Medical Investigation Characters are not mine. If they were, I'd make myself a character and ship me with Stephen Connor. LOL

Stephen flipped his cell phone closed, and heard the small snap it made. He rested his back against the firm wall that was behind him.

"Its time we both moved on Stephen…"

The words stung. It wasn't just the words that stung, but the tone that Lisa had used when she said them.

He felt as though his body was numb. He felt as though a dagger had been thrust into his chest. Like he had just suddenly stumbled into an icy lake.

The woman he loved, the woman who said 'I do' to him on the altar was leaving him. The woman who promised to stay with him through it all, was walking out of his life.

Stephen closed his eyes, as he let his arm drop loosely at his side. He inhaled the air sharply. No, he was going to get through this…because it wasn't real. Lisa wasn't really leaving him. It was all a lie, it was all a dream.

He reopened his eyes, and looked down at his cell phone. He flipped it open and looked at his list of recent calls.

There is was. Lisa Connor… 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

It was no lie, the all was real. Lisa was leaving him…forever. She was divorcing him.

Stephen could feel the water come to his eyes, but he quickly squeezed them shut. He was not going to cry. Especially not at work.

He slid down the wall, so he crouched on the floor, his back still pressed against the wall. He squeezed the cell phone in his hand hard. He didn't care if it broke, that was the least of his problems.

Which was more important to fix? A broken marriage or a broken cell phone?

He inhaled the air sharply again, before opening his eyes. There was no time for sorrow now. He had patients to take care of, patients who needed him.

He slowly stood up, and sighed. He walked into the bathroom, and stopped at the mirror. He ran the cold water, before splashing it against his face. He turned to his left and grabbed a paper towel.

He quickly began to dry his face, before tossing the paper towel into the trash can. He turned to look at himself in the mirror. His eyes were slightly red, but that was okay. It was no big deal.

He adjusted his black leather jacket, before smiling reassuringly at his reflection. He was going to be fine.

He walked out of the bathroom, to be struck by another thought.

What was he going to tell Jack? How was he going to tell Jack that his parents were separating…for good this time?

Should he take him out for ice cream first? Should he take him to an amusement park? Should he take him to a movie first?

Yes, a movie….that sounded good.

Stephen inhaled the breeze again. No Stephen. You can't be distracted by this thought. Patients first…yourself second…

He looked ahead and saw Frank standing in the doorway.

That was the thing with Stephen….work was always his priority. Why couldn't his family see how important saving lives was to him?

Frank looked at Stephen. "I've tested everything…Natalie and Miles are going over the results now…" Frank stated.

Stephen smiled slightly. "Thanks," he said, putting his hand on his friends shoulder.

Frank furrowed his brow in confusion. "Stephen, are you okay?" he questioned.

Frank must have noticed the redness around Stephen's steele blue eyes.

Stephen showed him a reassuring smile. "I'm fine bud. Just…allergies…" he lied.

He walked past his friend, desperately trying to hold back the tears…and the memory reel of Lisa's call that kept playing over and over in his mind.