Emerald Moonlight By: Randie Jo Crossover: Twilight/Harry Potter

This is my first fan fiction so please, be kind! It may sound retarded and if it does, I would love some comments on what I should do better. Thank you. I love you all and thanks for reading.

Warning: Ya-oi (Don't like, Don't read) You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Twilight, but I wouldn't mind owning Harry or Jasper. Sadly, that won't ever happen so...one can only wish.

Crossover: Harry Potter & Twilight - HarryXJasper!

Summary: Set during 6th year. Harry is depressed and his friends can't figure out why. Then the Cullens come to the school and stir up everything. Harry starts to fall for the withdrawn blond beauty, Jasper. (Jasper and Alice aren't together in this.

Sorry if some of the characters are OOC...I am still new at this once again.

Chapter One: Anticipation

Harry sat in one of the big squishy chairs by the fire in the Gryffindor common room gazing into the twisting flames. Hermione and Ron were in the corner talking in hushed voices, about him he was pretty sure. He had been kind of distant lately and it was beginning to worry his two best friends. Harry put his head in his hand and continued to stare into the roaring fire until his eyelids grew heavy and he dozed off still in the chair.

"Harry, mate, it's time to get up. We're gonna be late for potions...again!" Ron called to him the next morning. Harry grumbled and tried to roll away, ignoring him completely. Hermione appeared beside Ron shaking Harry's shoulder gently.

" Come on, Harry. We have to go. You can't get any more detentions this year, you've had over twelve already." Hermione proded him in the side to get him up. Ron grabbed his arm and made to pull him from the chair, but Hermione stopped him and tugged him towards the exit. Harry heard Hermione criticize Ron as she dragged him through the portrait exit, "Ron, we can't be late either. Let's leave Harry for now, he doesn't look all that great today anyways."

Harry waited until he could no longer hear their voices before he got up and walked upstairs to his trunk. He changed slowly thinking about how he was gonna explain to Snape why he wasn't in his class today. After he finished changing into his robes, Harry went out into the hall and walked to the kitchens to get himself some breakfast. He was ravenous because he hadn't eaten in the last eighteen hours. He went to the kitchens and started looking for something to stuff his face with.

"Mr. Harry Potter, sir, what can Dobby be helping you with?", a house elf said from behind him. Harry jumped, startled, and turned to face Dobby.

"Dobby, can you find me something to eat? I'm starving." he asked and then as if to add to his statement his stomach growled rather loudly. Harry laughed at that.

Dobby bustled about finding food for chicken enchiladas and began making them (the muggle way) after he found the ingredients. (A/N: I don't know why they were made the muggle way, but I do know that I love enchiladas...um yeah so on with reading.) While Dobby was waiting for the food to finish cooking he told Harry all the things that happened at Hogwarts during the summer and let Harry tell him about his summer in return. The food was finally finished and Dobby took it from the oven, putting it on a plate for Harry. Harry smiled at him appreciatively and dug into the food, quickly stuffing his face. Dobby sat watching Harry eat. "Where did you learn to cook like that, Dobby?" Harry asked after he had cleaned his plate. He watched Dobby, waiting for the answer.

Dobby was blushing as he asked "Did Mr. Harry Potter like it? Dobby learned from a young witch over the summer. Cooking lessons come in handy."

Harry nodded his assent to the question. He got off the chair he was sitting on and handed his plate to Dobby. "I better get back to the dorm before a teacher catches me. I don't want another detention for skipping classes. Besides I still need to think of an excuse for Snape." He walked out of the kitchen and back towards Gryffindor tower.

Two hours later, it was time Transfiguration. Harry walked swiftly to his class and found Ron sitting at his usual seat and sat beside him. Harry looked around him for the first time taking in all the anticipated faces. He turned to Ron and asked "What's going on, Ron?"

Ron shook out of his stupor and responded, "Um...what, Harry? I wasn't paying attention sorry."

Harry asked again hoping for an actual answer this time. He leaned towards Ron waiting for his answer.

Ron sat silent for a minute, then looked up decided exactly how to phrase his next words. "Harry, we have a new teacher. His name is Carlisle Cullen and he brought his wife and their five kids. Um...that's what all the excitement is for...."

Harry thought about that for a second. "What class does Professor Cullen teach? And do you know the kids names?"

"He teaches DADA and as for their names, they are Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Alice and um..Rosalie, I think that's her name. I haven't seen them yet though. I can't wait for lunch that's when they get sorted," Ron replied.

"Well I hope he's not rubbish at DADA. Maybe we'll actually learn something from this bloke." Harry sighed as McGonagall strode into the room.

"Class, today we will be learning how to transfigure clothes. Does everyone have a brick in front of them? Good. Now use the wand movements you have been practicing this last week and the incantation I taught you." McGonagall instructed the class. "Very good, Hermione." She praised her best student.

Finally, Transfiguration was over and it was lunch time. Harry and Ron raced to the Great Hall to watch the sorting. Everyone was sitting in silence looking towards the headmaster as they entered the room. Harry and Ron walked to Hermione's side and sat down, waiting for the headmaster to announce the sorting.

Hermione caught sight of Harry, whom she hadn't noticed last period as the had been too focused on her assignment. "Nice of you to finally join the living again, Harry. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of the new students. I heard they were absolutely stunning." Hermione sighed and look back towards the staff table.

This particular comment caught Ron's attention and momentarily diverted him to look away from the staff. Ron snorted, "Yeah, so? What if you are 'absolutely stunning'? You have a boyfriend. And by that I mean I DON'T SHARE!"

Hermione rolled her eyes and him and shook her head. Her boyfriend really could be a tad bit too jealous sometimes. She grabbed his hand and entwined their fingers as you responded, "I'm all yours, Ron. Don't worry. No one is going to be taking me from you." Ron seemed content with this answer and went back to staring impatiently at the staff table along with everyone else.

Finally, Professor Dumbledore stood and addressed the students. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, I know most have you have heard the news by now as information seems to pass quite quickly here at Hogwarts. We have some new students we must sort today. If you will turn your attention to Professor McGonagall so she may start the sorting. Go ahead, Minerva."