Sometimes, I have some really great ideas and my muse devours the plot bunnies... but then we both decide to abandon them. Instead of letting the idea go completely to waste... I figure I should just dump what I've got for your enjoyment. Feel free to blatantly steal whatever ideas I put in here, just tell people that I came up with it first.

Fire with Fire

Concept by Lord Dragon Claw

Disclaimer: The Addams Family was created by the late Charles Addams. The rights to the movies of 1991 ("The Addams Family") and 1993 ("The Addams Family Values") belong to Paramount Pictures. The Harry Potter franchise was created by J. K. Rowling. Further crossover elements, if any, will be added later. The city of Clover, West Virginia is not meant to resemble any real city and any resemblance is either by coincidence or for the purposes of parody.

Chapter One's Potential Title: Cousin Sirius!

October 31, 1981
Godric's Hollow
Potter Manor

Sirius knew that there were problems arising. The Potter household had smoking holes in it. James was dead in the living room. Lily was in the nursery, lifeless. Voldemort was a pile of ash, if the wand lying next to the ashes was any indication. And little Harry, barely a few months old, was crying in his crib with a new lightning-bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. Sirius realized that the Dark Lord Voldemort had been killed by a baby just old enough to walk.

They had to get out of Britain. Death Eaters would try and hunt the baby down. Britain was not safe. No, it wasn't safe at all. But what country was safe? Or at the very least, safer?

Didn't he have cousins in America? Not regular cousins, but cousins once-removed? Twice-removed? Or were they second-cousins? It didn't really matter, especially since Sirius never bothered to learn the difference. But what he did know was that the Addams would take him in and help him hide little Harry.

He packed a great deal of things for Harry, including his father's favorite snitch and various family albums, and loaded them all onto his flying motorcycle. Then he took Harry into his arms and left the house.

Rubeus Hagrid was outside, waiting.

"Sirius! Professor Dumbledore asks that you give little Harry to me! He's going to put him in a safe house with his family!"

"Hagrid, I refuse! I am Harry's godfather. I am supposed to take care of him now. I know of a place where he'll be safe from Death Eaters. Neither you nor Dumbledore have any right to object!"

"Sirius... you were the Potter's secret keeper. How did..."

"No I wasn't! I thought that since I was the obvious choice, I ought to be the distraction. PETER was made the secret keeper on my insistence! Let Dumbledore know that it was Peter Pettigrew who betrayed James and Lily. Also, let him know that I will send Harry to Hogwarts once hes old enough."

Hagrid began to cry.

"I'm sorry Hagrid, but I've lost faith in Professor Dumbledore. James and Lily were doing quite well when they were out in the open as they were prepared to defend themselves against anyone. But then Dumbledore suggested the fidelius charm. That was a week ago." Sirius sighed. "I'll owl you when I get the chance, Hagrid. Goodbye, my large friend!"

"Goodbye Sirius, Harry," blubbered the half-giant.

With that, Sirius hopped on his flying motorcycle and was off to see his cousins.

November 1, 1981
Clover, West Virginia
0001 Cemetery Lane
(Addams Mansion)

Sirius was sort of confused. If the American wizards had their own Statute of Secrecy, then why were the obviously magical gates allowed to exist in a non-magic district? Seriously, the bloody things growled at him!

Walking up the path to the mansion, Sirius was beginning to have doubts. Obviously, the Addams Clan was a fairly dark family, but he wondered if the place would be safe for Harry and him. Well, he could always leave and move elsewhere afterwards, right?

"Lets see," he said, thinking out loud while holding Harry's sleeping form in the crook of his left arm. "Doorbell... Hmmm... No doorbell. Knocker? Nope. Bell-pull? Well... there is this noose..."

Pulling on the noose caused a screeching noise similar to a banshee's wail to emanate from within the dark and foreboding house. Sirius again doubted the safety of the place, but shook it off when he heard the doorknob turn. His doubts returned full-force the instant the door opened, however. The butler appeared to be a seven-foot-tall inferi! And then the thing groaned, gutturally.

"Er... Is this the Addams Estate?"

A nod and another groan.

"Hello! I'm a distant cousin of Morticia's..."

The thing groaned again, nodding its head as if it understood. The thing beckoned for him to enter and lead Sirius into the main foyer. Sirius could see a large grand staircase leading to the upper levels as well as a dining hall to the right and a study to the left. Coming down the staircase was a man who could be described in two words as a charming Spaniard. At his side was a pale-faced woman in an all-black dress. By the very look of her, she seemed to give off an aura of darkness, mystery, and beauty. In her arms was a bundle - obviously a baby or infant no older than a year. A little girl - about two years old - trailed after the woman, seriously studying Sirius, as if to figure out how to best take advantage of him - or how to best make him scream in a torture session.

"Lurch," addressed the Spanish-looking man. "Who is this?"

The thing, apparently named Lurch, groaned but was interrupted by the man again.

"Wait! Don't tell me! ... I'm guessing Cousin Hackett! How did you manage to get out of that Californian Asylum?"

"Er... No. I'm Sirius Black, a distant cousin of Morticia's."

"Really?" said the woman. "It's so rare to get visitors from Britain's magical community! How's your brother? Still part of that dark cult that's been rising up recently?"

"Um... No. He's dead. We're not sure how, but he got himself killed in some way."

"A shame, really," commented Morticia. "We would have loved to have met him." She turned to the Spanish-ish man. "This is Gomez, my husband. Behind me is Wednesday, our daughter, and this little boy is Pugsley."

"Well, as you know I am Sirius. This little guy is Harry Potter, my godson. His parents were killed last night by Voldemort who seems to have been killed. I think he may have accidentally bounced the killing curse off of Harry's forehead and hit himself with it."

"Some Dark Lord," commented Gomez. "He must have been very sloppy to have done that."

"I'll have to ask Grandmama if its possible to block such a curse," sighed Morticia. "Oh, you'll have to understand that here in America, we don't go by that pureblood nonsense. Gomez himself is a muggle."

"Well, thats one of the reasons why I came by. I need help to hide Harry from the Death Eaters and other people in Britain."

"Of course!" responded Gomez. "Lurch will help you with your things. Here, Morticia. Hand me Pugsley so you may hold Harry."

"Where shall we put Sirius?" asked Morticia. "I mean, there is room for another crib in the nursery for Harry..."

"Well, there is the secondary guest room, the one next to where Cousin Itt usually stays when he comes by to visit..."

Later in the week, the Federal Department of Magic sent over a pair of their law enforcement officers, called Coppers.


And that's all for that idea. Use if you like. Just a random idea I was going to make into a story, but then decided to abandon due to the multiplicity of my stories.

Have fun!

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