Burning Cherry Blossoms




Chapter Five: Primal Rage

Soifon ripped the scroll out of Naruto's hand and opened it up to see the message.

"Dear new wielder of Senbonzakura,

My name is Sosuke Aizen. I am the ruler of the hollows and a former captain of Soul Society. I noticed your power when you gained your Shikai. I want you in my personal army.

To make sure you have no choice but to say yes, I've kidnapped the souls of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Seventeen days after I send you this scroll, I will send an ambassador to take you to my kingdom. At that time, you will either come with me, or you will be killed.

Sincerely yours,

Sosuke Aizen."

She closed the scroll as Naruto jumped down. He landed so hard, his feet cracked the ground open.

"I have to find some way to save them. I've never met my parents before and I won't lose them twice." he turned towards Soifon. "I want you to fight with me every day till I can beat you."

"Naruto, that's a little extreme don't you think?"

"I HAVE TO SAVE MY PARENTS!" he yelled at her. "I'm going to train my Kido." he said, marching into the woods.

Naruto ran through the woods until he came to the clearing where he met Haku. He grabbed his right wrist with his left hand.

"Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus! In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens! Hakudo Number Sixty-six, Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down!"

A giant orb of blue fire exploded out of his palm, followed by a second. They swirled together into a drill of energy that exploded against the trunk of a tree.

"Hakudo Number Ninety-nine, Black Coffin!" a black energy swirled around the charred trunk of the tree and formed into a black rectangular prism. Several spears of energy plunged into the prism. The coffin disappeared to show hundreds of holes in the bark.

Naruto spent the next few hours firing Kido into the surrounding area. By the time he was done, the only thing left was a giant crater full of ash and burnt tree trunks.

(Next Morning)

Naruto floated into the house on a cloud of pink cherry blossoms. Kakashi caught him as he fell to the ground. Senbonzakura reformed and slid itself into its sheath.

"Sasuke, help me put Naruto upstairs. When he wakes up he'll come to the bridge." they put him on the cot in his room. Then they left, heading towards the bridge.

They talked with each other excitedly, since the bridge would be finished today. Soifon said she wanted to learn some new techniques from Yoruichi, Sasuke was going to study some new Fire Style jutsu, and Kakashi was gonna buy the new 'Icha Icha Paradise' book.

"Hey, where did this mist come from?" Tazuna asked them right before they reached the end of the bridge.

That was their only warning.


Gato's body guards walked up to Tazuna's house with their new swords drawn. The larger one kicked the door down. Tsunami screamed.

"Is she the one we're looking for?" the one who kicked the door down, the one with no shirt, asked.

"Yeah, she's Tazuna's daughter." the one in the coat said. They gagged her quickly and tied her up.

On the stairs, Inari shook with fear. They were gonna take his mom away and he couldn't do anything. Then Naruto's words came back to him. He ground his teeth together and jumped towards them, screaming a battle cry.

Upstairs, Naruto's ears twitched. He stood up and grabbed his sword and left the room.

The two body guards turned as Inari shot towards them. The shirtless one grabbed Inari by his neck and slammed him into the floor so hard cracks started to run out from where he landed.

He gasped for air as the two men laughed.

"Can we kill him?" the one who had grabbed him asked.

"Gato said we only need one hostage. Go ahead and slice the brat up."

The larger man brought his sword down in a deadly arc towards Inari.

"You dumb asses," someone said "need to quiet down."

Naruto walked down the stairs, Senbonzakura held in the hand at his side. The sword started to melt into one thousand cherry blossoms.

"I was trying to sleep. Now I have to kill you, and when I do that, I'll never get to sleep." the petals slammed into the two men and threw them out of the house. The petals sliced open the ropes holding Tsunami.

Naruto walked outside and reformed his sword. He raised his sword and brought it down quickly.

The men barely had a chance to scream.


Soifon drew her sword. "Sting them to death, Suzumebachi!" the sword glowed white and shrunk down. The energy wrapped around her right wrist and formed a gold gauntlet with a small chain linking to a large, thick stinger on Soifon's middle finger that was twice as long as her finger.

She through her jacket off, revealing a new outfit. It was a black pair of pants connected to a shirt with no sleeves or back. Kakashi pulled up his headband and Sasuke pulled out a set of kunai.

