Chapter 1
The Letter

Honestly, Harry didn't know why he even opened his mail anymore. It was forever full of junk mail, advertisement fliers, and bills. He stooped over to collect the mail from his foyer floor and tucked it under his arm. He made his way to the kitchen and put the kettle to boil on the stove. Hedwig cooed from her roost by the open window looking at the muggle mail with disdain. Harry chuckled and rubbed her feathers. "Aw girl I guess your once a month letter run isn't cutting it. I'll try to write more." Hedwig nipped at his fingers affectionately and went back to sleep.

Harry sat down at his little kitchen table. It was only big enough for two. Not that he had anyone to share it with. He was living his life as a bachelor, and as a muggle at that. After the war he couldn't take the onslaught of reporters and the overwhelmingly thankful population of wizards and witches. He had simply wanted to enjoy his life...quietly. So one day he had put his magical affairs in order, picked a muggle deed from his family vault, and left. Of course he still stayed in contact with the people he cared most about. The Weasely's, Hermione, and surprisingly Neville.

Hermione had gone on to the muggle world only to complete her education and had become a doctor. She also did an internship at St. Mungo's until she was capable of becoming a Class A Healer. There wasn't anyone in all of Europe better than she when it came to complicated healing techniques. As a project, she had gotten Neville's permission to exam his parents and eventually brought them out of their trance-like states. She had told him it was all about mind healing. She had learned and used Occlumency and Legilimency on them. She had found that they had been stuck in their own minds. It was one of the reason's why Neville's Mum had always handed him those silly wrappers. She had been trying to tell him that she was still in there. Well Neville was so grateful that he had kissed Hermione right there, and that was the end of things. They had become close while she had done her healing and they had fallen for one another. They were married a year ago and a little one was on the way, due in October.

Looking at the calendar Harry glanced at what the date was. It was August 15th. Only a couple months left for Hermione to pop. He turned away as the kettle sounded. He prepared his tea and sat down again turning his attention to the mail. Sifting through the letters he mumbled to himself. "Bill, bill, junk mail, another bill, Hogwarts letter, jun...Hogwarts letter?" Harry blinked at it for a few minutes and tossed it on the table. He contemplated sending it back unopened. Wouldn't they just leave him alone? The last letter that he had gotten from the wizarding world aside from his friends had been from the new Minister. Albeit it was just Shacklebolt, an Order member and a friend as well, but it had been inviting him to the yearly remembrance ball and Harry had simply chucked it in the fire. No need for a ball to remember the fallen, he remembered them all to well, and everyday.

Hedwig called to him from her perch as if to say 'Open it! I want to fly and you better send a response back!' Harry snorted at Hedwigs attempts at channeling Mrs. Weasely and picked the letter up again. He rolled his eyes at the addressing of the letter.

"To Mr. Harry-I-Ignore-Everyone-Potter, at 243 Delia Rd." The letter was from McGonagall. Harry opened the letter and began to read.

"Dear Mr. Potter,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is pleased to announce its long awaited reopening. " Harry was definitely paying attention now. Hogwarts had been closed for eight years now. Something about the wards locking them out after the crews had fixed the establishment and moved out all the corpses. "Yes, you read correctly Harry. The wards have finally let us in! And about time too! I talked to Albus' portrait and he simply smiled and spouted off something about redecorating or some nonsense. Anyways, as I was saying. The reopening of the school has left a major task in my lap. We are short staffed and are in need of someone with your skills. Please hear me out Mr. Potter! I have tried several different sources and no one is up to par in skill or patience as I know you are. You may not have wanted it, but you have the life experience and the expertise of teaching young students. The DA had flourished under your supervision and most are now aurors. So I implore you, nay, beg you, please come and teach the Defense of the Dark Arts. Besides, we miss you Harry, please come home.

Minerva McGonagall
Head Mistress
Professor of Transfiguration"

Harry sighed and put the letter down. He looked up at Hedwig who studiously ignored him as if to say 'It's your problem, not mine'. He had contemplated going back last year after having a great time with his friends at Hermione's wedding but it didn't seem like the right moment. Was this the right moment? Should he go back? Did he really want to be in the limelight again? For surely this would attract media attention, but that would be good for the school right? He would hate it if they had finally gotten the school open only to have the governor's close it due to staffing issues, or worst, let them post another Umbridge. Harry shuddered to remember that toad-like woman.

"Well Hedwig. There's only one way to find out isn't there girl?" Hedwig hooted and preened her feathers. Harry stood and walked to his study to retrieve some parchment he kept on hand for moments such as these.


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