I skipped out of the studio, and through the gymnasium, where I swore I saw the other two boys staring at me as I went. I stepped out to the reception area where Jessica still sat at the desk, lazily looking at her fingernails.

"Leaving already?" she asked, suddenly looking up at me when she heard my footsteps.

"Yeah, sorry. Nice meeting you!" I said over my shoulder, stepping out to the humid air of Forks, Washington. It almost burned my throat from the sudden changing out atmospheres.

But, I kept going out to my bulbous truck, just wanting to leave. I was so embarrassed, exactly how much could he have seen? I didn't like people knowing that I danced, it was a talent I preferred to keep to myself, aside from my mom, dad, and close friends. That's why I refused to participate in dance school, for the fear of the crowd of people's eyes peering at me. It made me shiver just thinking about it.

I shoved the keys into the ignition, and turned them, causing the engine to groan and grind until finally it sputtered to life. I looked up out of the foggy windshield to see Edward standing on the front steps, a confused look plastered on his face.

Of course, I felt a little bad running out so quickly the way I did, but I was never one for confrontation. Plus, if I was going to be attending Forks High School with him, that would make it ten times worse. Then, he'd actually know exactly who I was, tell his friends, 'Hey, I saw her dancing at the YMCA, that's Bella!' and that would definitely not be a good thing.

So, instead, I drove back home. It was easier this time, too. The rain had quit, now just a gentle mist, and the street signs were more familiar now.

When I made it back home, Charlie still hadn't come back from the police station. It must have been going well for him, then. So, I went upstairs, and threw my dance bag on the bed, and groaned. I was so tired, and I'd have to start school Monday- yippee?

I went into the bathroom, and stripped down to nothing, and turned on the shower the hottest it would go. I wanted nothing more than to just feel the warm water on my back, how good that would feel.

Letting down my hair, and I stepped into the scorching hot shower, and squeezed my eyes shut, enduring the pain silently. Eventually, it cooled down a little- or so it seemed- and I began to enjoy it.

But one disappointment I seemed to have was that I couldn't get Edward off of my mind. The way his deep green eyes looked into mine across the room, and his flawless perfectly proportioned cheekbones sat prominent under his eyes, flushed red. My heartbeat quickened just thinking about him.

And this was out of the question. I didn't want a crush in Forks, I didn't need one, there was no use. Especially not a boy like Edward, he was just too good for me. I tried my hardest to focus on the water pounding against my back to force the thought of Edward Cullen out of my mind, but I failed.

I finally gave up, and shut the water off. I wrapped a warm towel around myself, and stood in front of the foggy mirror. I reached out a hand, and wiped away the fog, and stared at myself in the mirror.

Right, what did he want with me? Probably nothing, he probably just liked my dancing. I rolled my eyes, and opened the door and watched the steam roll out of the doorway. "Charlie?" I called to see if he was home.

"Yeah, Bells?" I heard him reply.

"Hi, just checking to see if you were home." I said, back.

"Yeah, how'd it go today?" he asked. I sighed.

"It was nice, I really like it there. How did your day go?" I asked him.

"Great! I got the job, I'm now Police Chief Swan." He said, and I could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke so fondly of himself.

"That's great, Dad. I'm happy for you. I think I'm going to go to bed, I'm really tired."

"Alrighty, Bells. Night, love you." He said, and I headed back off into my room.

I slipped on my green shorts, and my comfy, oversized shirt that I loved so much, and nestled under the warm covers. I slowly drifted off to sleep, and finally, lost the battle against my eyelids.

The sun shone through the thin curtains from the window, and unwillingly opened my eyes. I looked at the clock I had placed on the floor because I lacked a side table, and it said 12:30. That was just too late. I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen where I saw a note from Charlie.

Morning, Bells, there's stuff in the fridge that I bought on my way home from work. Doing some more shopping today, just enjoy yourself. Love, Charlie.

How was I supposed to enjoy myself, exactly? I would go to YMCA, but I just didn't want to run into Edward again. So, I decided to make myself a sandwich.

I went with the simple peanut butter and jelly, and stood at the counter, looking absent mindedly out the window over the sink, nibbling on the crust of my sandwich as I did.

I heard a gentle knock at the door, and I was startled. I jumped a little, and went over to answer. My hair was a disgusting mess, so first I fixed it up a bit, throwing it into a ponytail holder.

When I opened the door, a short dark brown haired girl stood at the door with a plate covered in aluminum foil. Her hair extended to just past her shoulders, she had a polite smile on her face as she spoke. "Hi, I'm Angela. I heard you were new to the neighborhood, so I brought you a little something, sort of as a house warming gift." She chuckled, and handed the plate over to me.

I reached out o take it, and was surprised at how heavy it was, and dropped it on the ground, luckily, the foil held everything in.

"Oh God!" I said, bending down to pick up the plate. "I-I'm so sorry! I'm such a klutz!" I picked up the, thankfully plastic, plate and invited Angela into the house.

I set the plate on the counter next to my half eaten sandwich and turned back to her. "Thank you, very much. That's so nice of you to do that for us." I said, trying to make up for dropping her gift.

"It's fine," she said, waving a little white hand. "No harm done. I never got your name though…" she said.

"Isabella Swan, but I like Bella best." I answered, turning to the fridge. "Would you like something to drink?" I offered.

"Just a glass of water, please. I can't stay long." She said, and I grabbed up cup from the cupboard and filled it with water.

"Here you go," I said handing the glass to her.

"Thanks," she replied, taking a sip. "So what grade are you in?" she asked me.

"I'm in eleventh. How about you?" I asked, Angela seemed really nice, and I hoped that she was in my grade.

"Same here," she smiled. "Wait…Swan…is your dad the new police chief?" she asked.

"Yeah, wow. News sure does travel fast in this town." I said, with a smile, and taking the foil off of the chocolate chip cookies Angela brought over, and picked one up, taking a big bite out of it.

"You'd be surprised," she said, laughing.

"These are delicious," I complimented her. "Take one," I said, holding the plate out to her as she reached out and grabbed one.

"Thanks, but I should probably get going. Hey, are you starting school tomorrow?" she asked me, about to go out the door.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, you could sit with me and my friends if you wanted to." She offered, and I smiled.

"Thanks, but I already promised a girl named Jessica I'd sit with her and her friends, I'm sorry."

"Jessica Stanley?" she asked, her eyebrows arching up.

I nodded, even though I had no idea if that was her last name. I took another bite of my cookie.

" That's my friend. Small world, huh?" she smiled, and waved goodbye, and she was gone. Well, at least I'm making a few fast friends.

I went back upstairs and brushed out my hair, an put it up into a neat bun. I grabbed my pair of flesh tights out of one of my bags, and a pair of yellow shorts and a white tank top. My dance shoes laid out of my dance bag, and I shoved them back in and grabbed my Pointe shoes and my iPod on my way out, too.

A half an hour later I ended up at the YMCA again. I shut off my car, and walked through the parking lot again when the same silver Volvo that I saw parked in the lot yesterday drove up behind me, squeezing in a space between two cars.

I kept going but was soon interrupted by a voice calling my name. I turned to face the person that I dreaded to see there most- Edward Cullen. I should have known, I should have known.