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Chapter 1: Revelations

Harry Potter was sitting on his bed at Number 4 Privet Drive thinking on how he just finally got to know his godfather. Now he had to get him killed, and it was his entire fault. On top of that Dumbledore told him of the Prophecy that was the reason that he didn't have any parents. Looking back on the reasons that Dumbledore did not tell him about the Prophecy did not make sense. Another aspect that did not make sense was if the prophecy stated that one had to kill the other why was Dumbledore not spending time training Harry so the Light side could win the war that was starting to happen. As the Harry was thinking these thoughts a strange envelope appeared on his cluttered desk. Ignoring everything Hermione said about curses he ripped open the envelope to see what it said.

Dear Harry, my favorite godchild;

If you are reading this letter it means borrowing a term from the muggles have bitten the dust. I hope I went out fighting, or surrounded by a bunch of pretty witches. I just hope I didn't get killed by Kreacher. That would just ruin my day.

Harry, the reason I am writing you this letter is because I want you to be aware of some facts that Moony and I uncovered. The rest of this letter is charmed so only you can read it. Just say the charm to start the map and the rest of the letter will appear.

Harry said "I solemnly swear that I up to no good" and the rest of the letter started to appear in Sirius's handwriting.

Ok Harry now that we got all the formalities out of the way I can start giving you real advice. The first thing I would like you to do is to never trust Albus Dumbledore. NEVER! He has been manipulating you since the day the Prophecy was made ( I know about the prophecy because James told me about it). In Lily and James Will I was made your legal guardian and under no circumstances were you to go to the Dursley's. When I tried to pick you up that fateful night Hagrid said Dumbledore was going to take care of you I guess I wasn't thinking straight because I gave you up. I think it was because my best friend, pretty much my brother, was just killed so I was in shock. After that set up by Wormtail, I never received a trail. I requested one but the answer I got was Wizengamont would convict me right away so there was no need for a trial.

After I escaped from Azkaban I was going to go to Albus Dumbledore and try to get a retrial. After I got recaptured I tried to get Albus to listen to my side of the story but all he said was you were to go back to the Dursley's and I would be executed. The cock and bull excuse he told you in the Hospital that night was not what he told me. Once Moony was fired from Hogwarts we started to do some research on Albus Dumbledore and it was found that all the laws that he approved as the head of Wizengamont were laws that gave purebloods more rights and all the laws that he rejected helped out the Muggleborn's and Mixed-bloods. Another thing we found out was that Albus was using the Potter vote( you get a vote in Wizengamont) in secret so nobody knew that he was the Potter's Proxy.

Another thing that I would like to bring up with you is the fact that the Potter's are considered a Noble and Most Ancient House, almost to the time of Merlin. The reason for this importance is because the Potter's are very wealthy, you could spend 1000 galleons a day for the rest of your life and you would still not make a dent in the vast wealth of Potter's. They are also the most kind to Muggleborn's and would freely admit that there are some squibs and some Muggleborn's in their family, but are still considered purebloods because the percentage is so small. Because you are the last in line for the Potter's you should have inherited the Potter Fortune when you turn 13. That's another reason why I was trying to get to you. You should of also have been made aware of the fact at your 9th birthday. Dumbledore must have made a fake will because I witnessed Lily and James will along with Dumbledore.

I would also like to tell you that once you receive the notice to go to Gringotts for my will reading send a letter to the goblins using the envelope that is with this letter. Goblins designed this system because it is more reliable to send mail than with owls. Pup, you will be named the heir to the Black family fortune and would receive another vote on Wizengamont. I have a feeling that Dumbledore will not want you to receive that so that is why I have trusted the goblins with this task. They like to fair and only honor true wills. They have a way of testing the wills to make sure they are real and not fake. I never asked nor did I never attempt to.

Pup, get to know Hermione Granger really well, Potters have a tendency to like the really smart witches, doesn't matter on blood types. Plus I saw the way you two interact and the way you two look at each other. You shouldn't deny your feelings for her. Plus beware of Ginny Weasley, I overheard her and Dumbledore talking about you one time, it didn't sound too good on your part. Plus she is exactly like your mother in every aspect, who would want to be with a person that is exactly like their mother.

Get to know Draco Malfoy. I know you two don't get along but whatever you think about him realize he is more like his mother than his father. His mother was always a nice person. His father on the other hand is downright nasty make sure to avoid him.

That is really all I can give you on advice. At my Will reading watch to what I give certain people. You will know when the time comes. It will be hints on to who you can trust and who you can not trust. Just remember your mother, father and I will always love you no matter what. I just know James and I will be giving God trouble, and their will only be two Marauders in heaven at that time. Be good, Pup.

Bunches of licks,

Sirius Orion Black

P.S This letter is enchanted so only the people you allow to read it will be able to. To let somebody read this letter just say "(Name of Person)is allowed to read the correspondence between Sirius Black and Harry Potter". Should be easy enough.

