My two entries for the 'Letters from Sera' project for Easy-Seven on the Gears of War forums on Epic Games Forums. www. forums. epicgames. com (Remove spaces)

Letters from Sera - Hell


That word has been spread around through camp after camp. A single word to describe the surroundings that we are faced with day after day. Smoke-filled skies, burning buildings, streets lined with rotted bunkers, locust carcasses, and the never ending flash of gunpowder followed by the clinking of shell casings hitting the ground below. This place, this endless battlefield of blood and bone, stained with death like smoke on a window pane. This crimson-stained world often called 'hell', I scoffed while gripping the handle on the ceiling of the King Raven, looking below. This was more than Hell and as of now it would be a release compared to this stained world.