Zabuza's sword impacted the bridge, sending smoke up. When it disappeared, Zabuza's sword was sticking up out of the ground. Zabuza and the hunter-nin were standing on either side of the handle.

They both stepped down together. The hunter-nin pulled out several senbon, and Zabuza ripped his sword from the ground. Kakashi drew his dagger and looked at Sasuke.

"Protect Tazuna. You don't stand a chance against some one with a Zanpakutou."

Sasuke wrapped his hands around the kunai handles.

'I use to be the strongest Genin. Now because I don't have a stupid sword, I'm suck with guard duty!'

Soifon and Kakashi rushed forward. Soifon stabbed the stringer towards Haku, who pulled a sword from her sash and blocked the stringer. Soifon raised an eyebrow and jumped back, turning Suzumebachi back into a sword.

Kakashi and Zabuza clashed with each other, a white energy clashing against a dark green energy. Kakashi's sword flashed and grew to an average sword size.

He jumped up in the air as the sword formed into a white rectangular light. "My zanpakutou revealed his name to me. Now, shoot to kill, Shinso!" the blade turned a bright white color and the blade extended, slamming into Zabuza's blade.

Haku and Soifon clashed quickly, blades igniting sparks in the mist. The scrap of metal against metal echoed all around the bridge as they dashed past each other. The only evidence of their passing was the sudden explosion of sparks and the strange wind as they ran by.

Sasuke closed his eyes and threw both kunai into the mist. It soared past the faces of Haku and Kakashi. They all stopped fighting for a moment and stared at Sasuke.

"I use to be the strongest, I use to be the fastest, I use to be the greatest of all Genin, and now, I'm below Naruto, the class dobe. I won't let this happen; I can't let the Uchiha name be disgraced!"

He opened his eyes to reveal a Sharingan with two tomoe in one eye and one in the other. They started to spin quickly as a red energy surrounded him. A giant dragon formed out of the aura and roared loudly.

He rushed forward, towards a surprised Haku, and jumped into the air, slamming a round house kick into the girl's stomach and sending her sprawling to the ground.

She shot backwards and pushed herself into the air. She twirled the sword she had around in her hand and it started glow and lengthen into a crystalline cross between a trident and a Ji. "Taste the wrath of Nejibana!"

A blast of water exploded from the weapon but it flowed around Sasuke, as if propelled by the red energy. Sasuke jumped at her, pulling his fist back as he did so.

He threw the fist forward so fast that it would have cracked open Haku's skull.

Would have being the operative phrase here.

Instead, Haku used Nejibana to shoot herself into the air and started forming one handed seals. She blasted water into the air and yelled "Secret Technique: Rain of One Million Deadly Ice Needles!" the water split apart into small drops that instantly froze and formed into small needles of ice.

She pointed at Sasuke and the needles shot towards him. They impacted against the red energy and melted instantly, but they seemed to do a little damage because Sasuke's body shook like he could feel the needles.

Haku spun in a huge circle, making water swirl around her. She dropped to the ground and formed one handed seals quickly.

"Secret Technique: Demonic Ice Mirrors!" the water exploded around them, forming one hundred mirrors. Haku jumped into one of them and they started to spin.

"Sasuke, if we want to win, we're gonna have to work together." Soifon said. Sasuke grumbled something incoherent and jumped forward, slashing the sword of energy against the spinning mirrors. he was propelled backwards into Soifon.

"My Demon Ice Mirrors are almost indestructible. Only a Bankai or a Gillian class hollow or higher could break through them."

Sasuke threw a glance to Soifon. "Well, don't you have a Bankai?"

"Yeah," she said, crinkling her nose. "But to use it I have to be tethered to something as sturdy as the Hokage Mountain and be at long distance. If I used it here, the explosion would destroy the bridge and this entire island." she pointed a finger upward.

"What are you doing now?"

"Hado Number Four, White Lightning!" a blast of lightning soared form Soifon's finger and hit the top mirror. They caught a momentary glance of a cloudy sky before the mirror reformed.

"You two are a nuisance, and need to be destroyed." Haku said. The mirrors stopped spinning and her image appeared in all of the mirrors again. Then they merged together into one huge dome of ice. Only seven Haku still existed.

As one, they raised Nejibana and water poured into the dome. It poured from very direction as all seven Haku spun in a huge circle.

When the dome was completely filled with water, six of the Haku disappeared. The remaining Haku made a single hand seal and the water froze.

