Summoning/Demon Thought

Chapter 1- A Deal With Demon Eyes

"No! Stop, leave me alone!" a bruised blonde-haired kid shouted fearfully at the mob. A man stepped forward and back-handed him, "Silence, demon, your existence will end here! Shi ne!" he said cruelly as he brought down the pitchfork down on the boy's head.

Suddenly he stopped and slid to the floor, dead. The boy looked up to see a black-haired man who held an elegant katana that seemed to be able to cut anything like butter. "Who…are you?" a random person asked the stranger.

The stranger replied in a dangerous tone, "That is none of your concern…why are you attacking this boy?" The same man scoffed as he said, "Boy…ha, this "boy" is a demon, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The stranger fixated his red eyes on the boy, "Ah…I see." The boy's cerulean eyes became fearful, "I knew it…he is just like them, I'm gonna die here." He thought miserably.

"But…" the stranger continued, "If he was a demon, this village along with you people would be non-existent, which proves that he is a gaki through and through." The boy looked up at the mysterious samurai with surprise.

The supposed spokesman of the murderous mob rallied them together, "He is in league with the demon, come on, he is just one man, kill him!" The mob charged at the samurai, who whispered softly, "I will show you a true demon." His eyes flashed a burning crimson red while he let loose an evil smirk.

He disappeared and instantly the mob splattered into scattered pieces of flesh and blood. Blood splattered on the walls and street as the mysterious samurai flicked the blood off his sword and sheathed it. He made a move to go until someone pulled the back of his pants.

He took out his katana and aimed at the figure. His cold crimson eyes met blue piercing eyes. "Interesting…he didn't flinch and he seemed to hold up with the gore and blood…he is not afraid of losing his life." The man thought.

"Do you want to come with me, gaki?" he said to the boy, "If you do, you will live a life where you must kill to survive." The boy answered, "Your power…is intoxicating. I want…it to protect myself and maybe others that I care about, so I…will come with you."

The man then asked, "What is your name, boy?" The boy looked up, "Naruto…Uzumaki Naruto." The man said, "I'm Kyo…Demon Eyes Kyo. Ikuze, boy!"

Naruto nodded, "Hai, Kyo-sempai." The two walked out of the alley, but never noticed that they left a witness. The witness happened to be Naruto's one and only stalker, Hinata Hyuga, the shy heiress of the prestigious Hyuga clan.

She thought to herself, "I must save Naruto-kun!" She jumped out of her hiding spot and yelled, "S-Stop!" The two turned to see the little Hyuga standing there, her knees shaking. "H-Hinata?!" Naruto said, "What are you doing here?" Kyo said, "You know her?" Naruto nodded, "Hai, she is one of my classmates and the only one who talks to me at all."

Kyo looked at Hinata, who shuddered at his cold gaze. "N-Naruto-kun, please…please don't leave." Kyo looked at the girl, "She…is in love with him." He thought to himself before he looked at Hinata, "Oi, gaki, how about this, I will take Naruto for six years and then bring him back to you when he is strong enough to protect himself and you."

The legendary samurai said. "Do y-you promise, mister," the shy Hyuga said. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Kyo said, dismissing her. "Do not worry, Hinata-chan, I will be back and be stronger than ever. I will be Hokage and protect you and my friends." Naruto said assuredly.

Hinata looked into his cerulean eyes that she secretly loved so much. "Alright, Naruto-kun." Naruto then ran to her and gave her a hug. "Arigotou, Hinata-chan." Piñata's eyes widened as she felt himself falling into unconsciousness.

Hospital-Hinata's eyes slowly opened to find herself inside the hospital and peered into the kind face of the Hokage. "Hello, Hinata, welcome back." He said. "Hi, Hokage-sama," the shy Hyuga said without stuttering. "Where am I?"

Sarutobi smiled, "The hospital, a chunin found you unconscious and near the alley where we found you, it appeared that there was a massacre there. What happened?"

