Summary: Bella loves racing cars. But Charlie, her dad, doesn't approve of this dangerous sport. Her older brother Emmett loves racing too. He knows how much Bella loves racing, so he enters her in a Championship Race. But, Bella has to keep her identity a secret so Charlie doesn't find out. So she always put her hair up in her helmet and goes by the named of "Izzy". Then starts racing and meets the infamous Edward Cullen. It's love at first sight, for Bella. Edward…thinks she's a guy.

Chapter 1: I'm Screwed


Burn It to the Ground: Nickleback


"Dad", I started, "CanIpleaseraceinthechampionshippleeeaaasseee!!!!" My dad, Charlie, was a cop in the little town of Forks. And also, the most over-protective father in the universe!

"What?" he replied.

"Can I race in the Championship PLEASE?" I begged. Ever since I was 8, I was behind the wheel of a car. I loved racing, the adrenaline, the speed. It was exhilarating.

"No." He simply said. Grrrr! He was not open-minded at all! It drove me crazy!

"Why not! You let Emmett race! Why not me?" What, did he think girls couldn't drive?

"Bells, I just don't want to see you get hurt." He went on.

But Dad! That's not fa-"He cut me off.

"End of discussion." He said firmly.

I threw my hands up in the air. "GAH!!!!!" I stormed out of the house and went straight to me pride and joy. My midnight blue Ferrari. It was my first step to heaven. Emmett just got home from his date with Rosalie. She was one of my best friends.

"Was up lil' sis?" He started ruffling my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"Go away Emmett" I growled. I wasn't putting up with this right now. I opened my car door. Emmett grabbed my door. Of course I couldn't close the door when Emmett was holding on to it. He was ripped.

"I'll talk to him Bells." He said quietly.

"What's the use", I muttered, "everyone has talked to him. You, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Billy, even Jacob!" Alice and Rosalie are my two bests friends in the whole wide world. Jasper is Alice's boyfriend. Billy is my dad's best friend and Jacob is his son. Also, my racing enemy. He just wants me to race so he can try to beat Me.; never has happened, never will.

"I'll try again Bells. It'll work out. We'll think of something." He reassured me. I hoped out of my car and gave him a big hug. He can be so annoying, but he is the best brother ever.

"I'm going to Alice's tonight. Don't wait up." I joked. I playfully punched his shoulder, which he returned. I got back in my car and sped off to Alice's house. I grabbed my cell phone and called Alice.

"Hey Bella!!!" Alice's cheery voice answered. She was so happy all the time; my fun little pixie of a friend.

"Hey Alice. Can I crash at you place tonight?" she didn't really need an explanation. This has been happening a lot lately. With the Race less than a week away, I've been talking to my dad more and more. It always ends up like this.

"Of course Bella! Hey! I'll call Rosalie!! Oh my gosh! It'll be fun Bells."

"Alice. You're the best!" She really was.

"You know it! See ya in a little bit, Bye!" she piped.

"'Kay. Bye." I hung up. It was about a fifteen minute drive to her place. When I pulled in I saw her yellow Porsche and Rosalie's red BMW. I got out of the car and walked right in. Esme was in the kitchen cooking.

"Hey Esme." I said causally. I came here about three times a week.

"Hello Bella." She smiled at me and returned to cooking. I walked up stairs to find Alice and Rosalie painting their toenails. My face went white.

"Bella. You're next." Alice ginned evilly. This was going to be a long night.