She stepped out of the dome and admired her handy-work. Until she noticed Sasuke starting to glow red hot.

(Sasuke's Mindscape)

Sasuke dropped to the floor of his old room in the Uchiha compound. He stood up and reached for his weapons, but they were gone. He opened his door and did a shoulder roll into the hall, but there were no enemies.

He walked around the compound, noticing that it was completely destroyed and trashed, with entire sections missing, until he came to the room he had to watch Itachi kill his parents in. His parent's weren't there, but Itachi was.

"YOU!" Sasuke yelled. He lunged at Itachi, who raised his hand. Sasuke froze in the air.

"I'm not Itachi. I am much more powerful." he stood up and walked behind Sasuke. AS soon as he sat back down, Sasuke unfroze and tucked into a ball, rolling onto his knees.

"Then who are you?"

"I am the embodiment of your jealousy towards Soifon, Naruto, and Kakashi having a zanpakutou. I am power, your power. I am your zanpakutou Sasuke Uchiha. I am…"

(Real World)

The dome shattered and Sasuke dropped to the ground, a sword in his hand. It was a short sword about the length of a kodachi, with an olive green handle and a bronze bow-shaped crossguard. A red scabbard hung by a string on his side.

He held it upside down behind his back and said, "Sever, Raika!" he pulled the sword from behind him. It was now a bone white longsword with a hook on the end. Four curved shell-like pipes formed the hilt. Flames spewed from the pipes and a sound resembling a trumpet echoed around him.

His Sharingan now had two tomoe in each eye. Sasuke brought the sword high over his head as flames spewed from the pipes. A fireball formed in the crux of the hook and he slammed the sword into the bridge.

A huge fissure of flame shot through the stone, straight towards Haku, who jumped into the air. The flames followed her until she did a back flip and spiraled into the ocean below.

"Ha, not so tough now, are you!" he yelled.

During all of this, Zabuza and Kakashi were fighting sword to sword. Zabuza started summoning his wolves to attack Kakashi, who used Shinso to impale them. About ten minutes into the battle, Zabuza, skid halfway across the bridge and raised a hand to stop Kakashi.

"Wait Kakashi, if I'm gonna fight you, it's gonna be on equal footing, Shikai against Shikai."

"I thought that was your Shikai." Kakashi said in a panic.

"Oh, you wish Kakashi." he brought the sword over his head and slammed it into the bridge blade first. He bit his thumb and ran it down the flat of the blade. He grabbed the handle and yelled "Howl to the Blood Moon, Kubikiri Houcho!"

The bridge exploded into green light, and when it disappeared, Zabuza leaned his new sword against his shoulder.

It was a small blade, about the size of a nodachi. The crossguard was a wolf head open in a howl, making it seem like the blade was the tongue. The blade was completely dark green, except for a small circle at the end of the blade in the shape of a moon the color of fresh blood.

Zabuza swung his sword to clear the mist around him and raised the weapon over his head. A flow of sticky red blood flowed down the weapon to the wolf head. At that pint, Zabuza whipped it behind him, somehow not making any of the blood shake off, and dug the moon into the stone.

He ran straight at Kakashi but instead of slicing at him, he swerved to the side and made a circle around Kakashi, heading back to the place where he started. Kakashi looked down at the design he now stood in.

It was an outline of Zabuza's blade to the wolf handle. Zabuza plunged his sword into the stone and the pattern started to shake. Kakashi tried to get out but some kind of invisible barrier kept him inside.

Zabuza plunged the weapon in to the hilt. As he dug the sword in, the outline rose into the ar, like the sword was filling the lines with a material. Kakashi's eyes widened and he touched one fo the walls. He looked at his palm, which was now covered in blood.

"This is my Shikai's special ability, the blood prison." Zabuza said as he turned the handle in a full circle. "It traps you inside and drains your blood form your body."

The walls shook and formed a roof. Then tentacles of blood arc out of the walls and tried to latch onto Kakashi, who ducked and dodged and sliced at them.

He plunged Shinso into the ground and the bridge exploded as hundreds of swords explode from the bridge and broke the walls. Zabuza pulled Kubikiri out of the ground and jumped into the water, right as Sasuke turned to look at him.

Kakashi ran over to Soifon and Sasuke. "Now would be a good time for Naruto to arrive." instead, a sound like ice shattering reached their ears. Kakashi made several clones to guard a frightened Tazuna while a giant hand of water grabbed onto the bridge, using it to haul itself out of the ocean.