Hinata answered, "A mob attacked Naruto, but then a man named Kyo came and killed them. He took Naruto." Sarutobi's face grew serious as he said, "This Kyo, were his eyes crimson?" Hinata nodded meekly, and then Sarutobi replied, "Alright, that's enough. Thank you, Hinata."

The Sandaime rose to leave until Hinata said, "Do not worry, Naruto will be back, stronger than ever." The Hokage turned to her in surprise as she stared at her window, looking at the moon. "And I…" she continued, "Will be stronger too."

6 years later- A boy dressed in black baggy pants and wore black armor and boots (a/N: Think of Blade's outfit in Blade 2). He also had a katana strapped to his back and his right hip. His hair and eyes were covered by the shades and his straw hat.

"Hmph…this place has not changed a bit, but have the people changed?" the boy thought. "Halt, state your name, stranger." The chunin said. The boy turned to her and lifted his hat. "You! You…have survived Demon Eyes Kyo." The boy chuckled a bit, "HN…Kyo-sempai was brutal, but yeah, I guess you could say that. Now may I pass?" The chunin nodded dumbly as the boy passed by her. "So…he has returned. Naruto Uzumaki has returned." She said softly.

Hokage's office- the Sandaime sighed as he denied yet again another request for ROOT to reform again. "That bastard Danzo never quits, does he?" he muttered, "I can never get a break."

Suddenly a voice said, "Wanna retire, Sarutobi-jiji-san." The Hokage looked up to see a boy in front of him and whipped out a kunai from his sleeve, asking, "Who are you and how did you get in here?" The boy grasped his heart, "Ahh…that hurts, old man and I thought that you of all people would recognize me."

Sarutobi looked at him closely and gasped, "Naruto?! Is that really you?" Naruto answered, "Is there anybody that is good-looking like me, the answer is no, by the way." Sarutobi chuckled, "Yep, that is definitely you. What have you been doing this past six years, Naruto?"

The 12-year-old replied, "I have been training and figuring out how to control the Kyuubi's chakra." The Hokage dropped his pipe, "You know about the Kyuubi?!" Naruto nodded, "And my heritage, some friends from Iwa decided to play with me and they told me about it. We send a ninja from our group to get a blood sample of the Yondaime and it was a match. I was mad at first, but realized I could have been arrogant and stuck up or likely killed or held ransom, so thanks for protecting from the worst."

The Hokage sat back, "Well then, come back later to pick up the keys to the estate and your inheritance. I assume you want to be a ninja, so I will send a note to evaluate your abilities." The old man took out a document, signed it and handed into Naruto. Naruto thanked him and disappeared in a wind shunshin. "Indeed…you have gotten stronger, Naruto." The old man thought.

Academy- "For the last time, damn it, Kiba. No, I will not go out with you." Hinata said, rubbing her temples for the umpteenth time. The feral-looking boy said, "Ah, c'mon, Hinata, I promise you will have a good time."

Hinata glared at him, "I said NO! Now leave me alone." When Iruka was about to stop Kiba, the door was busted down and a blonde, muscular boy clad in black walked in with his shades and straw hat on.

Most of the girls blushed and some of the boys commented on how badass he looked. Naruto walked up to Iruka and handed him the document. Iruka gave it an once-over and said, "Class, it appears we have a new classmate. Please introduce yourself." He said with a warm smile.

Naruto took off his hat and shades, making Hinata gasp as he said, "Naruto Uzumaki, but it seems that my true name is actually Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash and Kushina Uzumaki, the Crimson Angel."

Everyone except Hinata and Shino had to pick up their jaws off the floor. Naruto walked up to find a seat beside Hinata and he turned to her, saying, "Hey there, Hinata-chan, have you been well?" Hinata did something that she had not done in six years since that day-she smiled. "Yes, Naruto-kun, I have been well."

Naruto smiled at her, "I'm so glad, Hinata-chan, it's been six years since we last met on that day." Hinata answered back, "Yes, it has." Suddenly Kiba jumped into the conservation rudely. "Hey, you, how do you know Hinata-chan so familiarly?"

