Chapter 4


The space beneath the church now held more than just dyed clothes. Anthony sits at the head of a table. Four other men surround him, the youngest among them barely of age. He seems uncomfortable in the presence of the older men, but only his shifting eyes hinted at his discomfort.

A monk moves around them, ignoring the men while he dips white cloth into huge vats of thick crimson liquid.

The door bursts open and a hooded figure hurried down the stairs, pulling the door shut. The company of assassins are on their feet, drawing small knives from various part of their person. Anthony doesn't pull out a weapon, but rather inclines his head in the direction of the hooded man. "You were not followed I assume?"

A tanned hand pushes the hood man, revealing Antonio. His brown curls flop into his eyes as he shakes his head. "I was not." He glances around the table, watching the men replace their blades, though their hands continue to hover near the hilts. "I've ordered to oversee you. Please, continue." Spain moves into a corner, flipping his hood back of his head, shadowing his face.

As soon as the four men around the table have relaxed - though gazes still flicker back to the nation - the youngest stands, his composure shattering. "Why do we wait?" He demands, fist slamming onto the table, "What good is that whore on the throne? We have a rightful Queen and yet you insist on waiting!" he directs this at Anthony, trembling slightly.

The assassin blinks, emotion shifting behind his eyes. "The Spymaster knows of us." He says calmy, "You remember what happened to the one who betrayed us?" There is a stiffening around the table. Spain leans in closer, hoping to hear more, but Anthony doesn't elaborate, clearly pleased with the reaction, "There are none among you I can trust."

There is a pause in which the monk pulls a cloth out of a tub and hangs it from the ceiling. Red drips onto the floor. "So what will we do?" the youngest asks, but more unsure than before.

Anthony smiles at him, but his eyes focus on hooded man. "We will wait."

Author's Note

Lack of chapter and words will be made up for with an excellent chapter next time :D Some of the chapters will be very short, some will be long and it will vary, sorry!