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Chapter Six

I immediately recoiled as far from Sonny as physically possible...While still remaining on the couch with her.

"What is wrong with you?!" I shrieked at Portlyn and Tawni who were still staring smugly at us.

Tawni smiled innocently. "What do you mean what's wrong with us?"

"Uh, yeah, Hi. Did you miss the whole you falling in...on...us? While we were doing...Whatever it was...That...We were, uh... Doing..."

So you know how I said that I had just been throwing caution to the wind before? Just kind of living in the moment?

Well, right then- I stopped throwing.

I stopped throwing at went into complete OHMYGOD mode.

Portlyn smiled. "Kissing?"

"Ahh! Don't say that!"

"Don't say what?" She leaned in closer to me. "...Kissing?"

I covered my ears. "Stop it!"

"Why?" Tawni sat down on the couch next to me. "It's not like we've never seen you ki-"

"Yeah, but by saying it it makes it sound like it actually happened."

And I wasn't really quite prepared to admit that...Yet. If ever. I mean, all in all, I couldn't think of what could have possibly granted me the stupidity to have...Kissed Sonny

...If I had, that is.

"It did happen."

"I haven't exactly admitted to that yet. So, until further notice (i.e. NEVER), none of this actually-"

"Whatever, Chad," She moved so that she was sitting in between Sonny and me. Tawni was still smiling smugly at the end of the couch. "Just because you're not ready to acknowledge you have feelings for this girl," (she hit Sonnys arm, causing her to make some quiet remark about the constant physical abuse from people), "Doesn't mean that the rest of us don't see it. I mean, we walked in on you-"

"WOAH. What did you walk in on?!" Grady appeared in the doorway, Nico close behind him

Why did they have to leave the door open? I mean, for God's sake...

"Chad and Sonny were-"

But before Tawni could finish, both Nico and grady had run into the room, jumping on all three of us.


I covered my face with my hands. "Oh my god..."

"HOLY SHI-, get off you COWS-"

"OW. Would you please get off me, I-"

Grady rolled over, still laying across all our legs. (Portlyn was laughing hysterically) (I, however, was not the least bit amused)

Nico looked up at me. "So did you.. you know?" He nodded his head suggestively.

"AH! GOD! NO! EW...NO! EW!"

I could hear Sonny laugh.

I leaned over, straining to see her over Portlyn, Grady and Nico. "Oh, yeah, ha ha ha. This is soooo incredibly funny. I mean, really, the first thing I want is for whatever personal life I have left to be picked apart by-"

Tawni sat up, pushing Nico off her (and onto Grady). "You do realize that by being Chad Dylan Cooper, you did kinda sell away any chance of keeping secrets?"

"Plus, who else is going to prevent you from making stupid mistakes, like-"

I snorted. "Oh, yeah, Portlyn, because you're judgment is so crystal clear that it could never lead me astray in any possible way."

She pushed me off the couch and continued her thought. To me.

...On the floor.

"Like letting that one go. Again. Because you're an idiot."

I stood up. "You know, I seem to be hearing that a lot lately..."

"Only cause it's true."


A chorus of four. "Yes, you are."s came.

Sonny was just laughing. She had learned long ago, unlike me, to not argue with the Randoms.

"Whatever. I am going into the bathroom. And I am locking the door. And I am not coming out for any of you for another three hours... And only because it's my job."

As soon as I closed the door and turned the lock, sliding down to the floor, considering what an idiot I really was, I heard an erruption of whispers come from outside the door.

Good Lord...

I mean, it's like having ta bunch of sisters...Only worse. Soooo much worse....

Someone knocked on the door.

"I told you. I'm not coming out for-"

"It's Sonny."

I swallowed. Hard. "Uh... Still not coming out... I think..."

"Come out with me tomorrow."


"Tomorrow. We'll go have dinner or something and-"

"No, I can't go on a date with you! I-"


"No I don't!"

I stood up, reaching for the door, and opening it only in time to see Sonny being shoved out the dressing room by Tawni and Portlyn.

Portlyn looked from Sonny to me. "She'll be ready at eight."

"What? No! Wait- don't I get a say in-"

"No," She closed the door, looking through the hanging clothes. "And I hope you have something decent here... everything isn't exactly first date material, if you know what I mean..."

Dear God/Karma/The Universe etc,

Okay, really.

I mean it this time.

I'm sorry for all the villages I burned down and all the fluffy white kittens I drowned (...or whatever it was) in my past lives, but is there any other way I could pay off all my karmic debt?

Like... A way that doesn't involve Sonny...?

...Or constant confusion?

I mean, GOD, who was I? Stalin? Godzilla?

Anyway. I'd appreciate it if you'd reconsider my punishment...Or whatever it is...

Chad Dylan Cooper