P.P.S The goblins already know that I sent this to you so you should not need to inform them if you have any questions. Also send the letter to Ragnok who already knows of my concerns.

After reading the long letter that Sirius wrote for Harry, he was in tears. It made him realize what the world really thought about him. Before he could start formulating ideas on how to take care of this little pickle he found himself in an unfamiliar owl swopped into his window carrying a letter marked with a black G.

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter;

It is with regret we have to inform you that your guardian Sirius Orion Black has passed away. Our condolences go out to you. This letter is to inform you that Mr. Black has named you in his last will and testament. The Will Reading will take place on Wednesday July 24th, 1996 at 12:00 P.M. When you arrive to Gringotts, announce that you are here for Sirius Blacks Will Reading and a goblin will escort you to the conference room. If you are not present for the reading, or do not send a proxy in your place any items, monetary gifts, heirlooms you would have received will be forfeited and you will be assessed a 250 galleon fine for failure to attend a Will Reading. Again sorry for your loss.




This letter really hit Harry hard because it meant that Sirius was really dead and he could no longer see him. He realized that Dumbledore probably wouldn't let him go to the will reading and would probably just use his Potter proxy in Harries place. He would have to figure out how to get around that because Harry really wanted to go to the reading because it would give him some closure about Sirius. Another important factor that Harry was blushing about was how Sirius knew that he has liked Hermione more than a friend. Was he really that out in the open or did Sirius just give him a hard time. That would be a bridge he would cross when he arrived at it but first he had to figure out the Dumbledore situation. Speak of the devil, a school owl just arrived with Dumbledore's loopy handwriting on the front of it. O well, better see what this guy wants to say.


I just received a notice to attend Sirius Blacks will reading and I am sure that you also have received one as well. I am sorry to say that I can not allow you to attend. However if you respond back to this letter and sign your name saying I am allowed to be there on your behalf you will not lose your inheritance. With the war starting it would be a good thing that you remain at Privet Drive the rest of the summer. I may be able to bring you to Grimmauld Place for your birthday on July 31st but I can not make any promises yet. I will try my hardest though. Another reason why I feel that you should not be attending the reading is because of what we talked about at the end of the school year. Again I am sorry what has happened to Sirius and would like to express my condolences to you. A word of warning though watch what you write in letters, you never know what could be interpreted from a simple sentence and it could be intercepted. Hope you are enjoying your summer, I hear it's nice in London this time of year. See you on September 1st at the welcoming feast.

With Respect,

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Harry almost took out his wand and launch a Reducto curse at the wall. It took all his will power not to blow a hole in the wall. After spending some time calming down he has started to see how Dumbledore has been playing him all the time. Before writing a letter to the goblins and to Dumbledore he spent some time writing down some thoughts about Dumbledore.

-Why was Hagrid the one to collect me from the Dursleys, A Hogwarts Professor usually does that.

-Why didn't Hagrid tell me how to get on the platform all he said was here is your ticket, train leaves at 11, should be easy enough.

-Was it luck that I ran into Weasley's that day?

-Doesn't Dumbledore usually floo, or apparate, why was he flying that time at the end of First year.

-Didn't he know I was a parselmouth. He said Voldemort transferred some of his powers to me. A simple magic scan would have told him that.

-What I found out from Sirius just now, did he want Hermione and I to get caught helping his escape.

-The Triwizard tournament could have been declared a draw so the goblet could pick a new set of names.

-The wards at Hogwarts go off anybody not keyed into the wards enters with a Dark Mark on their arm.

-Did he really try that hard to hire a Defense Professor for 4 of the 5 years I have been going there.

-If I was supposed to kill Voldemort why haven't I been trained. Unless I am supposed to be a sacrificial lamb.

-Did he not know what I have been dealing with the Dursley's all these years, yet he continues to send me back year after year with the reason of its your Mother's love that protects you.

Harry realized that Dumbledore has been playing him the entire time. He was super pissed off at him too. How was he going to send him a letter that doesn't look like Harry was on to him just yet. Harry thought about it and just started to write.

Dear Professor Dumbledore;

My summer is going ok. I don't think that it is my fault that Sirius died. I need to try harder to increase my mind shields next time though. I Harry Potter, give you permission to act on my behalf, as a proxy as long as you are considered my proxy. Thank you for your letter. Have a good summer see you in the fall.


Harry Potter

Harry looked over the letter and realized it was a pretty good letter. He didn't give away his hand just yet and Dumbledore would be satisfied with the letter. As he was thinking he realized that he used the entire evening reading and composing letters. He was dead tired and decided to worry about what to send to Hermione and the goblins in the morning. As he was going to bed he thought somewhere Dumbledore has a twinkle in his eye.

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