"Bankai, Sasanoo Nejibana!" an altered version of Haku's voice called. In a moment, a giant torso of a man with a long beard and a crown holding a giant version of Nejibana rose out of the water to tower over them. In the heart of the torso, Haku stood. Sasuke tried his flaming fissure attack again but Haku pointed Nejibana at the flames.

The torso copied her movements and point its Nejibana at the flames, only a torrent of flames collided with them. Haku raised the weapon over her head like she was going to throw the weapon and once again the torso copied, only its Nejibana formed into a very pointy ice version.

The Nejibana plunged towards Kakashi, Sasuke and Soifon. They all closed their eyes and waited for death. Soifon, in her fear, whispered "Naruto."

The pain never reached them.

They opened their eyes to see the Nejibana redrawing, half of it melting and shooting back to the creature. Naruto was walking towards them as cherry blossom pedals floated back onto the sword.

Naruto looked at the torso.

"Haku, calm down!"

She waved her head back and forth. The head opened its mouth and roared "NO!" in the altered voice. Naruto shook his head and started to chant.

"Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Binding Kido Number Nine, Hit!" a blast of red light engulfed the torso and paralyzed it.

Senbonzakura flew high over Narutos' head and shot towards the torso.

However, it exploded into water as a figure dashed through it, taking Haku with them.

Zabuza rolled onto the bridge with Haku in his arms. The girl was still paralyzed. Zabuza's eyes glowed bright red and he set Haku down. He slammed his sword into the bridge and a wolf the size of a three story house ran forward. Soifon lunged at it but it sent her fly backward with a slash of its claws.

Naruto jumped into the air and caught her.

"Soifon, are you okay?" she was extremely pale and her wound was open wide but no blood was coming out. Kakashi ran over to her.

"That attacked drained her of all her blood. We have to stop it." Naruto put Soifon gently on the ground and stood up. A red and black aura flowed around him.

"I'm going to destroyed it." a strange black and red material formed a mask in the shape of a fox head. A set of nine red tails formed behind him.

He jumped at the wolf as the material spread to cover his chest and his arms. He slammed four of his tails into the creature, lifting it up over his head. He pulled a clawed hand back and jammed it into the rib cage of the creature.

A black orb swirled around inside his hand. A blast of energy obliterated the creature. Blood exploded every where, a good portion landing on Soifon, who inhaled a deep breath and started to breath heavily. She saw Naruto and her eyes grew huge in utter surprise.

'Urahara told me that the Kyuubi might mix with his Shinigami powers and turn them into Hollow powers, but this isn't hollow. It's a mix of Hollow and Bijuu, a berserker.' she stood up and drew on his spiritual powers.

"Soifon, stay back, or you cold get hurt." Kakashi ordered. Soifon glared at him and he closed his mouth.

She turned back to Naruto. "Kido Number Ninety-nine, Part One, Seal!" Naruto's arms shot behind him and was wrapped in a strange fabric. Metal rods formed into the fabric and bound his arms.

"Let me go! I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune!" a demonic voice roared.

'Damn, the fox has mixed with a hollow. I have to stop Naruto quickly.

"Kido Number Ninety-nine, Part Two, Great Seal!" The fox mask's mouth opened up and roared. Senbonzakura's Shikai floated up into the air and turned completely black. "First Song: Halting Fabric!" the same material that formed around his arms wrapped Naruto's entire body up.

"Let me go already!" the voice screamed as he forced Naruto's body to try to stare off the fabric.

"Second Song: Hundred Links Bolts!" hundreds of blades rained down on Naruto's body and made him scream. Soifon closed her eyes. "Final Song," a tear rolled down her cheeks. "Great Seal of Ten Thousand Forbiddings." she wiped the tear away as a giant metal cube fell on Naruto, squashing him underneath the force.

"Well, that was interesting." some one said. Every one turned their eyes to the men at the end of the bridge. Gato and several swordsmen laughed at the end of the bridge. "Now that you'll all tired out, I'll just have my men here kill you."

"ATTACK!" some one yelled. All the men started yelling and ran towards them. Sasuke and Kakashi both de-activated their Sharingans and tried to raise their swords, but there was no energy left. Soifon's wound started to bleed, Haku was drained of all energy, and Zabuza was barely conscious.

