Joey walked up to Seto's house, scared of what the rich high school stud would think. This was Seto's big house party, and the first where Joey was invited. Seto had just received a scholarship from Kaiba Corp. (go figure) that would pay for all of his college, and he sure was celebrating.

Okay, so Joey wasn't on Seto's personal invites. He wasn't an MVF (most valuable friend) and didn't even receive his invite from Seto personally. He got his passport to freedom through the mail, but it was hand written in Seto's scratchy yet delightfully attractive script. There was also a small note inside that read, "Meet me out back after I get Mai off my back, I have something to show you."

It was this note that intrigued Joey; it made him think of Seto as more than just a spoiled rich boy CEO, but an exotic jungle cat ready to pounce. That change of thought was what got Joey out of his bed Saturday afternoon and into his nicest party clothes, some tight-fitting blue jeans and a polo shirt. Not exactly party clothes, but they were what he hoped would be equivalent with the party clothes of all of Seto's rich friends.

So now, at approximately 10:30 pm Saturday night, Joey stood outside Seto's gorgeous mansion debating whether or not to knock on the door. There was Brittany Spears' "Circus" playing inside, one of Joey's favorite songs and he began to rock a bit on the porch when someone called from beside him.

"Hey, I'm back here, hope you can swim."

Joey turned to see a shirtless Seto dripping wet peeking out from the side of the house. His dark hair was plastered to his forehead in little clumps and Joey's heart skipped a beat.

Seto smirked, "Follow me."

Joey climbed over the railing and followed Seto out back to an Olympic-sized swimming pool that was amazingly unoccupied.

"Where is everyone?" Joey asked as he shoved his invite in his pocket making sure not to bend it.

Seto smirked, "Inside; the pool is 'off limits'. Plus, everyone thinks I'm inside grinding on Mai. She hasn't realized that it's Bakura. She's had a few screwdrivers."

Joey couldn't help but chuckle, and Seto smirked even more, then it faded as he looked into Joey's hands and saw them empty.

"You DID bring a bathing suit right?"

"Uh…" No, he hadn't. The invite said nothing about swimming, but of course, the pool was 'off limits' and maybe swimming was to be expected in rich neighborhoods, being everyone had a pool.

"Follow me," this time Seto's statement felt less enticing than before and more like an exasperated sigh.

Joey followed Seto up a network of decorative vines and into his bedroom. As soon as Joey climbed in through the window, Seto threw a pair of swim trunks at him. They were black with little red splotches on them that vaguely resembled blood dripping from bullet wounds.

"Put these on, let's see if they fit."

Joey just fingered the fabric and stared at Seto, "Now?"


"Like, in front of you?"


"Um…" Joey swallowed hard. "Okay." Joey pulled off his shirt, revealing a rather feminine set of abs, well built but not what would result from some nice weight lifting.

Seto began to whistle a bored tune.

Joey neatly folded his shirt and laid it on the bed before removing his Vans and socks then pulling down his pants and folding them. This is where he stopped. He was a decent size of course, but he didn't want Seto seeing him completely naked.

Seto ceased his whistling and smirked, "Don't worry Joe, I wear briefs, see?" He pulled out a drawer to reveal many identically folded white briefs, and another drawer to show a variety of colors, all folded.

Joey laughed and pulled off his boxers quick and sliding on the trunks.

"Amazingly, these fit perfectly," Joey commented as he folded his boxers and set them on top of his other clothes and placed his shoes on these with the socks tucked under the tongues.

Seto walked over and pulled slightly on the waistband of the trunks, "Yeah, they fit. You can leave your clothes here my door is locked. Head on back down the vines."