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Master Qui-Gon Jinn strode silently through the halls of the Jedi Temple, returning from a typical, bothersome Council briefing at a time when most other sane Jedi were comfortable in their beds. It took the better part of four hours for the Council to convey their relatively simple desire. They wanted Qui-Gon to depart on another mission, immediately. Qui-Gon sighed inwardly as he palmed the lock to his quarters. He often thought that the Council purposely forwent summoning him until they knew it was an hour when he would normally be sleeping verses standing stiffly in the center of the Council chambers, giving audience to the long-winded descriptions of his many assignments.

Upon entering, Qui-Gon sought out his apprentice. Rather than checking the boy's bed chambers, due to the late hour, Qui headed straight for the small balcony extending from the main chamber. Soundlessly sliding the door open, he stepped out into the comfortable, climate-controlled night, his eyes landing on the figure sleeping peacefully in one of the chairs. Qui-Gon smiled down at his apprentice, glad to see the boy getting some much needed rest. Obi-Wan had been suffering from excruciating nightmares for the past few weeks, leaving him both emotionally and physically drained. Qui-Gon had suffered also, not been able to obtain the sleep his body needed, for he had been up, comforting his distraught padawan, soothing him to the few moments of precious sleep that were unplagued by the horrible images. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan could not recall any full reason for the panic attacks which roughly aroused him every night. All he could remember were bits and pieces, a crashed transport, a bright light... pain. There was more, but no matter how long he meditated on it, he simply could not remember.

Because of this, Qui-Gon loathed the thought of waking his apprentice from the only sound sleep he had had in weeks. Instead, he draped his robe over the boy for warmth and left to pack for their waiting mission. It wasn't much time, but it was time Qui-Gon could give. He only hoped it made a difference.

Twenty minutes later, Qui-Gon realized he could stall no longer. He had triple checked their travel bags in an attempt to justify the extra ten minutes of rest he had given his padawan, but he knew that if he checked them over again, he would have to face a four hour long council session on how a Jedi shouldn't be so unsure of himself that he has to check his bags again, let alone three times more.

"Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon said gently as he knelt next to the chair, putting him at eye level with his apprentice. The boy's eyes fluttered and, after a soft mental nudge, slowly opened.

"Master?" Obi-Wan asked, his voice thick with sleep. He reluctantly rubbed his eyes in an effort to wake up, then looked up at his master, struggling to focus.

"We have been assigned to a mission. I'm sorry to wake you, but the Council wishes us to leave immediately," Qui-Gon sighed, "Perhaps you will be able to sleep on the transport,"

Obi-Wan nodded his acknowledgment, too groggy to form coherent words, and languidly stood stretching out the impressive stiffness in his back, due to spending the last few hours curled in a cushion less chair...the Jedi were never known for the comfort of their furniture. He, with an automatic ritual born of countless night departures for missions, then checked to make sure all the lights were off in the few roomed apartment, grabbed his bag and followed his master into the hall, the door closing behind them.

* * *

The two passed through the deserted passages of the Temple, making their way towards the transport landing area. As he nearly ran to keep up with his master's long stride, Obi-Wan could feel his mind slowly clearing. The few hours of peaceful rest he received seemed only to increase the feeling of exhaustion which covered his body like a warm blanket, but he knew that it had helped, even if he couldn't feel its effects at the moment.

When they arrived one of the men on late night duty awoke from his nap long enough to direct them to their waiting vessel, which was currently being refueled on platform nine.

"Luck on your mission. Take good care of Ol' Reliable," the engineer called to their backs as he stifled a yawn. With one last glance at the pair, he propped his feet up on a consul, pulled his cap over his eyes and soon returned to dreamland.

The Jedi had little time to ponder the nickname given to their transport by the engineer, for their worst fears were realized soon enough.

"Master, what in Force's name did you say to the Council?" Obi-Wan managed to ask as he stared, opened mouthed, at the abomination presently being refueled in the loading dock assigned to their ship.

Obi-Wan walked up to the side of the vessel and softly knocked on it, as if checking to see if it would withstand the extremely slight disturbance. From the look on his face, wincing with each touch, it was as if he believed it would fall apart and crush him at any moment. The decades of space dust which drifted down from their residence behind the loose plate, onto Obi-Wan's boot did nothing but confirm the notion that the ship was about to collapse.

"Master, the Council can't possibly force us to take this," he said, gesturing to the mound of metal next to him, "It's older than Master Yoda!"

"Hmmm, speak ill of others you should not. Especially when come to wish you a safe journey they do," Master Yoda stated as he hobbled from behind a corner of the docking bay. Qui-Gon looked at the diminutive master, wondering just what the little troll was doing hiding back there, but bowed respectfully, as did his apprentice.

"Have you know I will that older than I, this ship is not. Took it for it's first flight I did when a padawan I was," Yoda said to the boy, hiding a smirk as Obi-Wan's eyes went wide with the thought of how old Master Yoda implied the ship was.

"We thank you, master, for your concern," Qui-Gon replied, after a moment of suppressing the twitch that pulled on the corners of his mouth as he observed his padawan's reaction to the aged master's joke. Thank the Force he knew it was a joke. He glanced at the ship. At least, he thought so.

Yoda scoffed, "Thank me do not. Return here unharmed you must. Much darkness in your future I sense."

After a few tense moments, Yoda opened his mouth to speak again, but was cut off by an engineer announcing that the ship was refueled and ready for take off. Yoda turned in the direction of the engineer, studied the man for a moment, then turned back to the two Jedi.

"Well? Want me to lead you aboard by the hand you do? Go," Yoda pointed to the ramp. Both Jedi groaned, but obeyed. As they went up the ramp, Obi noticed the name of the ship, painted on the side shuttle, over the wing. Amaranth. A legendary flower of a planet far, far away, that was famed for its everlasting beauty.

"Who named this ship? The person sure had a flair for irony," Obi-Wan said wryly as he passed through the door onto the ship.

"Be silent Obi-Wan...it was probably Yoda," Qui-Gon said, mock reproaching his apprentice as he entered, then turned to shut the hatch.

"Heard that I did!"

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