With no way to defend themselves, they waited for their deaths to come. Only some kind being was watching over them.

Snow flakes started to fall on the men. A single snow flake fluttered to the ground and flashed. All the men dropped to the ground, making it obvious that they were dead. A voice called down to them from the sky.

"Captain Soifon, this is quite a predicament you're in." the female captain looked into the air.

A set of people dropped to the ground by them. The leader was a small kid haori with a ten on it, a kimono top and hakama pants. A sword was strapped on his back and his hair was spiky and white.

The woman next to her had a huge chest and wore a similar outfit to the leader, with a necklace hanging around her neck and her sword hanging at her side.

The next person had the same outfit, with his sword at his side, and he was completely bald. The person next to him had short cut black hair and multi-colored feathers in his hair. His sword also hung at his side.

"Hitsugaya, why are you here?" Soifon asked as the man with the feathers in his hair started to heal her.

"The captains of the First and Third squads have been kidnapped. We don't know by whom but we suspect someone."

"It was Aizen. He sent us a scroll. He wants the new wielder of Senbonzakura." they all looked at the giant metal cube down the bridge.

"So now what?"

"We kill that slime at the end of the bridge!" Zabuza growled. Soifon waved her hand and a red light engulfed him.

Before they could continue, a roar caught their attention. A rip opened in the air. A man stepped out of the hole.

He wore a white version of the outfit Hitsugaya wore. His hair was blue, and a sword with a blue handle hung at his side.

"Great, Aizen's not gonna be happy to hear that brat is dead." the man turned to leave when the area started to glow.

The light was pink, and centered at the cube of metal.

"Why am I underneath a metal square?" some one asked. It was a mix of Narutos' voice and a voice that didn't give away the owner's sex.

The cube started to rise off the ground. It flew over the edge of the bridge and made a huge splash. Naruto popped his neck, back and knuckles.

A deep pink outline covered Naruto's body. He looked at the man in white, who was smiling evilly.

"Did I hear you say Aizen blue hair?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Naruto pulled out his sword and turned it upside down.

"I'm the spirit of Senbonzakura, the soul inside this blade. Aizen kidnapped my master Naruto's parents. If you know where he is, I can't let you escape." the bald guy and Hitsugaya's eyes both widened.

"Every body run, he's activating Bankai!" the bald man yelled.

"Relax Ikkaku, he wouldn't attack us." the woman said."

"Really Rangiku, and how do you know that? He's furious and not thinking straight!" Ikkaku argued.

"Would both of you shut up?" the man with the feathers in his hair said.

"Yeah, listen to Yumichika you morons." Hitsugaya ordered.

Kakashi, Sasuke, Tazuna, Haku and Zabuza looked at them in confusion.

"Bankai." Senbonzakura dropped the blade. But instead of clattering to the ground, it fazed through the ground and sent ripples through the stone like it was water.

Two rows of giant blades appeared behind Naruto. "Scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi." the blades exploded into cherry blossom petals and soared towards the man. They engulfed him in a giant spiral.

A few seconds later, a red blast of energy exploded through the dome and the man jumped out. He landed on the bridge and snapped.

The hole he had stepped out of expanded to enormous size and thousands of masked creatures jumped out. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi flowed back around Naruto.

"Hollows, destroy all Soul Reapers!" a second hole opened behind the man and he stepped back into it.

The creatures all jumped, ran, or swam towards Naruto, who imply stood there. The hollow piled on top of him. Hitsugaya, Ikkaku, Rangiku, and Yumichika all drew their swords, but before they could attack, the holes screamed. Spikes of cherry blossom petals shot through their backs.

Hollows started to fly through the air. Naruto raised a hand in the air. Soifon and the rest of the Soul Reapers gasped as a spectral projection of Byakuya Kuchiki appeared over him.

He started to move his hands around, making the petals pierce hollow and disintegrate them. In a moment, almost all of the hollow were gone. A single hollow remained. He had an elongated mouth with sharp fangs, claws, pale purple skin and armor plating covering his body.

Senbonzakura Kageyoshi rose into the air and piled on top of the hollow. A scream echoed around them as the petals disappeared, taking the projection of Byakuya with them. Naruto dropped to his knees, breathing heavily.

He looked over to Soifon and saw she was alright. He fell forward onto the bridge as a red and pink energy swirled around his body, healing him.


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