PART VIII – Pressure

I think I love you.

The words reverberated in the back of Joey's mind as his mouth gaped, opening and closing, breath caught in his throat, not knowing what to say.

He knew he liked Seto, he really liked Seto, but he didn't love him, did he?

No. He didn't. But he couldn't tell Seto that. Instead he chose a slightly different route.

"Show me."

The corners of Seto's mouth twitched and he looked at Joey.

"Right now?"

Joey nodded.

"You sure?"

Joey nodded again.

Seto's mouth twitched again and he kissed Joey softly. He wanted to be as gentle as possible, even though he didn't like it that way, all because Joey was a virgin. Well, maybe not, but Seto didn't want to rip him wide open just in case he was.

Joey groaned with wanting and bit Seto's ear hard, evoking sounds of pleasure from deep within his chest.


Seto's eyes popped open and he looked at the wall with concern as Joey worked on his ear.

"I don't think you realize-"


"Joe, listen-"

Joey looked at him with those caramel eyes and pleaded, "Please Seto. I thought you loved me."

Seto sighed, "I do, but-"

Joey slowly stroked Seto's erection.


Seto grinned.

"Prepare yourself Pup, I'm about to tear you apart."

Joey smiled with anticipation as Seto pinned him to the bed by his shoulders and kissed him passionately and rough. Joey moaned as Seto moved to his neck and collarbone.

Seto tore off Joey's shirt as he began pulling down his briefs.

He was rough, but talented. Joey took it, wanting to cry but dealing with the pain because it just felt so damn good. Seto above him, looking into his face, that animalistic face, as he came again, and again, and again…

Mai was standing with her mouth agape, still searching for words, when Seto hopped into his car and sped away. Her peers sat around her, just as amazed, then suddenly burst into laughter.

A chorus of insults, accusations, questions interrupted by giggles, Mai couldn't believe it.

She was just about to storm off when a brunette bent over laughing beside her.

"You dated that loser?"

Mai smiled, a nervous one, then started to snicker, realizing the joke wasn't on her, it was on the god, the gorgeous and ever-loved Seto Kaiba.

Mai tuned in on the laughter with one last sinister thought:

Let's see him cross me again.