Naruto looked at him, "I'm sorry…did you say something?" Kiba growled at him, "You come up all of a sudden and claimed to be the Yondaime's son. What a load of bullshit!" Naruto merely looked at the Inuzuka and pulled out a scroll.

"That scroll…it's…,"a pink-haired girl gasped out. "I would expect Haruno-san to figure that out since her family is the keepers of the secret family scrolls. This so happens to be a Namikaze scroll and if someone other than a Namikaze tries to open it, they get a little shock from it." Naruto bit his thumb and wiped the blood on the seal." Naruto said with a confident smirk.

The scroll opened with a faint yellow glow, leaving the kids in awe. "Now if you plan on sucking up to me because I'm the Yondaime's sochi, save it. I don't want everybody kissing my ass like the Uchiha." Naruto said, "I wanted to be acknowledged as Naruto Namikaze, that is all, now you can continue the class, Iruka-sensei." Iruka nodded and said, "Let's talk about chakra control."

Two hours later-Naruto and Hinata walked toward the Hyuga Manor as the Hyuga relayed all her troubles and the events that happen to her. "So let me get this straight, your father is an arrogant asshole, Kiba is harassing you, you managed to turn Hanabi from her arrogance and you only show your true self to Hanabi and your classmates, right?" Naruto said recollecting the gist of the stories.

"Hai, I figure that they should know the real me other than Hiashi. What about you, Naruto-kun, how have you been?" Hinata replied. Naruto looked at the starry sky and said, "I have become stronger and learn multiple techniques, I have killed people and gained new friends. After Kyo fought with Nobunaga, he gave up Tenrou and now he is living a life with Yuya-san. I learned stealth from Saizo and Sasuke, vigilance from Kyo-sempai, mercy and kindness from Yuya-san, and charm from Yukimura."

He paused, letting the wind brush his face, "Because of those teachings, I will fight to protect those precious to me and help anybody in need despite if they hate me." Hinata scowled as she remembered the villagers' glares on Naruto and the beatings, but when she looked at Naruto smiling at the sky, the angry thoughts washed away.

She thought to herself, "You have changed a lot and I wonder what kind of techniques you have learned." Then Naruto's voice woke her up, "Hinata-chan, we're here." Hinata let out a groan and quickly donned her mask. "A-Arigotou y-yo, N-Naruto-kun." She said sweetly.

Naruto voiced out, "You know, you are kinda cute when you do that." Hinata blushed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "See you tomorrow," the Hyuga said quickly, letting the mask fall for a little bit and swiftly walked through the gate while Naruto absentmindedly rubbed his cheek. "Ah…it is good to be back."

As Naruto walked past a nearby alley, a group of villagers and some chunin appeared in front of him, blocking his way. Naruto sighed boredly, "May I help you guys with something?" A woman sneered at him and spat at his feet, "Glad you survived, demon, we didn't get to finish what we started six years ago. I can finally avenge my brother."

Naruto raised his hand to his face, covering his eyes and when he removed it, the people gasped as his cerulean eyes were replaced with a pair of blood-red, slitted eyes and a malicious smile. "Hi, my name is Naruto…wanna play?" he said in a mock-baby tone. (A/N: Gotta love Chucky!)

The mob got a little freaking out until a chunin shouted out, "C'mon, he is showing his true colors; let's kill him before he kills our loved ones." The mob charged at Naruto, who closed his eyes and drew Tenrou in a dazzling stroke and disappeared.

The mob's mood turned from hatred to confusion, seeking out their supposed "demon". "I'm not the same boy from six years ago." Naruto said loudly. They turned to see him a few feet away behind them, sheathing his sword.

A random man from the crowd said, "Nani?" Naruto turned his eyes upon them, saying, "You heard it too, didn't you? The voice…of the wind!" Suddenly the mob was reduced into bloodied parts over the alley streets. "Yep…good to be finally home." Naruto said as he walked away from the area with his bloody sword over his shoulder and a smirk on his face.