons! You didn't even come home for lunch!" she pouted. "And its midnight…you should have been home cycles ago!"

I looked up at the clock and saw that it was indeed late, very late. "I'm sorry little spark. I didn't mean to be so late or to make you worry."

"You're going to work yourself to death…" she mumbled, most likely she didn't want me to hear her but I did.

"Starlight, I promise you that won't happen." It was far more likely that Megatron would be my undoing but I would never tell her that. I walked around my desk and put my hand on her shoulder. "I promise I'll stop working so late if you promise to not worry so much." I smiled.

"Fine…and you have to promise to be there tomorrow when I pick out my alternate form!" she beamed. Slag I had almost forgotten that! She was eleven stellar cycles now and was old enough to transform.

"Right, I promise." I hoped to Primus the meeting I had planned ended in time.

Starlight's view:

I was practically jumping off the walls with excitement! Today was the day Bumblebee and I got out alt. forms! Course we had to listen to Ratchet go on and on about the hazards of everything. From spin outs, to running out of energon, blowing a tire, bla bla bla…who cares! I wanted to transform and drive around instead of having to walk everywhere! I looked over to Bee and leaned over and whispered into his audio. "Are you excited as I am?"

"Yeah!" he grinned. "What form are you going to choose?"

"I don't know…maybe…something like my Sire?"

"Will you two be quiet?" Ratchet yelled. "Every time I have the both of you in a class…" he trailed off. Bee and I had to stifle our laughs.

Finally we were allowed to go into the room in which we could get out alternate forms imprinted on us. Bee and I were the last two in line; a punishment Ratchet thought was fitting. This did however affect his system of having everyone go alphabetically which pissed him off but that was his own fault. Also it let us have more of a chance to think of what we wanted.

"Bumblebee!" Ratchet called. He gulped and stepped forward. Once he chose, it would be his alt. form for the rest of his life.

He stepped in and the doors closed. It only took a few moments before I heard the other side open. I couldn't see him due to there being no windows seeing out to the track, so I'd had to wait till it was my turn to see him.

"You're up kid." Ratchet said. Now it was my turn to be so nervous that my tanks felt like purging. I stepped up and walked into the machine and looked around. There was a screen to choose your form and a scanner to scan you and imprint the one you want. I quickly scanned through the models I had to choose from, being carful not to over look anything. I looked through so many that I felt like my optics where going to fall out until finally I found the one. Something about it felt familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. It almost looked like Jazz's alt but the front bumper had a point and this form had a spoiler on the rear. It was also a bit smaller and more...femmie I guess. I hit that one and stood under the scanner. I saw a bright light and felt a tingling through out my body. I don't know when I closed my optics but when I opened them, I was facing the race track where all new bots who just learned got their alts tested out their new wheels.

"Star!" I heard a voice call out. I looked around but only saw a small round yellow and black car zooming towards me. "Wooh…!" he said before slamming on his breaks and stopping just mechanometers away from me. "Sorry…" he transformed and gave me a goofy grin. He looked so cool! Even his door wings had changed a bit.

"Bee?! Primus I didn't recognize you!" I laughed. "You look…"

"Different?" he tilted his helm to the side.

"Stupid!" I teased. He pouted and punched me in the arm. "So…how does it work?" I asked.

"I'll show you!" he stood proudly in front of me and yelled. "Transform!" he immediately changed into his alt mode and revved his engine. "Easy!"

I laughed and tried it myself. "Transform!" I called out and changed into my own alt form. Everything seemed the same but I just felt smaller. "Wow!" I revved my own engine and moved forward just a bit. "This is cool!" I said and took off. "WOOOHOOOO!" I was so excited that I forgot to ask how to stop but I quickly figured out how to do it before hitting the first obstacle.

After about five or six laps Bee and I had almost gotten used to it. Sure a few cones where down but that wasn't all us. There were at least five others out with us. But I had noticed one thing while Beee and I where driving around, my Sire wasn't here…

"Star! Race ya!" Bee called out from behind me and quickly sped up to pass me.

"Ha! You can't beat me!" I laughed and sped up. For a long time we where right next to each other, it seemed that neither of us where faster than the other, at least for now. We where so focused that we didn't notice a black tank looking car was coming up behind us and fast. It wasn't until they hit Bee in the bumper.

"Gahh! Hey!" Bee cried out as he swerved to avoid me. "W-watch it! What's wrong with you are you trying to do, kill us?" he said as the black car pulled up and went passed us.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"No idea but…LOOK OUT!" Bee and I slammed on our breaks to avoid the same black car that was now blocking out path by parking himself across the track. "What is you problem!?"

"Just wanted to test your skills little ones…" a deep voice chuckled. That voice…oh no not him!

"B-b-b…Black Sunshine…" I stuttered and backed up a little. He laughed and revved up.

"Let's play a little game!" Black Sunshine hit the gas and started coming at us forcing us to reverse and drive backwards. This was way harder than Sire made it look!

I noticed that there was a little bit of room on either side of Black. "Bee, left side!" I called out as I went back into drive and swerved to the opening to his right. I saw Bee in my review mirror that he took my advice and went to his left. I also saw Black hit the breaks, turn and was coming straight at us again. "Bumblebee punch it!" I called. We speed up but there wasn't really anywhere to go. All we could do was drive in a circle and it wouldn't be long until Black figured out a way to cut us off again and hit us. I had also noticed that everyone else seemed to be off the track. They must have seen Black before we did.

"Starlight! What are we going to do?!" Bee called as he caught up to me. I didn't have an answer so I kept quiet for a minute. I didn't have as long as I thought because I was rammed and forced right into Bee.

We both screamed and we hit the wall and were dragged against it until Black pulled away. I skidded to a stop and tried to transform. It hurt like living pit but I had too. "Bee!" I ran to him as fast as I could. He had gotten the worst off it and was looking pretty bad. Luckily before I reached him he transformed and knelt by the wall.

"I-I'm ok…" he said but his joints were sparking and his armor was scratched and bent in ways and places it shouldn't be. His left door wing was bent up and twisted in the opposite direction and his right leg was hurt pretty bad. I heard a transforming sound behind me and quickly turned.

"Poor little bots. Can't even figure out how to break away before someone pushes you into a wall." Black Sunshine laughed darkly. I backed away but made sure to stay between him and Bee. "Awww, protecting your friend? How cute." He spat. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you…much. Maybe just rearrange a few parts and make those pretty little face not so pretty!" he raised his fist to hit me. I put my arms out to block him. I was too scared that once more I didn't hear a car approaching. It wasn't until said car transformed and took Black out did I notice anyone else was around.

"Stay down!" I heard my Sire growl right before the sound of metal hitting metal resounded through out the track hit my audios. "Starlight, are you alright?" he said running up to me and putting his hands on my shoulders. I nodded, not able to find any words. He pulled me into a hug and I instantly hugged him back. I didn't know I was shaking until now. "Star…my sparkling; I'm so sorry I'm late."

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