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It was Saturday night, November 14th to be exact and Sonny was sitting in a booth at the arcade, waiting for her date, James Conroy, to show up. She sighed and looked at her cell phone. 7:20. He was supposed to meet her at six forty-five. She had texted him but he hadn't answered and now Sonny was mad and embarrassed. She had been stood up. Sure she was speculative about the whole thing in the first place. I mean, he was a jock and majorly popular, while Sonny was happy with her own little circle of friends. She never felt to need to pretend to be anything she wasn't, unlike all of those stupid girls he hung out with. When James had asked her out yesterday at school, he had seemed sincere; like he really wanted to go out with her. Ha.

Now Sonny couldn't help but wonder if this was all a joke to him. Or a bet he had going with his friends. Sonny had heard rumors that he did that to girls, but never believed them. She wanted to judge people for herself, and had decided to give him a chance. Plus, James had looked so cute when he asked her out that she just couldn't say no. Besides, nobody else seemed very interested in her anyway. The last couple of guys to ask her out had done the exact same thing. Sonny was sick of it. Why did everyone pick her for their stupid bets?

Sonny sighed again and grabbed her coat. She was about to get up and leave when someone slid in the seat across from her.

"What's up Monroe? You seem bummed." Chad Dylan Cooper asked, smirking. Sonny narrowed her eyes.

"Why do you care, Cooper?" Sonny snapped back. She was suspicious. She and Chad weren't really friends. They argued all the time and Chad never passed up the opportunity to embarrass her. Sonny didn't want Chad to find out that James had stood her up because he would never let her forget it.

"I don't really. I'm just bored." Chad replied. He picked up a straw and started twirling it in his fingers.

"Yeah well, I'm not here for your entertainment. I'm late for something…" Sonny got up to leave.

"You're lying." Sonny froze. Chad continued. "I know you were supposed to meet James here. I know he's not coming." Sonny could feel the tears of humiliation building up. Why did Chad have to know? The whole school would know by tomorrow that Sonny Monroe was stupid enough to fall for James Conroy's stupid act. Sonny sighed and turned around.

"You know what Chad? Tell everyone! See if I care! I am so sick and tired of being messed with!" Sonny shouted. Everyone at the arcade stopped what they were doing and stared at Sonny. She could feel the tears running down her cheeks. Chad looked shocked. "Why am I not good enough?" Sonny whispered that last sentence before turning around and running out the doors into the sharp, cold winter air of Wisconsin. She could feel the tears freezing on her face instantly.

Great. There were a bunch of kids she went to school with in that arcade, so know they have even more reasons to talk about her at school. That's just wonderful.

Sonny sighed before sitting down on a bus bench and pulling out her phone. She really wanted to talk to Tawni right now.

Tawni Hart had been Sonny's best friend since kindergarten. They had been through everything together and they were always there for each other. People never understood why they were friends. Tawni was very pretty and she knew it, but she never wanted to be in the preppy crowd. She was happy with who she and Sonny hung out with and she wouldn't change her friends for the world. They were everything that she could ask for and Sonny agreed. Nico Harris and Grady Mitchell were two of the best guys any one could ever know. Sure they were a little crazy and weird at times but they were awesome.

Just as Sonny was about to press the button to call Tawni, she heard someone behind her. She sniffed and looked over her shoulder to see Chad standing there with an apologetic look on his face.

"Go away…" Sonny mumbled. Chad sighed and sat down next to Sonny. She scooted a little bit away from him.

"I'm not going to tell anyone." Chad said. Sonny just shook her head.

"They probably already know." She sighed.

"Maybe…But I'm not going to make it worse."

Sonny raised her eyebrows at him. Chad looked incredulous.

"What!" Chad exclaimed. "You don't believe me?" Sonny just gave him a look. "Eh, I wouldn't either." Sonny had to laugh at that. Chad smiled at her.

"So… Do you need a ride home?" Chad asked. Sonny was shocked. Why is he being so nice?

"Well, I was going to call Tawni…" Sonny started. Chad just shook his head.

"I'm here already. Just let me give you a ride home. And anyway, did you forget that we're neighbors?" Chad grinned at her. Sonny sighed. How could she ever forget? She shrugged. Why not?

"Fine." Sonny said.

"Fine." Chad replied.





"Can we go? I'm cold." Sonny asked. Chad laughed and got up, and led Sonny to where he parked his car. Once they got in the car, Chad started up the car and cranked the heat. Sonny smiled and put her ice cold hands in front of one of the blowers.

They drove in comfortable silence for a little while before Sonny decided to start a conversation.

"So…" She said.

"So…" Chad replied.

"Why are you giving me a ride home?" Sonny asked. She still didn't understand.

"Well, I felt bad and also…I wanted to apologize." Chad looked a little uncomfortable.

"For what?" Sonny asked.

"For everything…embarrassing you." Chad was blushing now. Sonny just sat there, shocked. Chad Dylan Cooper apologizing? That's a first. "You don't deserve the crap everybody puts you through. You're too nice and pretty and I think people are just jealous so they don't know what to do besides be mean to you. It's stupid really. And James is a real prick for doing that. And I'm no better…" Chad was rambling now, and blushing even deeper if that was possible. Sonny interrupted him.

"Chad, you are better than him…than everyone. You're apologizing and giving me a ride home and you know what? I think you're a really nice guy. I like this side of you." Sonny said blushing.

"Thanks…" Chad mumbled.

"Yeah…" Sonny mumbled. Now the car was silent again, but now it was an awkward silence. They were both thinking about what the other had said.

Does he really think I'm pretty? That's a first coming from him.

Does she really think I'm a nice guy? She's never said that before.

A couple of minutes later Chad pulled up to the curb in front of Sonny's house. As Sonny got out of the car, she thanked Chad again.

"Thanks Chad…for everything." Sonny smiled at him.

"No problem… and Sonny?" Sonny had started to walk up the front path, but turned around to face Chad again. "I think you're good enough. They just aren't good enough for you."

With that Chad smiled and drove across the street to his house. Sonny ran inside grinning like an idiot.


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