If I ever see his face again, I swear I'll explode. And not just explode, but probably start burning from within, then once the fuse hits my stomach acid I'll finally explode, smiling the whole ride.


Oh! Well, there he is.

"Rosanne, what have I told you!?" he burst through the library door and stalked towards me. His robes moved within each other as he moved, forcing the bright colors to fuse together in motion.

"What have you told me," I replied. I set the book I was reading down on the table and boredly looked up at him. His face was red and looked like it was about to pop, his eyes were bugging out and his teeth were bare. "You've told me a lot of things, Micheal."

"Do not call me Micheal. I am your father and you will address me as so!" He slammed his hand on the table and the book jumped. I quickly glanced at it then back to my fathers face.

"Fine, Father. WHAT have you told me?" I leaned back into my chair and crossed my legs. As soon as he began yelling I took a deep breathe and listened.

"I have told you never to go into the kitchen and bother the maids," he spat. "Now because of you the food is an hour late! All the guests have been doing is standing around, and that is NOT what I planned!!"

I waited and stood. "I'm sorry father. I won't do it again. Now aren't you supposed to be downstairs? Your guests are waiting." I looked him dorecty in the eye and waited.

His breathing calmed down, his eyes stopped bugging and his hands unclenched. "Rosanne, I don't know what to do with you. One day..." He murmered, but turned around and left the library.

I groaned and fell back into my chair. My head fell back and I stared at the blue painted ceiling, trying to calm down.

"One day..." I murmered. "What?"


After a few minutes I finally decided that I should probably be going downstairs. I made my way to the hallway and walked slowly, taking my time. I thought about my life, how small it seemed, stuck behind the barrier of the three foot thick cemented fence running around our castle. It tired me thinking of it; knowing that I'll probably never be free.

It saddens me.


I turned to my left and smiled. "Mary, what pleasure. Why are you up here? I thought you would be helping with the food."

Mary was one of the maids. She was a friend that always happened to be there when I was sad, and wasn't afraid to come cheer me up. Whenever I saw her she was always wearing her black and white maids dress that went to her knees, with white stalkings. Her hair would never be down; always up in a bun.

"Milady," she whispered. She was hiding behind a pillar. "I'm not allowed up here so I have to hurry. But I wanted to tell you before you went down to the party." Her eyes glanced in all directions and she took in a shaky breath.

"Rosanne...the vampires are here."

I gasped and narrowed my eyes. "Why? Why are they here?" She only shrugged then looked nervously to the stairs. "I have no idea," she whispered. "But everyone is nervous."

I looked over the the stairs. "I'm going to find out."

I picked up my dress and ran to the railing, looking over. My hands gripped the wood as I saw my father chatting with the vampire King. I composed my face and walked slowly down the stairs, never taking my eyes from my father and the vampire.

Micheal was short. Only when he was serious or angry did he look taller, but compared to the six foot vampire my father looked like a shrimp. Micheal's hair was whitening, though the vampires hair was a slick black, as well as his cape and clothing. It clashed rather horrifyingly to his white parchment skin and his red lips. When the vampire smiled it sent shivers to my spine and made me wince.

My father only looked humble to the vampire. And for some reason that made me angry.

"Where is your son?" I heard my father ask. The vampire laughed and shook his head.

"My son didn't want to come. He tells everyone that he hates these parties, saying he wants nothing to do with them." He laughed loudly. My father laughed with him.

"Hm, Articus, if you would allow, I would like to speak with you in private."

Articus? It seemed to be the name if the vampire, for he nodded and walked with Micheal to a private room.

My father didn't even notice I was there.


As I sat at the long and narrow dinner table, surrouded by nobles chatting amongst themselves, I caught eyes with Mary. She nervously smiled at me and I nodded and smiled back. She came over with a plate of grapes and held it in front of me. "Some grapes, Milady?" She asked in her server voice.

"Yes," I replied. "Thank you, Mary." I took one and popped it into my mouth.

"Would you like anything else, Madam?" she asked as she looked into my eyes. I swallowed my grape and nodded.

"Yes, Mary. Would you company me to the washing room?" I went close to her and whispered loud enough for the ladies to hear, "I think my corset is too tight; I feel faint."

The ladies around me instantly looked less suspicious and began to chat again. I hated how much gossip these women threw around; I tried to stay away from it as much as I could, not caring about a word they said.

Mary nodded and she helped me from my seat, taking me from the dining room and into another hall way.

I stopped in the middle, not bothering to go to the washroom. "I couldn't find anything out," I said quickly. "But it is odd that my father wanted to talk with Articus."


"The vampire King," I said quickly. She gasped but I only stared at the wall.

Nothing made sense.

