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Bella POV

Yeah. I'm dead.

I knew it. I love you Dad. I love you Emmett. I love you Rosalie. I love you Alice. I love you Jasper. I love you…Edward.

Oh shit. Edward.

Okay so maybe he does love me, or maybe he doesn't. I don't know!

I'm so confused.

But it doesn't matter anymore because I am dead. DEAD!

Oh, great. I see the light. It's getting brighter now. If only I could just open my eyes, and see it.

I opened my eyes and saw Edward.

Oh, I'm not dead.

Edward was sitting on the crappy hospital chair, looking miserable.

What have I done to him? Everything is ruined. I don't want to live now.

I shut my eyes hard, trying to make it all go away. And then I opened them again. Dammit. There's Edward. I shut them again, harder. Dang it!! Why can't I just die already!!

"Bella?" Edward's velvety voice asked. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He had purple bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. "What are you doing?"

I sighed. "I'm trying to make everything go away." Then I closed my eyes gently and leant my head on the itchy pillow.


I scoffed. "Everything is ruined." I stated.

"Bella. Look at me."

I opened my eyes and was eaten up by Edward's.

"Bella. We need to talk." Oh, great. He was giving me the talk. The 'I'm sorry Bella. I mean these past few days have been great but, I need to move on' talk.

"Bella, I'm sorry." Is what I got instead.

I looked at him incredulously. "You're sorry?"

"I know. It's a horrible excuse but-"

"Why are you sorry Edward? I'm the one who should be sorry. I lied to you. And I feel horrible for it, I really do. I don't know how you could forgive me."

He started laughing that musical laugh. "Bella. I am sorry. If I would have told you it was okay, and that I still loved you immediately, you wouldn't be in this mess."

"Edward. You always think everything is your fault. I take the blame for this one. If I wouldn't have ran into the woods like a little girl, I would've been fine."

He tried to smile, but it quickly turned into a frown.

"Bella. I need you to understand this," he looked at me seriously, "I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you." I fell prisoner to his eyes.

"Oh cut the rap and just kiss already!" an impatient pixie ordered from the doorway.

We looked over to see everyone watching us, with a rather angry Alice in the front.

"That sounds fine with me." I smiled to Edward.

"Just perfect." He said huskily.

Then he crashed his lips to mine.

It was the most eager, hungry, passionate, beautiful kiss we had ever shared. This was the perfect ending to a not so perfect week.

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