Chapter 9

After a few moments of collection he righted himself and walked back towards the castle to meet Charlie. They apparated from the gates and into the surrounding fields of the Burrow. It had been rebuilt after the war to include better wards. The old structure had been held together by so much magic that wards were often faulty which had allowed its demise before. This new structure was divine. Made by the best builders that the Ministry and Harry himself could find. It made him happy that his magical family would never be harmed again in their own home.

Harry took a moment to gaze at the small manor before him. It was quite a modest dwelling, but then again, the Weasley's were a modest sort of wizard. It was three stories high and large enough to include a large garage and a mini-quidditch pitch. The wards expanded most of the grounds and a quarter of the lake so they could swim safely on a hot summer's day. Molly had them paint it blue and it included a nice white fence around the garden area where Molly enjoyed spending her days.

"You coming Harry?"

Harry smiled and followed Charlie up the hill thinking, "I was earlier".

You could feel the pressure of the wards allowing him and Charlie through. Only a handful of people were connected to the wards this time around. Constant Vigilance as Moody would say.

"Oh bless my stars! Arthur! Charlie and Harry have arrived!"

Harry only had time for a breath before it was squeezed out of him by one of Molly's infamous Weasley cleavage hugs. It was always kind of awkward as motor boating his mother figure was a bit disconcerting. Next time he would have to remember to turn his head to the side.

"Come on then! Straight inside with you two. The dinner is almost ready and the boys have set table."

"Harry! Come give me a hug! They won't let me get out of this bloody chair!" Hermione called out to him from the kitchen. He walked in to see his best friend being magically fanned and her feet propped up on a stool at the end of the table.

Harry hugged Hermione around her enormous belly. "Merlin Hermione. I just saw you and I swear you've grew even bigger. What are you feeding that thing?"

Hermione swatted at him and laughed, "Prat! I'm at a perfectly normal weight thank you! My medi-witch says the baby is just in the right position. Not long now."

Harry looked at her with his head cocked to the side. "I'm sorry, but not long now? I thought Neville said it was still a couple months off?"

"Well the Medi-Witch states that the baby seems a bit large for its gestational period and they may have to take me in sooner. Neville says he was told he was a large baby as well. That's why his Mum ended in labor round the same time as your Mum. Neville was originally dated for late August. We made sure to be prepared in case something like that occurs though. The room is all set up at the Manor and emergency floo powder in case we need to transfer to the hospital."

"And I am on call as well dear. Don't you fret any." Molly came behind Hermione and placed her hands on Hermione's shoulders. "Now lets all sit. Everyone! Time to eat!"

The stomping like a wild herd of centaurs came down the stairs. "Oy! Move over!"

"No you move over!"

"Ronald! George!"

"Sorry Mum..." They both said simultaneously and then were both shoved forward and unstuck from the door way by a smirking Malfoy who sauntered in with a swagger of a king making Harry temporarily bristle. He would play nice for Molly's sake tonight. He took a seat next to Charlie at the opposite end just to be sure.

It was amazing how many people the dining area could now hold. The long table included all the adults while a smaller round table held the few children in attendance. Out of all of Molly's children only Bill, George, and Percy had produced so far. And now that Charlie and Ron both had chose to bed other wizards, it seemed only Ginny was left to bring any other grandbabies to the table without the need for adoption and surrogates that is. Victorie was presiding over the younger children as she was oldest. Then came Percy and Penelope's son Peter and daughter Patricia. George's twins Fred and Freda were currently being yelled at by Victorie as they were trying to start a food fight with the other two.

Harry grinned at their antics and thought how much it reminded him of George and Fred in the good ol' days.

Arthur said a few words to bless the food and then everyone tucked in graciously. After dinner the men took outside to have a couple glasses of liquor.

"So Harry, are you ready for the upcoming week? I can't believe you all took positions at the school. I'm sure your going to be regretting dealing with the little buggers soon enough." Ron chuckled and sipped his scotch. A acquired taste he had picked up from Draco.

"Oh I'm sure Potter will be just fine love. The little buggers as you call them will probably be head over ass licking his boots the first day just to say they got to touch the boy-who-never-died."

Harry scoffed and took a sip of his whiskey. "Yes well, we all can't be hero's now can we Malfoy."

Draco's eyes narrowed and he set his drink down. "I think I'm going to have a sit down inside. Come find me when your done." He kissed Ron's cheek and moved towards the house.

"Awww now you've done it. He's going to be in a right snit the rest of the night. Why can't you two just let it go. " Ron slung back both his and Draco's drink and took the glasses with him back inside leaving Arthur, Bill, Percy, Charlie and Harry to snicker.

"That ponce is still all bloody stuck up. I don't see what Ronald see's in him. If you all will excuse me, I best check on the children." Percy walked toward the play yard where the wives were watching the children play next to the garage.

The rest of them chatted each other up for another 20 minutes before the wives declared it time to depart. Everyone wished them luck in their upcoming week and started to walk towards the ward barrier. "Should we wait for Malfoy?" Harry stopped and checked behind them to look for the blond. "Nah." Charlie shook his head. "Ron's probably giving him a last minute snog and helping lick his wounds." Harry cringed," Aw did you have to give me that image Charlie. I need to scrub my brain now!" He rubbed his eyes and mock glared at Charlie as he laughed at him. "Sorry mate. Can't help you have a dirty mind."

"If you only knew." Harry gave him a cheeky grin before diapparating away leaving Charlie there looking slightly inquisitive.