We went back to the table and I took my seat just as my father brought all attention to himself by clinging his glass. He cleared his throat and looked at every person, his eyes only skipping over me. "I have an announcement to make."

I narrowed my eyes as he spoke.

"As you all know, Aticus, the king of vampires, is here to accompany us this evening." Aticus raised his glass as if we all needed to know who he was.

We needed no help, trust me.

"I have had a talk with Aticus a little while ago. As all of you know, the vampires and humans have not exactly lived in peace. We are afraid of each other, cringing at each others' sights."

Wrong Micheal, I thought, only the humans cringe at the vampires.

"I seek to change this. Aticus and I have made a pact. Something that will help change our frieghtened world." He cleared his throat and looked at everyone again, again skipping me.

"We wish to make an alliance, Aticus and I. Aticus has a son, seventeen years of age. As you all know, I have a daughter, sixteen years of age."

I sharply looked at Micheal, only standing there, addressing the whole peoples yet totally avoiding me. What was he up to?

Everyone waited in silence for him to finish.

"Our children will wed in order to join our two worlds."

I stared in shock at my father as people erupted in words around me. He finally looked into my eyes and all I saw was a hardness that made my throat constrict.

"One day..."

Was this what you meant, Father?

Someone screamed as everything went black.


I quickly sat up in my bed and Mary laughed. "Calm down," she murmered. "It isn't time yet."

"I swear I haven't slept all night," I replied roughly. My throat felt like sand paper. Mary calmy handed me a glass of water and let me drink it.

"I can believe that. It's knid of unnerving to know what's going ot happen, yet not at the same time."

I raised my brow and studied her. "What?"

She laughed again and shook her head. "Never mind. I'll explain later. You need to sleep, though. The moon is only halfway through."

I looked out to the wondow and sighed. Of course it was only halfway; fate wants me to worry.

"I can sing to you," she whispered. "I haven't in a while; Maybe it will help you. It helped you before."

I had stiffened, and now I slowly looked over at her. We only stared at each other and I sighed. "Do you think I'm ready for tomorrow?"

A week has passed by since I had fainted at the party. Tomorrow at noon, Aticus would be bringing his son for us to meet. There would be a lunch together, then Aticus would leave and his son would stay.

I still don't even know the son's name; I asked my father, but he said that the vampire son didn't know mine either.

For safety reasons.

I sighed on my bed and gazed at the ceiling. Mary continued her knitting and rocked back and forth in her moving chair.

Mary was there to watch me, to make sure I wouldn't leave my room and escape. Since we were alone she was able to act her usual carefree self, which calmed me more than anything else. I could hear the clinking of her knitting tools and I smiled for no reason at all.

"Of course," Mary replied righy away. "You're the most strongest woman I know; and I know for sure you can handle anything."

"Thank you."

"You're very welcome, Rose."

I smiled fondly at the name. I loved that name. I already felt better than before.

A moment of silence passed and I turned toward Mary. "Mary...could you...sing to me?"

She looked up at me and smiled. "Of course."

When moons pass by, and children understand....
When parents stand and give a helping hand....
When love is shown and the world is so bright,
When we lived together during morning and night.....

I smiled contently and closed my eyes.

While smiles are shown, and people are known
For their beautiful words and eyes and faces
Ignoring the races
Yet we still go so fast...
'Cause we know this won't always last...

I drifted off into the fullest sleep I've had in years.


Pacing wasn't doing anything. Neither was sitting, or standing, or just plain anything.

The vampire king and prince had already arrived, yet were taking their sweet time getting dressed for the lunch. My father had forced me to wear my most flattering dress, but the only problem was, was the corset was the tightest. Mary had told me to take it easy tonight, just in case.

Yes, like I could take it easy, even if it was just in case!

"Rosanne, calm down. They could be here any second."

"That's what you said many seconds ago, Father." It was probably the longest sentence I had said to him in days.

Immediately when I had heard steps from the stairs I respectfully took a place behind my father and lowered my head, closing my eyes. I kept my hands to my side, yet they itched to fuss with the red lace and blue silk.

I heard them whispering fiercely and I wanted so much to open my eyes and see, but I knew if I did it would be horrible. My father would shame me to no end.

For a woman, to land your eyes on a male during a meeting was highly disrespectful, as well as standing in front of a male. Females had to lower their eyes and heads in respect before being allowed to see.

It's a whole bunch of stupid, if you'd ask me.

But of course you wouldn't, because I'm a woman.

Enough of my madness.

"Ah, Micheal, so nice to see you again!" I heard Aticus say. The second pair of footsteps stopped just as he spoke and I took in a deep breath, trying to calm my butterflies. I was strong, and I would be strong.

I hoped.

"So nice to see you too Aticus, Lovely having you here! How was your ride?"

