Chapter 13: The Happily Ever After


"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do we have to stop dating?"

I shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot and tried to look away. Edward touched my face and brought my eyes back to his.

I tried to think of something to say but couldn't. Finally, I said lamely, "But we weren't dating."

"Bella, we spent tons of time together, we kissed, we talked about everything, we even went on dates. I know some of it was for show, but it meant more to me than that. I'm hoping that it meant more to you too."

I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes as I looked into his and saw the truth. He really did care about me. There was no one here to pretend for, the prank was over, and he still wanted me. I buried my face in his chest and breathed him in.

"Bella? I'm trying to be patient, but I'd really like to know what you're thinking right now."

I took a second to wipe the moisture from my eyes and looked into his. "I'm thinking that I'm very lucky. The whole time I was wishing it was real, and now it will be."

Edward mouth slid into his crooked grin and it made my heart leap. He bent his head and tenderly brushed my lips with his own. He brought his hand up to hold my face and brushed my cheekbone tenderly with his thumb. "Now we just have to break the news to our friends."

"What? And have them gloat that they won even though we got them so well? You know Alice will be murderous. I was enjoying her being speechless way too much!"

"Everything has it's price, Bella love, am I worth a little gloating?"

"That and so much more, Edward. That and so much more." I leaned in to him and stole another kiss before taking his hand and leading him back to the party to face our friends.