I swear I was beginning to sweat. I could feel my hair beginning to stick to the back of my neck, and the little wisps grazing my cheek making it tickle.

"I'm not looking forward taking another one, but I suppose it will be quicker without my boy complaining the whole way," he said jokingly. "Speaking of which.." there was a slight silence then, "Son! Come."

I felt a presence next to me and knew it was my father. "I want you to meet my daughter."

A pair of footsteps began to walk toward me. "Why is her head down?"

"Well..." my father tried to begin.

"You see my lord," I said with my head still down. I began to smile without humor. "It is improper and impolite to lift your head before a male. For her to see him before he saw her would be disastrous!" I said sarcastically. Then I mumbled, "Only if you were female of course."

"My father gripped my forarm and whispered fiercely in my ear, "Daughter! We will have non of your words!"

"I don't care," the boy said. His footsteps began again but I was distracted by his voice. It was so clear, so soft, yet so...

taunting. I felt myself get annoyed by his tone.

"Lift up your head."

I sighed and lifted my head up slowly, and just as slowly bringing my eyes to his face. Micheals' hand slipped from my arm.

I took in his figure, saw lean muscles through a white ruffle shirt and black silk pants. His jacket was long, trailing to the floor as a cape yet had sleeves for his arms. He was standing straight, and when I got to his face...

.....no words.

I saw his strong chin, high cheek bones. I saw his nose, I saw his white, shimmery skin and I saw his lips pulled into a straight line, so serious. I took in his slicked black night hair before finally landing on his eyes.

His eyes were still roaming my face and I studied his purple orbs. Purple! He finally met my eyes and we practically glared at each other though inside my stomach was flipping.

"Well," Aticus said, "Shall we go outside for lunch?"


I stared at Lidium as I took a sip of tea. He was staring back at me, watching me drink.

Slightly, it was unnerving.

"Eat your food Lidium," his father ordered him.

He ignored his father and spoke. "So, Rosanne, you seem to have strong feelings on the way women are treated in your city."

My father sighed and rubbed his temples. "Please don't get her started," he said.

Too late.

"Well, Lidium," I smirked, "I very much do. I think its terrible how we're always thought of as lowly; that we can't do anything but cook, clean, and..." I paused, looked him in the eyes and raised a brow. "Other things."

He raised his eyebrows at my comment and smiled. "Oh really? Hm...."

The way he looked at me made my heart skip a beat. I purposefully ignored it and took another sip of my tea.

I began to feel light headed and lightly put the cup down, closing my eyes and tking in a breathe of air. My head settled and I opened my eyes.

He was staring at me, looking confused. He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by my father.

"So, Lidium, what do you do on your spare time?"

"I ride," he immediately answered. I smiled to myself at the double meaning and held back a giggle. His eyes went to mine and he smiled, showing his sharp teeth. I was surprised to see them and blinked a few times before looking at his eyes.

He purposefully closed his mouth again and looked back at my father. "I like to ride my horse, Feather. I brought her here and put her in your stable; I hope that was all right."

My father coughed and said, "Yes, of course."

For some reason my corset seemed to get tighter. I took in shorter breathes but more quickly so I could get more air. I began to feel light headed and leaned back in my chair.

"Milady...Rosanne...are you all right?" Lidium began to stand but I waved him back down.

"Just peachy," I said and took another longer breath. "I'm perfectly fine. Go on with your conversation while I try to get a handle on myself."

I have never fainted because of a corset. The only time I've ever fainted was when my father announced the marriage. That was it.

But I felt that I would faint again in this damn corset.

I remember wearing it when I fourteen; perhaps it was time to get rid of it.

Lidium kept glancing at me as I fought for breath. His knuckled were white as he clenched his hand, and he began to look more worried.

I looked him in the eyes and tried to smile, when a sudden horrifying thought came to my mind.

I can't breath!

He suddenly stood and announced, "She can't breath!" He went to my side instantly and took hold of my hand while with his other pulled out a dagger. He roughly pushed me forward, and with the dagger, cut the ribbons of my corset.

I held my free hand to my chest so my corset wouldn't fall. I took a much needed gulp of air and closed my eyes. I hadn't realized I was squeezing Lidium's hand, but I didn't care. I needed something to hold.

He knelt beside me and handed me a water. I looked at it and at my corset and sighed.

I was able to sigh!

He squeezed my hand before I let go and grabbed the water and took a drink.

"Lidium!" Aticus yelled. "How could you do that!? You ripped her dress!"

"I helped her breath," he said loudly. "What was I supposed to do? Watch as she fainted?"

His words were as sharp as his dagger and I smiled.

If he talked back to his father like that, just maybe we could get along.


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